Lady Su’s Revenge - Chapter 554

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Hearing what the manservant said, everyone in the lobby was stunned and even thought it was ironic.

Nowadays, Linli Building was in the ascendance. Who dared to make trouble at the door of Linli Building?

Did she want to die?

“Enjoy yourselves, I will go out and have a look.”

Su Qinghao stood up, took out the mask and put on it. His figure flashed out, and then the lobby was lively again. No one took the matter outside seriously.

After a while, Su Qingtan finally noticed something was wrong. He frowned and walked out of the lobby silently.

Fang Yuan was a bit upset. Seeing Su Qingtan going out, he got up, too. At the same time, he transmitted the sound in silence to Ling Mo who was about to get up, “You take charge of the situation. I’ll go out to take a look and also get some fresh air.”

Ling Mo sat down. He shook his head slightly when he saw Su Buwang eating and drinking at the table, who didn’t care about the scene.

“From now on, this bloke should be properly disciplined. Otherwise, if he officially becomes the Young Lord, he will lose the face of both Linli Building and his mother.” Ling Mo thought.

Su Qingtan suddenly felt the atmosphere was somewhat weird as soon as he got out of Linli Building. The people sitting outside were deadly silent. After seeing him coming out, everyone stared at him.

“It’s Lord Qing!”

“If Lord Qing takes actions, the demon woman will never be arrogant!”

The whispers came into his ears. Su Qingtan was a little worried, “Did Qinghao get a trouble?”

“What happened?”

Fang Yuan frowned slightly when he came out to see the scene. Su Qingtan shook his head and pointed to one of the feasts, “Just go and see.”

They took steps, and all practitioners quickly gave way, exactly pointing to the center of the street in front of them.

“This is the position of top seats. What exactly is Qinghao doing?”

Su Qingtan became more puzzled. After walking closer, he finally saw a strange but harmonious scene.

There were only four people sitting on this feast, two men and two women, and one of them was Su Qinghao.

“Enjoy yourselves. How can you let down the food? It is high time we had lunch, and it is not worth delaying the meal due to a mere trifle.”

During the feast, the woman with black gauze smiled, took the chopsticks and put a dish into the bowl in front of Su Qinghao.

Su Qinghao was humiliated and angry, but he could not move a little and had to watch Su Li’s movements.

It didn’t take long before he came out to learn the details.

Today, a woman killed a practitioner on the street in front of Linli Building. But when Su Qinghao followed the manservant to the table, he saw Administrator Lin sitting at the same table with the woman. He was about to rebuke him, but only to find that his body was out of control and he also sat on the seat.

“How is it possible? Although my cultivation is lower than that of my Eldest Brother, but at any rate, I’m also at the level of Huashen Realm. However, I’m easily restrained, and even could not notify others.”

Not long after, when he saw Su Qingtan and Fang Yuan coming together, he couldn’t help feeling slightly delighted.

“Great! Eldest Brother and Brother Fang came together. Brother Fang can defeat the Blood World, so this demon woman is absolutely no match for him!”

Yuan Ying recognized Fang Yuan’s identity by seeing his mask and was depressed.

She was bound to die.

Su Qingtan quickly understood, and said in a cold voice, “Your Excellency, did you…”

Before Su Qingtan finished speaking, Su Li interrupted him, “Fellow Practitioner Fang, we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I didn’t expect that I should call you Lord Fang Cun when we meet again.”

Su Li put down her chopsticks, looked at Fang Yuan, and chuckled softly.

Su Qingtan stopped talking and turned his head to transmit the sound in silence to Fang Yuan, “You know her?”

Fang Yuan nodded slightly.

Before Su Qingtan transmitted the sound again, Fang Yuan was silent for a moment and asked, “Is that you…”

“Don’t you invite me to sit in the lobby since we meet each other again? Is it possible that the top seat can make me satisfied?”

Su Li interrupted Fang Yuan’s questioning and glanced over Su Qinghao and Administrator Lin. Su Qinghao suddenly freed, and the invisible restriction disappeared. He quickly jumped behind Su Qingtan.

“Brother Fang, this female is evil and her purpose is unknown. Be careful!”

As soon as Su Qinghao’s voice was transmitted, Fang Yuan nodded and said, “We’ve indeed neglected you. Why don’t we have a talk on the top floor?”

As soon as he said that, everyone was shocked on the spot.

Yuan Ying was even more dumbfounded. She didn’t expect things to take such a turn. Lord Fang Cun, instead of asking for the punishment, invited Elder Sister to go to the top floor. What exactly was her origin?

“Fang Yuan, you know better than anyone what the top floor means. How can you bring an unknown woman up there?”

Su Qingtan also felt the invitation was not proper and transmitted the voice in silence, but Fang Yuan turned a deaf ear to them.

Su Li’s eyes flashed, and said slightly, “My pleasure.”

She got up and walked towards Fang Yuan, “What happened today was not a deliberate collision. There is a reason for the incident. Don’t embarrass my junior sister.”

“I understand.”

Fang Yuan nodded slightly. Su Qinghao and Su Qingtan had to be silent even if they had a lot of doubts in their hearts.

It was difficult to withdraw the words since they were spoken, so they could not say no. The so-called rules were only meant for the weak, and this woman was obviously not weak. It was just a small matter of giving some compensation to Lieyang Villa.

“This way, please!”

Fang Yuan turned sideways to give way to Su Li.

Su Li slightly saluted to thank him, and four of them entered Linli Building.

Everyone in the lobby saw Fang Yuan and the others returning with a strange woman, and the lively atmosphere suddenly turned tranquil.

Su Buwang, who was still eating and drinking, felt that something was wrong. When he raised his head and saw Su Li, his eyes lit up. He stood up and shouted, “Sister Qingshui!”

Hearing the name, Su Qingtan and Su Qinghao both felt slightly shocked.

It turned out that she was the Qingshui who had rescued Su Buwang in the blood tide before. No wonder Fang Yuan treated her so differently.

“But even if she has saved the life of Buwang, she is not qualified to go to the top floor. That’s…”

Su Qingtan couldn’t figure it out, but Su Buwang had pulled Su Li at the table, and asked, “Sister Qingshui, where have you been these days? I thought you had left the Yin and Yang Region.”

Su Li glanced at Fang Yuan, who had taken off the mask without any expression on his face, and replied with a smile, “I went to do some personal business, but I haven’t finished it yet. I just came back to check on your safety.”

Su Buwang was stunned and moved. No one had ever cared about him so blatantly that he was a little uncomfortable. His face turned red, and then he whispered, “Elder Sister, I would be embarrassed if you said that.”

Su Li smiled without saying a word, and looked at the other youths sitting at the table. Seeing her gaze, everyone nodded slightly to show their respect.

Although Su Buwang was still sitting in the side seat, they had long been hinted that this seemingly unreliable young man was the future lord of Linli Building!

And they were the most reliable ones selected by Ling Mo and others to follow Su Buwang. They naturally had to respect the person their Lord respected.

Su Li’s wisdom and experience made her easily recognize the details of these young practitioners. She couldn’t help but squint her eyes and praise, “You are all good guys. I would like to toast you. Hope you can take good care of my younger brother.”

Su Li lifted the glass and drank it in one go.

Those young practitioners were slightly shocked by the words. They hurriedly stood up and drank up.

“Senior, there is no need for that. We will do our best!”

“Senior, cheers!”


After a while, the atmosphere on the table immediately became harmonious. Su Buwang scratched his head. Although he did not understand why Sister Qingshui was so kind to him, the feeling of being cared for by the elder still made him warm.

Fang Yuan was sitting on the major seat, but his attention was always on the side seat. He sighed secretly when he saw the scene. After all, a man was less careful than a woman. He never thought of helping Su Buwang to familiarize himself with his future trusted subordinates.

At this moment, on the major seat, Qiu Ruhai, the owner of Lieyang Villa, held up the wine glass and said with a smile, “Lord Fang Cun, my curiosity made me dare to ask what the origin of the woman is. I just heard that there was a trouble at the doorway…”

Fang Yuan raised his eyes to look at Qiu Ruhai, and his indifferent gaze suddenly chilled the latter.


Su Qingtan mediated a dispute and replied, “Fang Cun has a cold character and is not talkative. Let me answer your question. Speaking of this, it has something to do with you…”

Su Qingtan turned to voice transmission in silence. Qiu Ruhai’s complexion suddenly changed. Then he closed his mouth and never talked about the matter happened just now.

The feast lasted a long time, and not finished even after half a day.

Every second was a torture for Fang Yuan, who was eager to know the answer.

But for Su Buwang, it was an extremely pleasure time for conversation.

During the feast, he told a general story of his encounter in the Blood World without hiding anything from the kind elder sister who had saved his life several times.

“So, you got the memory of your mother, and then became the Young Lord of Linli Building? That’s really good for you.”

Su Li raised her eyebrows slightly, and transmitted the voice in silence with a fake smile.

“Ah! Sister Qingshui, don’t laugh at me.”

Su Buwang looked distressed and complained, “I don’t even know if those memories are true, and if Uncle Fang is lying to me again. Besides, with my cultivation, how can I be the Young Lord of Linli Building? Those Young Lords of large forces all have a deep foundation and are invincible of the same level. I… You may laugh at me. Over the past thousand years, I didn’t have any cards except my cultivation. Uncle Fang’s background is also sensitive, and I don’t know his skills.”

Su Li laughed as she listened, and she continued to transmit the voice in silence, “I can teach you if you are worried about it. You will have a performance as good as any other talents.”

Su Buwang believed that Su Li was joking, and waved his hand, “Elder Sister, don’t tease me. Besides, I don’t want to be the Young Lord even if I can!”

“Then why?”

Su Li replied with a warm smile, which made Su Buwang relax unconsciously and then talk to Su Li without hiding anything.

“I don’t mind whether the memories are true or not.”

Su Buwang looked at Su Li seriously, “I don’t want to be tied to death by an identity here. I want to…go to Jiuzhou Region and have a look!”

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