Adventures Of A Goblin-Chapter 199 Oracle Has A Plan

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The Wyvern leader floated still, flapping her wings to keep her balance in one stance. f𝘳𝒆ℯ𝑤𝚎𝚋𝗻𝚘𝘷el. c𝗼m

From where she hovered on in the sky, the Wyvern leader watched as her pack rushed Salamander and Efreet, bombarding them with their breath while some of them were flying over Efreet's face, getting close to it to scratch its face, and then they retreat back to the sky before Efreet could touch them.

Hovering above ground level, she saw the clear view of the forest and what has become of the place she calls home.

The Wyvern leader was not pissed, nor was she delighted to see such a scene.

What she is feeling, is relief that despite the damage done, she did not lose any member of her pack to the humans.

This thought gladdened her heart, and she intends to keep it that way by finding Orun and helping him out with whatever kept him from coming to them when the human army situated in the forest had already retreated back to their homes.

She figured, the reason why Orun did not come to them after the humans were no longer staying in the forest border, must mean he is being kept busy against his will.

"it must be that human that attacked him when he was riding on my back".

Her pack fights against Efreet and Salamander, contesting against Salamander in a flying speed contest and unleashing their breath when they get the chance to. Using the long distance strategy against Efreet who could not fly in the sky.

The Wyvern leader on the other hand, kept herself busy with looking for traces of where Orun is doing battle against Caius.

Flying high in the sky, she had her head faced downward, scanning for Orun's appearance, or a place with an ongoing destruction in its surroundings.

After searching within the perimeters of where Efreet and Salamander were, the Wyvern leader was still not able to find Orun.

What she saw, is the aftermath traces of a battle that happened below the ground level with the earth highly disheveled.

The Wyvern leader took notice of a trace caused by trees brought down with holes of something having passed through them before they were destroyed.

The trace leads all the way to outside the perimeter of where Efreet and Salamander were, leading all the way to the northern side of the forest, a place very far from where they started from.

After several minutes of intense flying and covering grounds that would have taken hours to cover if one were to walk, she finally found Orun.

The Wyvern leader from the sky, rained down her breath on Orun's opponent, using it to create a demarcation between Orun and Caius.

Orun about to move to Caius, saw the breathe coming down and halted, thinking it was an attack from Salamander until he saw the color of the breath and the direction it headed in.

"you are back? That did not take you as long as I thought it would".

Orun raised his head in the direction that the breath had come from, and he saw the Wyvern leader slowly making her way down to him.

"we have been gone for hours, almost getting to a full day".

The Wyvern leader's word, questioned Orun's sense of time and forgetfulness.

"if you are dealing with an opponent as tough as mine is, Time will be the least of your worries".

Orun says, hastily moving his body to repel Caius's attack while the Wyvern leader took to the sky.

He repelled Caius's attacks and jumped back several times, sporting out vines from where he was going to land on.

"now you are just blatantly annoying me".

Orun says, as he lengthened the height of the vine he was standing on to be longer than the trees in the forest.

"i can see why you still haven't ended this. Your opponent is a tough one".

Orun had gotten away from Caius using the vines, and only then did the Wyvern leader come back to him.

"he is tough alright, but that is all. He lacks the skills and imagination to support his toughness with, I am assuming he had never been face against an opponent who prides in using physical combat skills rather than depending only on brute skills to carry him through".

To stop Caius from interrupting in their conversation, the Wyvern leader breathed down on him as he makes his way to Orun, causing a drastic shift in his path.

He did not avoid the breath because he thought he was going to be harmed by it, but because the force propelling the breath toward him, was enough to push him backwards with his body unharmed.

Caius wanted to avoid getting pushed back by the breath, and so he chose to avoid it.

"if I had a weapon that could tear through his tough layers and get to his skin, I am one hundred percent certain that I can put an end to this".

Orun says with certainty, jumping off of the vine before Caius's great sword could reach him.

He continued to treat Caius like a child, moving steadily and evading every attempt of his to get to him.

[Master, I have figured out a way for you to come out victorious in this battle].

The Wyvern leader was aiding Orun from the sky, using her breath to follow Caius's movements as he chases after Orun.

'Oracle, my buddy, what did you just say?'.

Orun find's Oracle's word very hard to believe. Sure Oracle has demonstrated to be a very capable skill in terms of creation and skill management, but this situation is quite different from Oracle's area of expertise.

Oracle functions better using the tools at Orun's disposal to their maximum effect. If he does not have it, then there is nothing Oracle can work on to help him out.

Orun highly doubts that he has on him, a skill that is capable of penetrating Caius's body and dealing damage to him.