Lady Lin’s First-ever Journey to Immortality - Chapter 523

Chapter 523: 523

“Xianzhong, do you know anything about the earth in the past?”

Maybe because Mu Tiannan drinks too much, his perennially pale face is kind of red when he mentions this topic . His eyes are almost closed and he looks feminine and charming .

He has supported Pang Xianzhong since his boyhood . Decades have passed in the blink of an eye . The boy becomes a man who is in power . The greater his power is in the inland of the Earth Federation, the more often he meets Mu Tiannan . He also gradually understands some habits of his savior .

Most of Mu Tiannan’s questions are rhetorical questions . The only thing he has to do is listen . Sure enough, when Pang Xianzhong refills his glass, Mu Tiannan has changed the subject .

“Are you here for the upgrade of the earth?”

Pang Xianzhong sits upright . He nods and says yes .

He is not here just for the upgrade of the earth . He firmly believes that if his savior is generous enough, the current problem will be solved easily . Besides, the earth may still have the opportunity to make a big change and become a Rank Three member star .

The earth has been developing secretly with the support of his savior for so many years . A few days ago, he also got some technology knowledge from the Nami Alliance . If the earth can “digest” all the information, it will be far more advanced than the Rank Four or Five member star of the Alpha Alliance . For assessment, showing a little strength is totally enough .

For architecture, the Earth Federation has developed moonstar residential area . It is also developing Pluto . There are actually not many planets within its jurisdiction .

Mu Tiannan puts down the wine glass . He seems to be smiling, “Xianzhong, don’t even bother . This time, the earth upgrade will not succeed . ”

What? Pang Xianzhong has always been staid but now his hands tremble slightly . He can’t believe it .

For the upgrade, the Federation has made a lot of preparations . It even takes the risk to show some strength . Why does his savior say it will not succeed at all?

Mu Tiannan doesn’t explain . He only asks Pang Xianzhong to turn on the TV .

At this time, the Alpha Alliance Interstellar News is on . Today, the host’s tone is a bit solemn . It turns out that two other Alliances of the galaxy that border the Alliance have been harassing the border in recent days . The conflict keeps escalating . The Alpha Alliance cannot completely block the news from its member stars . Today, the matter is put on interstellar TV for the first time for analysis .

Seeing the so-called experts analyzing whether the alliances of galaxy will form a bigger alliance this time, Mu Tiannan raises his eyebrows .

“You see… the Alliance will soon be overwhelmed by it . How can it take time to plot against the Earth?”

Upgrade? The rigorous hierarchical system among member stars is not only a fancy title . It is also related to “trading levels” . Once the earth upgrades successfully, the alliance can’t make various restrictions on the earth as deliberately and boldly as before .

Even if the earth just becomes a Rank Two member star, it also has the right to connect with other alliances inside and outside the galaxy . The Alpha Alliance’s plan to bury the “secret of longevity” on the small planet of the earth will be self-defeating .

The Alpha Alliance initiatively proposes to investigate the Earth Federation to upgrade the Earth this time . Mu Tiannan always knows that it is a conspiracy .

What do the Alpha Alliance’s calculations matter? Every one’s business is no one’s business . He has helped the Alpha Alliance find so many foreign “business” . It will be extremely troublesome for the alliance to monopolize the “secret of longevity” .

Mu Tiannan was born in a patriotic family . How can he forget the war of aggression three hundred years ago?

He knows that Lin Luoran will never forget it as well .

It’s a matter of country . No matter how nice people are, they will feel hateful about invasion . When it comes to revenge, it is better for Mu Tiannan to take action . Anyway, Lin Luoran represents a righteous image and shouldn’t be contaminated by murder . As for Mu Tiannan, with his hands contaminated with inexhaustible sins for a long time, he doesn’t care about adding a little more .

“Elok Alliance and Bape Alliance… are they really going to declare war on the Alpha Alliance?”

The message is so sudden that Pang Xianzhong feels extremely surprised . The news is still on, but he has been distracted .

Mu Tiannan lowers his head and smiles . Originally, he doesn’t intend to tell Pang Xianzhong anything . Thinking that he still has the title of senator, he thinks he should make Federation informed . Therefore, Mu Tiannan adds,

“Don’t worry . Even if there is a war, the Earth Federation will not be involved . ”

Seeing that Mu Tiannan is very affirmative, Pang Xianzhong is also a bit relaxed . Mu Tiannan turns to look at the red rose on the terrace . Pang Xianzhong thinks he may not want to talk anymore, so he takes the initiative to say goodbye .

“Xianzhong, since you are in Dongting, you’d better visit some family friends if you have time . ”

Pang Xianzhong says yes . After walking out of the hotel door, he suddenly understands it . Born in a poor family, he certainly has no family friends . He only has an old friend Han Kuisheng . His lover who follows Mortal Heart Fairy is probably in Dongting at this moment .

Pang Xianzhong has a plan in his mind and leaves by car . Instead of reaching the Ma’s Villa by Dongting Lake, he first contacts Han Kuisheng .

“Han, have you watched the news on interstellar TV?”

Han Kuisheng is an interstellar businessman . He is naturally more knowledgeable and sharper than others . He has watched the Interstellar News and frowned at that moment .

The dark clouds of the war have enveloped the federation silently . Once the two alliances start a war on Alpha, the Han family’s business will suffer damage . But it is even not a big deal—Can the eggs remain unbroken when the nest is totally ruined?

With little useful information to analyze, Han Kuisheng still feels shocked . When he is still at loss, his old friend in a high position calls him and points him a clear method—Dongting City .

Yes, Dongting City .

It is not only the Taoist field of Mortal Heart Fairy . His single daughter who has entered the world of cultivation is also there .

Pang Xianzhong suggests that the Han family should transfer their main force to Dongting City as soon as possible . Once the news spreads, it will be extremely hard to get a house in Dongting City .

Han Kuisheng is totally enlightened by these words .

Han Weiya has been enhancing her personal ability . She soon receives the news that her father is about to come to Dongting, which makes her a little surprised . Together with Hu Ji and the siblings of the Ma family, she lives a seclusive life away from the world . They don’t expect a coming war all of a sudden .

Pang Xianzhong himself will not stay in Dongting for a long time, but he stealthily takes his wife here and settles her . For public concerns, he has to discuss countermeasures with the high-level officials of the federal, and may sacrifice his life at the critical moment… For personal concerns, he has some selfish motives . He has got the news and it’s human nature that he transfers his only relative to a safe place .

Han Kuisheng gets the news this way and begins to transfer important assets and members of his family .

The Liu family is an upstart family . Naturally, it is also not peaceful .

What is the Liu family going to do after the war begins? Liu Qingdai burns the incense and prays . Since Lin Luoran’s ocean of consciousness has been tightly closed, there is no response at all before the incense burns out .

Liu Qingdai is surprised, but she covers up her anxiety and she does not spill the beans .

So where is Lin Luoran now?

Lin Luoran is not very sensitive to interstellar things, but she has Colin with her . Colin was never a talent for martial arts and spirit power . However, he is still a member of a renowned family from a Rank Four member star and is highly sensitive to politics .

It is a border conflict? Or it’s two alliances harassing the Alpha Alliance? The revealed information is really interesting .

Neither alliance is weaker than the Alpha Alliance . It doesn’t make sense to provoke an alliance just for the ownership of some planets . Small-scale border conflicts always mean temptation and warning .

Colin agrees that the war between the alliances is about to start, and both sides may be preparing for the war with the deployment of troops . It will not be longer than a month or maybe it is less than three days before the moment comes . The war may break out .

The Earth Federation is located at the corner of the Alpha Alliance, but it does not mean that the war will not reach here . The reconstruction here has not been effective, and the war will start immediately . Of course, Lin Luoran and Colin can no longer stay in Zhongdu city . They soon return to Dongting City .

Passing through the Yellow River Basin, it is obviously not the same place last time . However, Lin Luoran still notices the strange monster of the earth again .

Seeing that the alien monster is gentle and harmless, Lin Luoran is moved . She resists the urge to investigate, and sends Colin back to Dongting City first .

A war is going to break out soon . Lin Luoran first sends a letter to the Liu family which tells them to move back to Dongting, and then she asks Xiaozhi to step up its search for Baojia .

Soon Pang Xianzhong and Han Weiya’s father come to pay a visit . Lin Luoran doesn’t want to meet them . But after consideration, she meets Mr . Pang alone .

The mecha and weapons in her space probably will never be used . Once the war starts, these weapon equipment almost mean nothing facing an interstellar war . However, since the Earth Federation will not take the initiative to participate in the war, it is rather good to have some weapons for self-protection . Therefore, Lin Luoran doesn’t hesitate to hand these things to Pang Xianzhong .

The dark clouds of the war have quietly shrouded the Earth Federation . Innocent people may suffer from a calamity without any reasons .

For the worst, federal people may move back to Dongting… the pressure of the city will be extremely great . Even if the power of faith is strong, will the seal stay indestructible under intensive attacks?

Lin Luoran’s ocean of consciousness hasn’t healed . She can’t detect the situation of faith, so she really doesn’t have much confidence .

Lin Luoran can’t help but think of the motionless earth monster in the Yellow River Basin .

Seeing her frowning, Hu Ji sneers, “For the worst, we can transfer the federation people to the Green Mountains world . Don’t worry . ”

Lin Luoran is happy at first, but she soon worries again, “The earth is completely destroyed . No matter how good the Green Mountains world is, it is still a different-dimensional world . This is not a long-term plan . ”

No matter how vast the Green Mountains are, they are also a different-dimensional world separated from the earth . Although it is separated from the earth, who knows if the space node will still be there if the earth is destroyed?

She tells Hu Ji her concerns, and the fox also takes it seriously .

“Huh, if they keep pissing off me, I can send all those monsters out . The king will sit there and watch the shitty alliances become a mess . We will see if they still have the leisure time to fight . ”

Lin Luoran is speechless . The monsters will still worry about the strength of Hu Ji when they are trapped in the Green Mountains . Outside the Green Mountains, the sky is high and the sea is wide . Who knows what they will mess up? Besides the Alpha Alliance, they may also destroy the Earth Federation—At that time, those monsters will not be under control . Today this monster may eat a person, and tomorrow that monster may eat a heart . Catching monsters will be far more exhausting than a war!

Hu Ji also begins to feel anxious . Lin Luoran sighs . Green Mountains world is not the only heterodimensional space . If this method works, she wishes Penglai fairyland monsters and Bermuda secret land great monsters would all come out . Together, they can make the world upside down . At that time, let’s see whether those aliens can still be so arrogant .

In the golden triangle sea area of Bermuda, on a smelly sea, Mu Tiannan floats in the air . He spreads his palm with twelve jade plates flying out .

“Boy, you keep stalling for some time . Now you can’t stall anymore, right?”

A cold snort comes from the bat ring .

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