A Big Shot's Woman Is Wild and Fierce-Chapter 351 - : What Bad Intentions Could I Have? I Just Want to Give You a Status

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Chapter 351: What Bad Intentions Could I Have? I Just Want to Give You a Status

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“The butler messaged us ten minutes ago saying he saw your car. We’ve been waiting for ten minutes without seeing you, only to find you two here being affectionate.

A gentle voice came from not far away, and when Wen Xin looked up, she saw Mu Chengxu leaning against a red pillar, watching them with a faint smile on her face.

Wen Xin gently pushed Mu Chengxi away from her and turned to Mu Chengxu with a light smile, her voice soft, “Sister.”

” Yes, yes, yes. Come quickly. Grandma and our parents have been waiting for you. Come on, I’ll take you to them.”

Mu Chengxu was delighted to hear Wen Xin call her ‘sister’ and quickly walked up to Wen Xin, taking her hand to lead her away. However, this time, Mu Chengxi did not let Mu Chengxu pull Wen Xin away.

“Sis, I brought my girlfriend home. Isn’t it a bit inappropriate for you to snatch my girlfriend away like this?”

Mu Chengxi looked at Mu Chengxu teasingly, and realizing she might have been too impulsive, Mu Chengxu awkwardly smiled at Wen Xin and Mu Chengxi.

“Sorry, I just really like Wen Xin. Then, let’s all go in together!” Mu Chengxu released Wen Xin’s hand, rubbing own hands awkwardly, and followed them into the old madam’s courtyard.

Mu Chengxi led Wen Xin into the living room, where they saw three people sitting, which made the atmosphere somewhat solemn.

The three people in the living room were struck by Wen Xin’s beauty upon seeing her enter hand in hand with Mu Chengxi, understanding why he was so taken with her. Their first reaction was that this young lady was too beautiful.

The moment Old Madam Mu saw Wen Xin, she was instantly charmed, finding Wen Xin even more beautiful than she remembered when she was sick, vibrant, and stunning.

Seeing Mu Chengxi holding Wen Xin’s hand tightly made the old madam even happier, knowing her cold-natured grandson had never been so devoted to anyone before. She looked forward to meeting her great-grandchild soon, which delighted her.

The old madam exuded an exceptional presence, carrying the dignity of a prominent family matriarch, yet she remained approachable.

Her every move on the sofa was graceful and dignified, emitting the aura of a large family and making Wen Xin feel the weight of their heritage.

“This girl is so beautiful; no wonder my grandson is so smitten, wanting to stick by your side. Come, come, sit next to grandma; let me have a good look at you.”

Recalling the old madam’s generosity in sending gifts to Ice City, Wen Xin found it hard to refuse and tried to pull away from Mu Chengxi to approach the old madam.

However, Mu Chengxi, seemingly ignoring the old madam’s words, held onto Wen Xin’s hand tightly without letting go.

Unable to pull away, Wen Xin turned to look at Mu Chengxi, puzzled by his intentions.

The old madam glared at Mu Chengxi for his reluctance to let go.

Mu Chengxi, pretending not to notice, sat down on a nearby sofa with Wen Xin, casually wrapping his arm around her waist in a relaxed and laid-back manner.

Everyone in the living room was confused about Mu Chengxi’s intentions, their gazes fixed on him, waiting for him to explain.

Mu Jinyan felt a bad premonition, worried that Mu Chengxi might settle scores in such a setting, addressing the issue of Wen Xin being driven away in the past.

“Expecting my girlfriend to call you ‘Grandma’ without even a greeting Zift?” Mu Chengxi’s eyes flickered with calculation. He had not intended to let Wen Xin meet them casually; he sought a legitimate status for her.

Hearing Mu Chengxi’s words, everyone sighed in relief, except for Wen Xin, who turned to Mu Chengxi in confusion, “A greeting gift?”

Wen Xin struggled to understand Mu Chengxi’s actions and intentions.

Mu Chengxi, with a smile in his eyes, whispered to Wen Xin, “Since you’ve come to meet my parents with me, I must seize this opportunity to secure a title for you.”

“Title?” Wen Xin’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly, her expression neutral as she looked at Mu Chengxi.

No wonder Mu Chengxi waited for her to initiate coming here; he had such plans all along, not only to gain the Mu family’s recognition of her status but also to willingly tie her to him.

Mu Chengxi always planned carefully in his work, and he was so skilled that even she was within his calculations.

Mu Chengxi, sensing Wen Xin’s displeasure, smiled appeasingly, his voice low enough for only the two of them, “You can do as you please when we get back.”

Wen Xin glared at Mu Chengxi, saying nothing, but seeing her not visibly upset, Mu Chengxi spoke up confidently, looking at the three people opposite him.

“Grandma, Dad, Mom, as elders meeting my girlfriend for the first time, you wouldn’t have forgotten to prepare a meeting gift, right?”

“There’s no need for you to remind us. Other families have their traditions, and so do the Mu family. Whatever other ladies receive, Wen Xin will surely have too!”

Old Madam Mu feigned anger at Mu Chengxi. She found her grandson more and more unpleasant to the eye. However, when her gaze fell on Wen Xin, the wrinkles on her face broke into a smile.

“Butler, bring the meeting gift I prepared for Miss Wen,” the old madam ordered the butler, who hurried towards the family treasury and returned with a large sandalwood box, handling it with great care, indicating its value.

” Little girl Xin, come here and see if you like this,” the old madam beckoned Wen Xin.

Mu Chengxi didn’t stop Wen Xin this time but gently nudged her from behind, “Go see what Grandma has prepared for you.”

Wen Xin glanced lazily at Mu Chengxi; her purpose for visiting wasn’t the gifts but rather to enjoy a meal and check on the old madam’s health.

” Xin girl, come and see if you like it!” the old madam urged, beckoning Wen Xin to approach.

“Wen Xin, go have a look. What has Grandma prepared for you? I’m curious too!” Mu Chengxu was eager too, and seeing Wen Xin remain seated, stretched out to pull Wen Xin up by the wrist, then led her to sit next to the old madam..