Adventures Of A Goblin-Chapter 200 Orun Has Doubts

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[Master is right. There is no tool or skills at your disposal that is capable of dealing damage to your opponent].

Oracle affirms Orun's suspicion which only leads to further confusion for him.

'is this the part where I ask how and you start explaining because frankly, I don't have all day you know'.

Orun does not entertain being put in suspense by Oracle, at least not when he is currently fighting for his life.

[like it is earlier stated, Master is incapable of dealing damage to your opponent with the current tools at your disposal. To remedy that, I will craft out a weapon that will aide master in accomplishing your end goal].

Orun was paying attentive ears to Oracle's words as he was also busy with evading Caius and making sure he is not bruised by his deadly weapons.

He wasn't exactly in a position to mentally reply to everything Oracle says, but he did manage to show his curiosity through his facial expression.

[i will make use of your opponent's mana in the creation of the weapon that will be used against him].

Orun's facial expression had a question mark written all over it, with a push for Oracle to continue its explanation.

[my plan involves channeling your opponent's mana, and directing the flow into your mana core before I can use it in creating the weapon].

'and you did not tell me this was possible becauseee.....'.

Orun figured there must be something wrong with Oracle's plan, a flaw that might end up backfiring at Orun in an unacceptable way.

If that was not the case, then surely, Oracle would have informed Orun of this plan right from the moment it saw Caius and Ignatius fusing, it would have alerted Orun and gave him a better fighting chance with the weapon it spoke of.

Seeing as how Oracle did not do so, and only waited until Orun started having a hard time putting an end to the fight, must mean Orun's assumption is on point.

[I did not inform Master of this method because of the requirement that comes with it].

'here it comes'.

Orun said in his mind, so sure of himself that he really was on point with his assumption.

'what is the so called requirement'.

In all honesty, there is a part of him that does not want to know about the so called requirement.

To defeat the goblin king, he had to spend seven hundred years in isolation, oblivious to the passage of time and the activities that continues to flow by in his absence.

That time was endurable because he was all alone, and had no one expecting him to awaken, but this time Is different.

He has the Wyvern pack with him now, and most especially the Wyvern leader. 𝘧𝗿𝐞𝐞𝒘𝗲𝘣n𝘰𝘷ℯ𝒍. 𝒄o𝗺

Orun is not ready to risk having himself in slumber unsure of how time will unfold for the wyvern pack.

[not to worry master. The requirement is not what you think it is].

Oracle was able to see from the expression Orun was making, that he was not ready to spend another of his lifetime in absence.

'really, if that is not it, then what is it'.

[total depletion of master's mana core].


Orun wanted to scream the words 'you lied to me' at Oracle, but he did not, because after thinking about it for a little while, he felt he understood where Oracle was heading to with its words.

To end his fight with the Goblin king, Orun had to sacrifice all the mana he had just so he could blow the dungeon in pieces, with the Goblin king in it.

After he had done that, he spent seven hundred years of his life in isolation, waiting for his mana core to be filled to the brim again so he could awaken.

If he resorted to depleting his entire mana core just so he can put Caius down, Orun would have to go into a deep sleep after his victory, but that can be avoided.

The only reason why he went into a deep sleep during the goblin King moment, was so he could refill his mana core, a core with innate attribute to the fire element.

But what if, just what if, there is really no need for him to go into that deep sleep?

Relentlessly attacking him right now, is Caius who is fused with a fire elemental spirit king, and is showing off that vast mana Guage in him, intoxicating the surroundings with it.

He is in Orun's word term; a walking powerbank.

There is no need for Orun to go into a deep sleep when he can just tap into Caius's mana and sap out of it to refill himself with.

'are you sure this is going to work?'.

Orun's concern, is centered on the difference in attributes.

Even though they are both making use of the same fire attribute, Orun's attribute seems more lean and focuses on a particular side rather than the whole thing.

He worries that it will not make him a compatible fit to absorb Caius and Ignatius fire attribute.

[Master has nothing to worry about because Master is innately compatible with all fire type attributes].

'hmm.... Even though my race is infernal and not fire'.

Orun still questioned, using the establishment of his race as the foundation for the question; Infernal and Fire, are they the same thing?

He decided to drop his question and curiosity. Oracle is the one that thought of the idea, and knowing the kind of skill Oracle is, it must have tested its theory through the use of deep mental imagination before it presented it to him.

'Okay Oracle, this is on you now'.

Orun says, giving the go ahead for Oracle to proceed with its plan on making Orun a weapon.

[To begin, I want master to make use of all mana still lingering in the mana core].

Orun sighed internally following Oracle's go ahead. This is a risky plan, one that if it does not succeed, could lead to Orun having to face off against Caius without any mana.

The only reason he ever agreed to a plan this risky, is because Oracle is the one that proposed it.

If it was someone else, Orun would have brushed it aside and taking his chances as he is.