My Dangerous Billionaire Husband - Chapter 30

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Ning Qing blinked her long eyelashes and turned around . She looked towards the man embarrassedly, “I suddenly remembered that the watch wasn’t in my dorm . I left it in the hospital when I visited my mom this morning . I shall return it to you either tomorrow or the day after when I’m free . ”

Lu Shaoming heard and turned around . He looked at her for three seconds and replied with one word, “Okay . ”

Ning Qing let out a sigh of relief . She looked up and saw that he sat down on the one and only wooden long bench in the bedroom . He crossed his long legs and sat rather elegantly .

Ning Qing couldn’t understand . As he agreed to come over and take it tomorrow, why was he sitting there?

Oh, maybe it was because his suit was wet .

That long bench was old . There was room for only one person and it was slightly cramped . The strange man’s appearance was as though he was condescending to a simple man . It was a strange sight .

Ning Qing coughed as she felt awkward . She didn’t have dinner at the Ning’s family house . It was dinner time and she was very hungry .

She remembered that there was only a pack of instant noodles in her room and she wanted to cook it for dinner . But, as the man was there, she had to ask and offer out of courtesy .

“Have you eaten dinner? I’m going to cook some instant noodles, do you want some?”

Lu Shaoming looked at the one and only a small bed in the room . The bed looked tidy and clean, the blanket was folded like a tofu chunk, there was also a pink bear next to the blanket . It looked very cute .

He looked at the girl with an innocent heart . He knew that she was being courteous but didn’t intend to ask him to stay for dinner .

He nodded and spatted another word, “Sure . ”

Ning Qing, “…” Shouldn’t have asked .

There was an induction cooker in the room, Ning Qing flipped the switch and boiled water . After the water boiled, she opened the instant noodles packet and put the noodles in .

As she stirred with the chopstick, her right index finger touched the edge of the metal pot . “Psst” and she quickly ran her index finger under cold water .

Until the pain subsided, she recalled that there were still eggs in the room so she turned and went to grab them .

After taking two steps, “Pak” and the bright room suddenly turned dark . There’s no electricity .

Ning Qing was caught off guard . She tripped on something and suddenly fell to the right .

“Ah…” As she screamed, a muscular arm suddenly grabbed her by her waist . He exerted his strength and she sat on his lap .

Ning Qing felt that her butt already cracked into two . His legs were pretty muscular and they were as hard as a rock . When she sat down, it wasn’t much better than falling on the ground .

As she was blinded by the pain, a manly breath puffed by the side of her ear and the man asked in a deep voice, “Are you okay?”

Ning Qing didn’t have physical contact with many men . There were many men who wanted to take petty advantage of her but not many that could get close to her . As for Xu Junxi who grew up with her, sadly they broke it off by their first date . After their engagement, the only close contact they had was when he kissed her forcefully with the model’s scent still on him . It was a scent that she hated .

She was familiar with the scent . The other night when she was drunk, she tiptoed and kissed him . She even pushed him on the ground and rolled around on the bed with him .

He smelled good .

How could a woman be cool and composed with a man that she had close contact with before? Ning Qing knew she couldn’t .

“Did you burn your finger? Let me see . ” He spoke again . He leaned in closer to her . Her body was originally small so when he got closer, she seemed like she was drowning in his embrace .

Her cheeks were burning . No one knew if he did it intentionally or by accident . His thin lips glided through her thin hair on her earlobe . The warm yet invasive manly scent suddenly conquered her entire nervous system and her heart was racing while her body was shivering .

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