Chapter 113

Kill The Hero – Chapter 113 – Frozen Forest of Violence (4)

Translator: Seven

Editor: Ana_Banana

When the Poison King’s notoriety had reached its peak, all guilds began developing their own ways to counter him .

“You must never get hurt when facing the Poison King . ”

It seemed funny, but in fact this was the most obvious out of all the Poison King’s strengths and weaknesses .

Blood Poison could also affect the target through the eyes respiratory system, but the effect was not as great .

Additionally, after a certain level, players would have enough items that gave them a considerable resistance to poisons .

This was the same for monsters .

Even if it was a high ranked Blood Poison skill, if the target was powerful enough then the best way to inflict them would be through wounds .

In other words, it was game over if you let yourself get hurt .


That was why it was game over for the Ogre .

[The Ogre’s health has been greatly reduced . ]

[The Ogre’s resistance has been greatly reduced . ]

The beast who had been victorious in countless battles, was now on its knees and breathing heavily .

Its body was completely covered in cuts .

There were many injuries from spears, swords, arrows and so on .

‘Just as expected . ’

This was the basis for Kim Woo-jin’s confidence in clearing a dungeon that no one had defeated before .

‘With the combination of Percival’s Spear and Blood Poison, there is practically nothing that can face it in a fair dungeon . ’

With Percival’s Spear which not only had high penetration but also reduced resilience, the technique to deal with the Poison King had been made obsolete .

‘But there’s a limit . ’

Of course, Kim Woo-jin didn’t believe that such a tactic would work universally in every single dungeon .  

Ogre’s were beasts, but in the dungeons that he would face with 3 Floors and more, there would be many more powerful monsters to which Ogre’s would be compared to hyena’s who had to pick their leftovers .

Above all was the worst monster in Kim Woo-jin’s mind who played the role of savior to perfectly devour the world, Lee Se-jun .

‘I still need more . ’

To deal with such a monster, he still needed to become much stronger .

Therefore Kim Woo-jin didn’t take his eyes off of the Ogre .

[The Eye of Horus has opened . ]

He looked at the dying Ogre once again with his golden eyes .

[Second Tail of the Nine-tailed Fox]

-Rating: Legendary

-Required Level: Level 1 or higher 

-Description: The Second Tail of the powerful Nine-tailed Fox . It has a mysterious power . By gathering all nine tails, the user would gain the Nine-tailed Fox’s power .

-All stats +5%

-All resistances +10%

-When equipped all Enemies will feel a powerful Fear effect .

Precisely, he looked at the Second Tail of the Nine-tailed Fox in its stomach .

[Van Gogh’s Bracelet]1

-Rating: Legendary

-Require Level: Level 1 or Higher

-Description: A bracelet containing the mysterious power of Van Gogh . It is said to contain the power of harmony .

-When equipped, all effects of rings worn on the hand wearing the bracelet can be applied

-When equipped, rings on the hand wearing the bracelet cannot be removed .

Then he looked at Van Gogh’s bracelet, which he wore like a band around his arm .

Looking at it, Kim Woo-jin had the same thought .

‘It’s still not enough . ’

[The Ogre has been slain . ]

Then came the notification which announced the end of the dungeon .

“Hey, what are you so happy about?”

Oh Se-chan responded to his staff with a smile .

“I’m just happy that snacks are coming to us even when I do nothing . ”

As he said this, Oh Se-chan’s eyes were drawn to the boxes of Choco Pies that were stacked astonishingly high in the corner .

His subordinate didn’t know what to say .

“Aren’t you sick of it?”

The subordinate asked this question but Oh Se-chan didn’t seem to hear it as he kept smiling brightly .

This was a situation in which absolutely no amount of explanation or persuasion was likely to have an effect .

As the subordinate knew Oh Se-chan’s personality well, they decided to not pursue the matter any further .

“…I would rather have ramen . Even Russian kids like ramen…”

He just mumbled in dissatisfaction .

Oh Se-chan stood up and tapped his subordinate on the shoulder .

“What did you say just now?”


“What did you just say?”

Surprised, the subordinate hurriedly responded .

“Ru-, Russian kids like ramen . The lunch box thing, that . ”

At that answer Oh Se-chan looked at him with bright eyes .

“You’re a genius . ”

Then the next moment .

“I found something there . ”

The subordinate spoke even faster while looking at Oh Se-chan’s bright smile .

“Choco Pie?”

“No . Not that . ”


The subordinate could only ask another question .

“The Skeleton Knight Skill . It finally appeared on the black market . ”


Though I can’t speak for the author and this is purely an opinion that anyone can debate on with me, I believe that what they are trying to say in the description of Van Gogh’s Bracelet’s effects, is that all the effects of every ring on that hand can be applied, or stacked .

However this is purely conjecture because the author has yet to introduce any manner of ranking or priority system for effects . Therefore it can only be assumed that items with similar effects(For example the Plus Ring and a Skeleton Ring which increases the rank of Skeleton Soldier) since we haven’t found the mc collecting more items with such effects . Maybe it is a priority based on the item’s rating? Or maybe by the difference in the level of the effect? We can’t know until we’re told .  

Therefore I can only make an assumption that there is such a priority and the bracelet would then negate that allowing similar effects to be stacked…which will probably happen in the near future(but I won’t spoil it for us) .  

Of course there’s still the possibility that I am completely wrong and the effects mean something else entirely . Either way we will find out together as I along with you .