A Big Shot's Woman Is Wild and Fierce-Chapter 350 - : Unwilling to Let a Drop of Rain Touch Her

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Chapter 350: Unwilling to Let a Drop of Rain Touch Her

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Just as Mu Chengxi was about to kiss Wen Xin, she suddenly jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom.

Mu Chengxi watched this with some confusion but quickly understood the reason Wen Xin rushed to the bathroom. He sat up from the bed, and then got off to tidy up, replacing the bedspread with a clean one.

After tidying up the bed, he picked up the bedspread that had been thrown on the floor and walked to the bathroom outside the room to stuff it into the washing machine.

By the time Wen Xin came out, she had changed her clothes. Seeing the newly changed light gray bedspread, she fell into thought. This favored son of heaven was really willing to do anything for her.

While Wen Xin was lost in thought, staring at the bedspread, Mu Chengxi wrapped his arms around her from behind and nuzzled her neck, speaking softly, “It’s about time to leave. It’ll take roughly forty minutes by car. Should we head out now?”

“Mm, I need to grab a few things, then we can go,” Wen Xin said, pulling away from Mu Chengxi’s embrace. She walked out of the room to the entrance, took a cardboard box from the cabinet filled with small medicine bottles, and selected a few to put in her backpack.

“We can go now.”

Leaning casually against the wall, Mu Chengxi watched Wen Xin’s actions, raising an eyebrow, “When did all these little medicine bottles appear in my house? When did you bring them over?”

“Oh, they were in my backpack. It was getting too heavy, so I just left them here.”

Wen Xin bent down to put on her shoes and took out Mu Chengxi’s shoes from the shoe cabinet, taking a wet wipe from a box nearby to clean her hands.

“What are you doing standing there? Let’s go!” Wen Xin tilted her head, curiously looking at Mu Chengxi, wondering why he was still standing in place.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Mu Chengxi walked over to Wen Xin, bent down, and kissed her on her red lips.

Wen Xin wasn’t too surprised by Mu Chengxi’s gesture; she had zotten used to his frequent kisses.

“Hurry up, or we’ll be late,” Wen Xin gently pushed Mu Chengxi, urging him with the words he used to hurry her.

The two stood hand in hand waiting for the elevator, which soon arrived, revealing a woman inside. Wen Xin remembered her as the woman who had posed provocatively outside their home that day.

The woman was surprised to see Mu Chengxi and Wen Xin holding hands as they entered the elevator, even double-checking the floor number to make sure she hadn’t made a mistake.

“Sorry to interrupt, but do you live on this floor, or are you guests?” Wen Xin looked up at the woman, responding lightly, “This is our home…”

“Then how come… that day, it was definitely a man…” The woman muttered, frowning as if trying to prove something yet unsure if she remembered correctly.

Wen Xin had no interest in engaging with the woman but could confirm that the woman had no interest in Mu Chengxi, as she hadn’t given him another glance since he entered the elevator, which was quite interesting.

If it were another woman, her eyes might have been glued to Mu Chengxi.

About forty minutes later, Mu Chengxi’s car stopped outside the Mu family’s old mansion. The butler, waiting at the gate, hurried over with an umbrella to offer shelter from the rain.

As the butler opened the car door, he saw Mu Chengxi gently unbuckling Wen Xin’s seatbelt, leaning close to her, whispering something.

“Sorry… Young Master, I came to bring an umbrella,” the butler quickly apologized, then closed the car door.

Mu Chengxi sat upright, opened the car door, and took the umbrella from the butler, softly thanking him, “Thank you. There are gifts in the trunk; please help me with them.”

“Of course, Seventh Young Master.”

Mu Chengxi stepped out of the car, walked to the passenger side, and held the umbrella over Wen Xin, extending his hand to her.

Wen Xin took Mu Chengxi’s hand, using his support to get out of the car. He immediately wrapped his arms around her, hugging her waist, and quickly walked into the old mansion’s corridor.

The Mu family’s old mansion was a large courtyard with a sense of history, featuring several covered walkways that provided shelter from the rain and led to various smaller courtyards.

Mu Chengxi handed the umbrella to a servant and took a towel from them to wipe the water from his trousers.

The butler, following with the gifts Mu Chengxi had brought, watched his actions, reassured that the man was indeed their Young Master Seven. He could also be sure he hadn’t been mistaken earlier.

Who would have thought that their Young Master Seven, usually indifferent to women, would make such a gesture for Miss Wen, directly carrying her into the covered walkway, unwilling to let a drop of rain touch her.

“Young Master Seven, Old Madam, Sir, Madam, and Eldest Miss are all waiting in Old Madam’s courtyard. Please follow me,” the butler, regaining his composure, made a respectful gesture inviting them to follow.

Mu Chengxi handed the towel to a servant and, holding Wen Xin’s hand, led her through the covered walkway into the old madam’s courtyard.

Entering the Mu family’s old mansion for the second time, Wen Xin was still deeply moved. Her first visit was during winter, with the courtyard brightly lit and filled with the Mu family and their associates.

Today, the Mu residence was very quiet. In the cold autumn rain, the Mu residence had a different feeling

Mu Chengxi’s gaze remained on Wen Xin, watching the changes in her eyes and affectionately smiling, “What do you think? Do you like the scenery of the old mansion? You have two weeks until the independent enrollment; do you want to stay here for a few days? It’s quieter here.”

At the mention of “quieter,” Wen Xin looked up at Mu Chengxi, raising an eyebrow, “Are you sure? It’ll really be quieter?”

Seeing the disbelief in Wen Xin’s bright eyes, Mu Chengxi hesitated. He realized that if Wen Xin stayed here, his grandmother and Mu Chengxu would definitely come to visit her, and then it wouldn’t be very quiet.

“Forget it. Lan Zhi is quieter,” Mu Chengxi gently squeezed Wen Xin’s hand, his eyes tender and full of affectionate attachment.

The butler, following behind, dared not look directly at the scene, accustomed to Mu Chengxi’s cold demeanor and unable to adapt to this new side of him..