A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality: Immortal Realm-Chapter 689: Identified

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Chapter 689: Identified

Bi She initially faltered slightly in the wake of the release of Han Li's spirit doman, following which an ecstatic look appeared on her face, and she instantly shot out of the crater in the wall, appearing several thousand feet away in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the suit of soft blue armor that she was wearing was severely damaged, revealing much of the skin underneath, which was covered in a layer of fine blue scales, many of which had also been shattered, causing her to bleed profusely.

She hurriedly swallowed a pill while turning her gaze to Han Li, and a complex look flashed through her eyes.

At the same time, a figure shot out of the vast expanse of five-colored lightning in the hall, and it was none other than Fox 3.

His clothes were in tatters, and his body was riddled with char marks, presenting a sorry sight to behold, but his aura was still quite stable, and he was clearly in far better condition than Bi She.

"I owe you one, Fellow Daoist Li. If we get out of this alive, I'll treat you to the as much wine as you want for three days!" Fox 3 chortled as he summoned a green talisman before slapping it onto his own body, and the injuries that he had sustained immediately began to heal rapidly.

Chi Rong and Su Liu certainly weren't just going to stand by and allow Fox 3 and Bi She to recover, and they immediately pounced forward in pursuit.

Bi She and Fox 3 were currently a little faster than Chi Rong and Su Liu, but there wasn't enough space in the hall for them to do much maneuvering, so they had no choice but to face them in battle again.

Meanwhile, Gongshu Tian was glowering intently at Han Li with a newfound resentment in his eyes, and Han Li heaved an internal sigh upon seeing this.

Sure enough, Gongshu Tian suddenly roared, "You're Li Feiyu!"

Han Li wasn't surprised to hear his identity exposed.

He had been forced to unleash his time spirit domain, and with two immortal envoys present, it wasn't a surprise at all that he had been identified.

He had been reluctant to unveil his time spirit domain precisely for fear of this exact scenario, but he had no choice, considering how everyone on his side had been in grave peril just now.

"I should've known that it was you! Everyone thought that Wyrm 3 was the one who killed Gongshu Tian, but I know that you're the true culprit! I didn't think that you would dare to come to the Black Soil Immortal Region. Did you really think that you could go wherever you please just because you have some basic mastery over the laws of time?" Gongshu Tian sneered with a furious expression.

"There are countless people who want to kill me, you're nothing special. Leave him to me and go help Celestial Maiden Bi She, Fellow Daoist Hot Flame," Han Li said with a faint smile.

Immortal Lord Hot Flame opened his mouth to respond upon hearing this, but ultimately remained silent as he flew toward Bi She.

Gongshu Tian was even more infuriated by Han Li's blatant disrespect, and he roared, "You'll pay for your arrogance!"

At the same time, radiant crimson light erupted out of his body before sweeping outward in all directions, forming a fiery spirit domain that encompassed the entire hall in an instant.

Immediately thereafter, all of the flames in the spirit domain converged to form a fiery giant that was over a thousand feet tall, and its entire body was giving off fearsome fire law power fluctuations.

Enshrouded within the fiery spirit domain, Han Li felt the surrounding air construct around him, while the air temperature spiked drastically. He felt as if he had been dropped into a blazing furnace, making it almost impossible for him to breathe.

However, a layer of silver flames then emerged over his body, and the surrounding heat instantly faded, following which he began to dart back in retreat.

Gongshu Tian was bewildered to see Han Li completely unaffected by his spirit domain, and he "You're not getting away!"

He made a hand seal as he spoke, and the flames on the surface of the fiery giant reared up as it raised an arm up high, then sent a gigantic fist crashing down upon Han Li.

The enormous fist left a series of long spatial rifts in its wake, and even before it arrived, Han Li was struck by a sense of asphyxiating pressure that threatened to completely immobilize him.

However, he remained calm and collected as he made a rapid string of hand seals, and the blue water barrier in front of him quickly shrank down to form a wall of water that was around three feet thick.

The river projection appeared on the wall of water once again, but it was flowing much slower than before, and the blue light emanating from it was also a little dim.

Han Li knew that the shield's power was greatly diminished due to the tremendous fire ;law powers that filled this entire space.

The wall of water had only just taken shape when the fiery fist crashed into it with an earth-shattering boom, and red and blue light erupted in all directions alongside plumes of white smoke.

The river projection within the wall of water was rapidly shrinking, and the blue light emanating from it was also flickering unsteadily.

The fiery giant continued to pile on the pressure, and its other fist came crashing down like a flaming asteroid.

The river projection within the blue wall of water instantly shrank down into a tiny stream that almost dried up entirely, and with the third punch from the fiery giant, the wall of water exploded into a vast expanse of blue light before dissipating altogether.

In the face of the fiery giant's fourth punch, Han Li remained completely unfazed, and thirty-six profound acupoints lit up in unison on his chest as he retaliated with a punch of his own.

Much to Gongshu Tian's astonishment, as soon as the two fists clashed, the fiery giant's fist instantly exploded into countless bursts of crimson flames along with its entire arm, and much of the flames were devoured by the layer of silver flames on Han Li's fist.

Thanks to the tremendous fire law powers within the fiery spirit domain, but the fiery giant was instantly able to regrow a new arm, but it didn't immediately lash out again.

"That's a Flame of Essence! To think that a mere Golden Immortal would have so many trucks up his sleeve. Now wonder Gongshu Jiu fell to his demise at your hands. I've always been searching for a spirit flame of heaven and earth to act as an intermediary to integrate all of my spirit flames, this Flame of Essence will be perfect!" Gongshu Tian sneered as he stood atop the fiery giant's head.

Han Li paid no heed to Gongshu Tian as he made a hand seal, and his nineAzure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords shot forth through the air with arcs of golden lightning flashing over them before converging toward Gongshu Tian from all directions at an astonishing speed.

The nine azure flying swords were arranged in a formation that resembled an azure sword lotus flower, and countless bursts of fearsome sword qi were sweeping through the air, threatening to slice Gongshu Jiu into pieces.

Gongshu Tian's pupils contracted slightly upon seeing this, and he summoned a giant fiery sword into his grasp before sweeping it forcefully through the air.

A vast expanse of scorching flames surged forth, transforming into a fiery wyrm that swiveled around in mid-air to send countless streaks of fiery sword qi erupting out of its mouth.

Azure and crimson sword qi clashed incessantly around Gongshu Tian, resulting in explosions of light that were almost too bright to behold.

Most of the fiery sword qi was destroyed, but the nine Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were also sent flying.

As the fiery wyrm roamed through the area, countless streaks of fiery sword qi re-emerged, and at the same time, Gongshu Tian opened his mouth to release a ball of white light, within which was a small ruler that was only around an inch in length.

Gongshu Tian pointed a finger at the ruler as he chanted an incantation, and the ruler rapidly swelled to several dozen feet in length, with countless five-colored rune etched onto its surface.

All of the five-colored runes on the ruler lit up in unison, and a layer of five-colored spirit flame emerged over them. At the same time, a series of identical five-colored spirit rulers appeared within Gongshu Tian's fiery spirit domain without any warning, and all of them began revolving on the spot to present a mesmerizing sight to behold.

Immediately thereafter, balls of five-colored flame erupted out of the spirit rulers before raining down upon Han Li.

Initially, there were only dozens of these five-colored fireballs, but in the blink of an eye, that number swelled to tens of thousands, and Han Li was bombarded from all directions.

He immediately raised a hand upon seeing this, and the silver flames around him reared up to form a fiery silver barrier that enveloped him from all directions, but to his astonishment, the Flame of Essence was unable to devour these five-colored flames. Instead, it was only just barely able to keep them at bay.

Right as Gongshu Tian was about to do something else, Han Li raised his hand once again to summon a golden flag, and it began revolving in mid-air above his head.

The flag then swelled to ten times its original size at his behest, and countless specks of golden starlight surged out of it, forming a starlight vortex that rapidly expanded outward.

Han Li and the Flame of Essence were swallowed up by the torrent of golden starlight, and both of them vanished in a flash.

The five-colored flames converged upon the golden starlight, only to merely pass through as if it had no substantial form.

The golden starlight quickly spread through the surrounding area, instantly filling the entire nearby area in a radius of several hundred feet, and it was still continuing to expand.

A wary look appeared in Gongshu Tian's eyes upon seeing this, and he immediately flew back in retreat.

The fiery giant also did the same, and as it retreated, its body rapidly shrank down to around the size of an average grown man as it remained close by Gongshu Tian's side.

Despite all of the derision that he had directed at Han Li, Golden Immortal Stage didn't dare to look down on Han Li in the slightest.

After vanishing into the starry vortex, it was as if Han Li had truly disappeared. Gongshu Tian was unable to sense his presence, but his time spirit domain still remained. Its time-slowing effect was severely compromised due to the influence of Gongshu Tian's fiery spirit domain, but he still didn't dare to let his guard down.

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