Nine Star Hegemon Body Arts - Chapter 73

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Chapter 73 Beheading Xia Changfeng

Xia Changfeng had never imagined that the powerful weapon he had hidden by his side for so long would be held up by some blockhead .

After all, Wang Mang’s combat ability was such that even Huang Chang would be unable to endure ten exchanges with him . But that big blockhead had already blocked over thirty blows, and even seemed as if he had energy to spare . How could that possibly not shock him?

Back in the Heroic Assembly House, Aman had used his full strength to just barely block a single blow from Huang Chang . That was actually something Xia Changfeng had questioned Huang Chang about after .

Huang Chang had replied that that blockhead’s power was a bit strange, but it wasn’t anything worth worrying about . He could easily kill him .

But that person who Huang Chang had said he could easily kill was actually able to hold back someone who could easily kill Huang Chang!

In the midst of his shock, his instincts suddenly gave off a powerful warning and he punched out without even thinking about it .


Long Chen’s silent fist was blocked . Xia Changfeng borrowed its power to float back . His guards also now reacted and came to his help, drawing their weapons and charging at Long Chen .

Long Chen coldly snorted and formed a hand seal . A sphere of light quickly condensed between his hands . A terrifying temperature came from it that caused space to twist and warp .

“Quick, retreat!”

Seeing that light, Xia Changfeng’s expression changed greatly and he hastily shouted out .

But due to their eardrums having been broken from before, those guards were extremely slow to react . By the time they realized what Xia Changfeng was saying, Long Chen had already completed his preparations .

The egg-sized ball of light in his hand shot out, leaving behind a streak of light . Even the space that it shot through became hot enough to cause space to twist .


That ball of light shot straight into the middle of the group of guards and exploded, enveloping them in a terrifying scarlet blaze .

Mournful screams rang out as that terrifying blaze spread to thirty meters, enveloping every single of the guards in its midst .

That blaze was precisely Long Chen’s Pill Flame . He had collected all the Pill Flame within his body and sent it out, compressing it to such an extent that it formed a small ball of flame .

That flame ball was called a Pill Blaze . Ordinarily only experts who had cultivated to Pill Master were capable of condensing such a Pill Blaze .

That was because condensing such a Pill Blaze not only required an extremely powerful Pill Flame, but it also required an extremely powerful Spiritual Strength . That was because condensing it to such a point was extremely dangerous . The slightest slip could cause the flame to explode in your body .

Long Chen not only had a powerful beast flame, but the power of his Spiritual Strength went without saying . Most importantly, with the Pill God’s memories in his spirit, such a usage of his Pill Flame was practically child’s play .

Although this was a basic technique for Pill Cultivators, its power was truly frightful . Once the temperature of the condensed Pill Flame was released, even Blood Condensation experts would be unable to block it .

The dozen guards were immediately burnt to a crisp . Pill Flame was not the same as ordinary fire . It was basically inextinguishable . And there were also no pools of water around anyways . Those guards were only able to hold on for at most a couple breaths’ time before dying . An unpleasant scorched smell filled the air .

A dozen of Xia Changfeng’s competent subordinates were lost just like that . His face was ashen and his eyes seemed to spit flames .

Long Chen’s face was a bit pale now . That was the full force of his Pill Flame, and the aftermath of such a great consumption was definitely not small, even to him .

Those guards were all Xia Changfeng’s elite troops . The majority had all been at the mid Blood Condensation realm or above . Long Chen could only use such a method to quickly defeat them .

Although the sacrifice was large and he would no longer be able to use his Pill Flame for a while, it had all been worth it . Now there only remained Xia Changfeng for him to deal with . He didn’t have to worry about other people launching sneak attacks on him .

“Long Chen…” Xia Changfeng ground his teeth as he looked at Long Chen .

“What’s up?” Long Chen brushed the ashes off his clothes indifferently .

“I’ll kill you . ” Xia Changfeng’s voice was trembling slightly . The anger inside him had already reached a critical level .

“That’s just what I was going to say,” said Long Chen . “But before that, I want to know who placed those spiritual seeds in Chu Yao’s body . ”

“You want to know? Haha, you’re dreaming!” Xia Changfeng sinisterly said, “Did you really think you could kill me? I’ll let you see just how ridiculous such a thought is!”

BOOM! Blood Qi exploded from Xia Changfeng’s body . Powerful fluctuations surged from his body . Qi waves rumbled hundreds of meters away, with Xia Changfeng as the epicenter .

“Did you really think I was raised as a spoiled prince without learning any skills? Did you really think you are the only genius under the heavens? Today I’ll let an idiot like you learn just how stupid you are . The price for this lesson will be your life!”

At this time, Xia Changfeng’s whole aura had exploded out . Shocking Qi waves were rolling off his body and his Blood Qi had been condensed to the pinnacle . His pressure made it difficult to breath .

“You’re at the peak of Blood Condensation?”

Long Chen nodded . As he had expected, Xia Changfeng still had hidden cards . No wonder Long Chen had had a somewhat restless feeling throughout the today . He seemed to feel as if a great catastrophe was about to befall him .

A peak Blood Condensation expert was the strongest opponent Long Chen had met up till this date .

But no matter what, Long Chen was still willing to pay any price to kill Xia Changfeng . It wasn’t just because Xia Changfeng was extremely likely to be a participant in the schemes against him .

The main thing was that he had touched upon the most important thing in Long Chen’s heart . Thinking of Chu Yao who was imprisoned alone within the imperial palace, Long Chen’s killing intent soared .

“Die!” Xia Changfeng angrily roared . Stamping on the ground, he charged towards Long Chen . The ground he had stamped upon actually ended up caving into a huge hole .

At the same time, a ruthless Qi completely locked Long Chen in place . That meant Xia Changfeng was an expert who had tempered himself through life and death battles .

Looking at the charging Xia Changfeng, Long Chen tightly clenched his fists . His black hair slowly fluttered in the wind . His eyes were like two sharp blades . The cyclones in his body quickly revolved and he sent a punch out .

BANG! A huge explosion rang out . Xia Changfeng stumbled back . He had never thought that the current Long Chen would be even more powerful than when he had killed Huang Chang .

His punch just now hadn’t had the slightest effect at all . Long Chen’s leg was already viciously kicking towards his stomach .

Xia Changfeng coldly snorted . Pushing down his shock, his right hand became like a blade that ruthlessly slashed down at Long Chen’s leg . With another bang, both of them retreated two steps .

Xia Changfeng was greatly shocked . Long Chen was truly a freak . Back in the Heroic Assembly House, he would have been able to slaughter him with a single hand .

But with every time he saw him, Long Chen’s cultivation base would spring up at a shocking pace . Now he could actually fight on par with a peak Blood Condensation expert!

This caused him intense fury, but it was also terrifying . If it continued like that, then sooner or later the freak would be someone he could no longer suppress .

With an angry howl, Xia Changfeng’s Blood Qi actually completely disappeared . He punched forward . His fist immediately became a bloody color . That one punch actually had collected his entire body’s Blood Qi . A bloody smell came from it .

“Blood Gathering Fist!”

When Long Chen saw Xia Changfeng’s punch, he felt his scalp turn numb . That was a fear that came from his innermost being . That terrifying fist definitely possessed a fatal danger to him .

He hadn’t expected Xia Changfeng to actually use such a terrifying move so soon . His FengFu Star quickly activated . A stream of spiritual qi flowed from his FengFu Star to his Dantian .

The twelve huge cyclones in his Dantian immediately sharply grew and began to revolve even faster . The spiritual qi within three hundred meters of him was immediately absorbed by him . This was the first time he had used his full strength since entering the twelfth level of Qi Condensation .

“Flamecloud Palm!”

With a low shout, he also sent a palm out . His flame-covered palm was sent crashing against Xia Changfeng’s fist .


The ground split apart and rocks shot everywhere . A huge crater dozens of meters wide formed where they collided . Long Chen felt his stomach flip over and over . Vomiting out blood, he was sent flying back .

A painful scorching feeling came from his fist . A bloody color had appeared on his hand and was spreading up his arm .

His expression changed and he hastily swallowed a poison detoxifying pill . Xia Changfeng’s fist had contained blood poison on it . From that one exchange, the poison had invaded Long Chen’s hand .

Just now Long Chen had instinctively used the Flamecloud Palm, not the Breaking Wind Fist . Now he couldn’t help rejoicing his luck . Luckily his instincts truly were formidable .

Due to having used the Pill Blaze just now, his flame strength was essentially all used up . The Flamecloud Palm just now had used up the trace of that energy he had managed to recover .

But it was precisely because of that trace of flame strength that the majority of the blood poison had been blocked outside his body . If he had instead used the Breaking Wind Fist, his power would have increased a bit, but he might already not be able to move at this point .

Despite having countered most of the blood poison and also having taken a poison detoxifying pill, his entire arm had still been corroded by the blood poison . A numb and sour feeling came from it .

While Long Chen was endlessly shaken, Xia Changfeng was even more angered . Long Chen’s full strength blow had been extremely terrifying . It had actually completely broken his arm .

What caused him the most fury would be that Long Chen’s flame strength on his fist just now had actually dispersed most of the blood poison he has used his entire Blood Qi to condense .

A cold light flashed . A long blade appeared in Long Chen’s left hand . A whistling sound rang out as he slashed at Xia Changfeng’s head .

Xia Changfeng was surprised, not expecting Long Chen would not be affected by the blood poison and attack so quickly . Even if he wanted to take a weapon out from his ring, it was already too late .

He hastily rolled to the side . The sharp edge of the blade slashed right past Xia Changfeng’s cheek, so close that he could even feel the coldness from it .

He had only just managed to dodge one fatal attack when he saw Long Chen slash again at his throat . At this point there was no retreat . No longer dodging, he sent a kick right towards Long Chen’s Dantian .

The Dantian was the location of the cultivation base . If it was damaged, a person would be likely to permanently become a cripple . This was a strategy of relieving an attack by attacking the core . The attacker would have to give up attacking and switch to defending . It was very simple and effective .

But what astounded him was that Long Chen actually seemed to not care about that kick and still kept slashing down .


Long Chen’s craziness had definitely surpassed his expectations! Long Chen would rather become a cripple and kill him than let go of this opportunity?! It was already too late for him to switch tactics . Endless dread filled him .

Long Chen’s eyes were icy cold without the slightest emotion . He was just like a cold-blooded god of slaughter . He didn’t have the slightest misgivings . His blade ruthlessly slashed down .

A slicing and banging sound rang out at the same time . Blood flew . A head rolled on the ground while a figure was sent flying away .

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