Martial God Space - Chapter 858

Chapter 858: 858

Chapter 858: Scarlet Thunder Immortal

Ye Xiwen was a little surprised . He didn’t expect to meet these people from the Wang family again .

Almost when Ye Xiwen spotted them, they also spotted Ye Xiwen . They were a little happy at the moment, but there weren’t many surprises . Ye Xiwen came to Sunny Bamboo Island under Wang Mengyu’s guidance previously . Hence, they were not surprised at all .

“Brother Ye, I didn’t expect that we will meet again!” Wang Mengyu smiled slightly . She took the Wang family and sat down next door . Only then did she and Wang Feiyun come to Ye Xiwen’s side .

“Brother Ye!” Wang Feiyun greeted, arching his hands . At this time, he was convinced of Ye Xiwen . In any case, he was far from being comparable with Ye Xiwen .

He could only look up on Ye Xiwen . The slightest unhappiness at the beginning was now gone .

“It’s a coincidence, but you came to Sunny Bamboo Island…” Ye Xiwen asked with some confusion .

“I heard that this time there will be an ancient Holy Realm Dwellers’ cave on Sunny Bamboo Island, so my father asked us to bring everyone here to gain experience!” Wang Mengyu’s thin lips pressed lightly, “If we can get something, then it is naturally better!”

It turned out that it was also about the Holy Realm Dwellers cave . It seemed that this matter affected many people .

Ye Xiwen kept thinking in his mind . If it were the ancient Holy Realm Dwellers cave mansion, then those who stayed in the dark for a long time and surpassed Transcendent Realm would have already made a move .

“If the Holy Realm Dwellers cave is opened, then I am afraid we will not have our turn to explore!” said Ye Xiwen .

“Yes, but this is just rumors . Hence, before getting accurate confirmation, those veterans will not easily appear from close cultivation . Many people in enclosed cultivation are challenging the retribution!” said Wang Mengyu .

On the warrior path, almost every realm could increase the lifespan by a large amount . Until the Transcendent Realm, it directly increased the lifespan in tens of thousands of years . Therefore, the Transcendent Realm was also called Tenacious Realm [1], which meant eternal life without boundaries . The wish of many emperors in the mortal realm .

But going further as cultivation increases again, the lifespan would no longer improve . Whether it was Transcendent Realm or a master who had surpassed the Transcendent Realm, the lifespan would only be ten thousand years, unless attaining Longevity realm . Otherwise, one would have to face death coming from an insufficient lifespan .

Not to mention that many people in Ancient Barrens were already Transcendent Realm when they were a few hundred years old . The further their progress, the harder it was to cultivate . The time to cultivate almost doubled . In Transcendent Realm, there were many levels . Ninety-nine percent of people were facing the situation of insufficient life expectancy . They would find ways to break through or find treasures that would increase their lifespan .

Even some people with insufficient qualifications face the awkward situation that their life expectancy was about to reach the limits after the breakthrough of Transcendent Realm .

So those old guys in close cultivation all the year-round were in desperation . When there was no other way to improve their lifespan, it was only possible to extend their lifespan through breakthrough as soon as possible . No one wanted to die .

The biggest goal of the martial artist’s path was to break the limits of the world and live forever .

“So unless it is determined that this is the Holy Realm Dwellers cave, they only come out . After all, the so-called Holy Realm Dwellers cave surfaces almost every few years . It is not unusual at all!” said Wang Mengyu .

Ye Xiwen also knew from her tone that she probably didn’t take this Holy Realm Dwellers Dongfu statement to heart . There were many rumors like this every once in a while .

“No wonder!” Ye Xiwen nodded .

“That’s why our family hopes that we can have more experience, which will help our practice!” said Wang Mengyu .

Ye Xiwen nodded . He never felt that blind close cultivation practice would be useful . The so-called reading ten thousand books were not as good as traveling ten thousand miles [2] . Some things were learned more effectively in personal experience . If Ye Xiwen had not experienced hardships, it would be impossible for him to improve his cultivation so quickly . Many things were only possible to understand in a momentary experience .

“It happens that Brother Ye is here . I wonder if Brother Ye is interested in the opening of the Holy Realm Dwellers cave this time?” Wang Mengyu’s eyes were bright . She looked at Ye Xiwen in anticipation .

After listening to Wang Mengyu’s words, the eyes of the surrounding Wang’s disciples suddenly lit up . They had seen Ye Xiwen’s strength with their own eyes . If Ye Xiwen could join their team, their risk factor would also be reduced .

After all, no one knew what was in this Holy Realm Dwellers cave mansion . Once there was any danger, they dared not say that they could defend themselves .

The Transcendent Realm masters were considered quite capable for many people, but they only just stepped onto the mainstream group for this world .

Ye Xiwen thought for a while . He was also quite interested in this Holy Realm Dwellers cave . Wouldn’t it be better if someone more familiar could lead the way?

“Well, we can go be together!” said Ye Xiwen .

“That’s great . We will notify you when the cave mansion opens!” Wang Mengyu smiled . With Ye Xiwen, it was naturally much safer .

“Is Brother Ye staying in this inn?” Wang Mengyu asked .

“En!” Ye Xiwen nodded .

“If Brother Ye is free tomorrow, why not go to that Sunny Bamboo Island auction together!” said Wang Mengyu .

Ye Xiwen didn’t refuse since he was free .

“Isn’t this Wang Mengyu? Your Wang family is also participating in this Holy Realm Dwellers cave?” A slightly sharp female voice came up from downstairs, and then a figure came up from the stairs .

It was a woman with a hot figure . A light blue close-fitting dress made her proud figure more obvious .

The facial features were exquisite and beautiful . Those enchanting eyes were also unforgettable .

Ye Xiwen could feel that when the woman’s figure appeared, the men on the second floor of the inn could not help but drool .

Even Ye Xiwen was stunned a little, but then Mingxin’s ancient tree emitted a burst of colorful light, pulling his senses back .

He was a little surprised . He didn’t expect this woman to be so beautiful that even he would lose himself for a short time . In fact, his heart was usually firm in his cultivation . Ordinary things couldn’t shake his heart .

“Scarlet Thunder Immortal, I didn’t expect to be able to see the young leader of the Scarlet Thunder Gang, Scarlet Thunder Immortal . This trip is worth it!”

“Yes, Scarlet Thunder Immortal is as beautiful, just like the legend . I wonder how many young masters have fallen under her charm!”

“If you can get intimate with her, I’m willing to die!”

Many people were whispering around . Ye Xiwen took another glance at the Scarlet Thunder Immortal . The Scarlet Thunder Gang was one of the four major forces on Sunny Bamboo Island . Its status was almost equivalent to that of the three clans in the South Initiate Island .

This Scarlet Thunder Immortal was the Scarlet Thunder Gang’s young leader, so her status on Sunny Bamboo Island was apparent .

Hearing this voice, Wang Mengyu’s face suddenly became a little ugly . She bit her lip slightly and said, “Demon beast!”

“What about I want to join, can’t it?” said Wang Mengyu unbendingly . Ye Xiwen had never seen this before . His impression of Wang Mengyu was always elegant and calm, but he didn’t expect there was this side of her .

“It’s good to join in too, but just don’t die!” Scarlet Thunder Immortal said with a smile, but her tone didn’t sound like giving advice, but rather a faint threat .

Even Ye Xiwen, an outsider who didn’t know anything about the situation, figured out that the two women who were battling each other probably had many grudges . At this time, it was inconvenient for him to ask .

After all, it had nothing to do with him .

“You don’t have to be concerned about it!” Wang Mengyu sneered with the flame in her eyes unconcealed .

“Tsk tsk, little sister, it’s not good to be so angry at a young age!” Scarlet Thunder Immortal chuckled, then turned to Ye Xiwen and said, “Is he also a member of your Wang Family? Tsk, has the Wang Family been suppressed all these years? You even bring along a Half-step Transcendent Realm!”

Ye Xiwen frowned . Initially, he didn’t want to meddle in . This matter had nothing to do with him, but the Scarlet Thunder Immortals took the lead in offending him first .

“Busybody!” said Ye Xiwen coldly . Of course, he knew that he was nothing in the eyes of Scarlet Thunder Immortal . She just wanted to use him to bully Wang Mengyu .

Since she dared to humiliate him, he would not stay idle . Plus, he was not a good-tempered person to let the others humiliate him without retaliating .

Scarlet Thunder Immortal’s face stiffened . She didn’t expect to receive such a blatant counterattack . It would be impossible to lose out to men with her charm or to say those men did not want to be rude in front of beauty like her, as to not leaving a bad impression in her heart .

But she did not expect someone like Ye Xiwen who disregarded her beauty .

Seeing Scarlet Thunder Immortal forced to admit defeat, Wang Mengyu was immediately satisfied . Her impression of Ye Xiwen improved a lot . Not all men would shame her like this .

“Half-step Transcendent Realm . It’s probably not bad at your age . In the eyes of many people, it’s still far inferior!” said Scarlet Thunder Immortal coldly . Her coquettish attitude had all disappeared .

“Does it have anything to do with you? Or are your Scarlet Thunder Gang all so nosy?” sneered Ye Xiwen .

[1] It is not a power realm but a name that the folks gave .

[2] Reading books all day without practical experience is not helpful .

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