A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality: Immortal Realm-Chapter 688: Returning the Favor

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Chapter 688: Returning the Favor

A serious look appeared on Han Li's face as he raised an arm to release a small blue shield, which swelled to around seventy to eighty feet in size, then transformed into a blue water barrier.

A turbulent river projection appeared over the water barrier, and it was giving off bursts of thunderous churning and rumbling noises.

A string of resounding booms rang out as the white fireballs struck the blue water barrier one after another, sending waves of blue and white light erupting in all directions.

The blue water barrier trembled violently, and several vortexes then appeared on its surface, but in the blink of an eye, it was back to normal again.

Gongshu Tian's expression changed slightly upon hearing this.

Meanwhile, Han Li made a hand seal, and his giant azure sword spilt back up into nine small swords before tumbling down out of the air as if they had lost all of their power.

Immediately thereafter, nine more azure swords flew out of his sleeves before hurtling rapidly toward Gongshu Tian.

At this point, Immortal Lord Hot Flame had also been given a chance to catch his breath, and he chanted an incantation, upon which a row of crimson runes appeared on the surface of his fan before it was swept forcefully toward Gongshu Tian.

Nine bursts of flames of different colors erupted out of the fan, and all of the flames converged to form a giant fiery phoenix that was around a thousand feet in size, with nine long tail feathers trailing along behind it.

The phoenix spread its wings before pouncing at Gongshu Tian with tremendous power, and Gongshu Tian's expression darkened slightly as he summoned his giant sword back into his grasp before slashing it viciously through the air.

Countless thick streaks of fiery sword qi surged forth in a frenzy, forming a vast net of fire that swallowed up the fiery phoenix, following which a string of resounding booms rang out.

While Han Li was locked in battle against Gongshu Tian, he was occasionally checking on Fox 3 and Bi She, who were battling Su Liu and Chi Rong, respectively, and both of them were clearly on the back foot.

At this moment, arcs of five-colored lightning were crackling around Su Liu, and he was able to conjure up enormous spears of lightning at will. At the same time, there were around a dozen formidable lightning swords flying circling around above his head, forming a lightning sword array that protected him from all directions.

In the face of the all-encompassing barrage of five-colored lightning spears, Fox 3's illusory law powers were completely suppressed, and he could only passively evade the oncoming attacks with his movement techniques and that spatial treasure of his.

However, that spatial treasure was truly extraordinary, and it always seemed to be able to save him from lethal attacks just in the nick of time, so Su Liu wasn't able to strike him down for now.

As for Bi She, she was not faring well against Chi Rong at all. There were eight millstone-sized blue beads revolving around her, all of which were glowing with blue light and giving off formidable glacial qi, and the blue light released by the eight beads had come together to form a translucent blue light barrier.

However, the blue light barrier was enveloped within a sea of crimson flames, and a fiery dragon could be seen dancing within it.

A burst of indescribable heat was surging out of the sea of flames, threatening to set the surrounding space alight.

Waves of crimson flames crashed ferociously against the blue light barrier, causing it to rapidly soften and melt away.

Bi She was frantically making a string of hand seals as she struggled to maintain the blue light barrier, and all of a sudden, a burst of blue light erupted out of the top of her head, then transformed into a giant blue serpentine projection that was around a thousand feet in size.

The serpent had a flat and level head, and its entire body was covered in a layer of white scales. There were numerous blue ice spikes growing on its back, and it was giving off an incredibly formidable glacial aura.

As soon as the serpentine projection appeared, it immediately opened its mouth to release bursts of blue glacial qi that fused into the blue light barrier, which instantly brightened significantly before being restored to its former, undamaged state.

Chi Rong's brows furrowed slightly upon seeing this, and he took a glance at the other two battles, upon which his dismay deepened even further as he could see that neither Gongshu Tian nor Su Liu were close to finishing off their opponents.

Red light flashed within his eyes as he made a hand seal, and the flames around his body expanded rapidly outward, filling the entire hall in the blink of an eye to form a giant fiery spirit domain that encompassed everyone within it.

Immediately thereafter, all of the flames within the spirit domain converged above his head, instantly forming a shimmering, crimson bell.

The bell was extremely antiquated in appearance, and it looked as if it had been forged out of fire copper. There were different designs such as mountains, rivers, and celestial bodies engraved upon it, as well as many squiggly, worm-like runes.

Han Li's heart jolted slightly at the sight of the crimson bell.

Not only was the bell giving off an incredibly formidable fiery aura, that fiery aura was also interspersed with incredibly potent time law power fluctuations.

Chi Rong raised a hand before slamming his palm down upon the crimson bell, producing a melodious chime that seemed to be able to penetrate one's souls.

As soon as Han Li heard this bell chime, he instantly felt himself becoming a lot more sluggish, and even his nine Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords had been slowed down by tenfold.

Immortal Lord Hot Flame, Fox 3, and Bi She were all also affected, moving far slower than before, but Gongshu Tian, Su Liu, and Chi Rong himself weren't affected at all.

Chi Rong made a hand seal, and the flames within the spirit domain converged once again to form eight fiery dragons that appeared around the blue light barrier in a flash.

The fiery dragon that had been prowling within the sea of flames also emerged, and together, the nine fiery dragons circled around Bi She while letting loose a collective roar that caused the entire hall to tremble violently.

"Go!" Chi Rong yelled, and the nine fiery dragons swooped down in unison to crash against the blue light barrier, which was instantly shattered, following which the nine fiery dragons crashed into Bi She with immense power.

Bi She attempted to take evasive measures, but in her slowed state, she was unable to dodge the attack. As a result, she was sent flying back through the air, smashing a massive crater into a wall like a plummeting asteroid, and scorching flames could still be seen surging within the crater.

Almost at the exact same moment, Su Liu began to make a rapid string of hand seals, and the lightning swords above his head instantly swelled to over a hundred times their original size as all of their tips turned to face forward.

A vast expanse of five-colored lightning then erupted out of his body before fusing into the lightning swords, which instantly took on a translucent appearance.

Su Liu then raised an arm before swinging it down upon Fox 3, and the dozen or so giant lightning swords above his head vanished in a flash, only to reappear near Fox 3 an instant later.

An alarmed look appeared on Fox 3's face as several translucent chains shot out of his glabella before sweeping toward the giant lightning swords, and at the same time, he attempted to flee from the attack, but he was far slower than Su Liu.

An earth-shattering boom rang out as a vast explosion of five-colored lightning swallowed up Fox 3's entire body.

Enormous streaks of sword qi interspersed with five-colored lightning flashed up and down within the ball of light, releasing blinding light.

On the other side, Gongshu Tian was ecstatic to see Han Li's duo suddenly moving so slowly, and he immediately swooped in for the kill.

He let loose a loud roar as the giant fiery sword in his hand shot forth through the air, then suddenly vanished before transforming into two streaks of fiery sword qi, each of which was three hundred to four hundred feet in length.

There were countless tiny runes flashing over the two streaks of sword qi, giving off intensely formidable fire law power fluctuations.

As soon as the two streaks of fiery qi appeared, they immediately vanished into thin air.

In the next instant, the two streaks of sword qi appeared behind Han Li and Immortal Lord Hot Flame amid a burst of spatial fluctuations before slashing toward them.

Han Li and Immortal Lord Hot Flame were greatly alarmed by this turn of events, but they were far too slow in their current state to evade the streaks of oncoming sword qi.

Gongshu Tian's eyes were glowing, and he could already envision the decapitation of Han Li's duo, but right at this moment, a golden wheel suddenly appeared behind Han Li.

The wheel revolved rapidly, and Han Li's sluggish body suddenly became extremely fast and agile.

He swept both sleeves through the air in a rapid motion, and the blue water barrier in front of him instantly swept back until it was behind him.

At the same time, the water barrier extended outward by several thousand feet to protect Immortal Lord Hot Flame as well.

Two resounding booms rang out as the two streaks of sword qi struck the water barrier in unison, and bursts of crimson flames and sword qi crashed viciously against the water barrier, causing it to tremble incessantly, but it was able to keep the oncoming attacks at bay.

The excitement in Gongshu Tian's eyes instantly stiffened upon seeing this, following which it was replaced by incredulity.

Han Li turned to take a glance at Fox and Bi She, then immediately made a hand seal, upon which his spirit domain was also released, encompassing the entire hall in the blink of an eye.

Enshrouded within Han Li's time spirit domain, Su Liu, Chi Rong, and Gongshu Tian were also slowed down significantly, to the point that they had become even a little slower than Han Li and his allies.

A stunned look flashed through Immortal Lord Hot Flame's eyes at the sight of the surrounding golden spirit domain, while Su Liu and Chi Rong were both astonished.

"This is a time spirit domain!"


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