After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal-Chapter 41 - Malicious Treatment

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41 Malicious Treatment

After the morning class, Lin Ci and Lu Ning headed to the washroom together.

The two of them wasted some time looking for something, and almost everyone in the school building had left.

They walked to the washroom in silence.

At the corner leading to the washroom, someone was quietly observing the corridor. The person scurried away when they approached.

She even whispered to a few people standing at the door of the washroom, “They’re here!”

Then, the few of them ran down the stairs on the other side.

Lin Ci was a little perplexed when she heard the footsteps.

“Those guys from Class 1, 2, and 3 must be really hardworking if they only just went for lunch.”

The two of them turned the corner and came to the door of the washroom; they paused for a moment when they saw that the door was slightly ajar.

Lu Ning knitted her brows. Her intuition told her that something was wrong, so she stopped Lin Ci, who was about to push the door open.

“Wait a minute.”

Lin Ci tilted her head at her. “What’s wrong?”

Lu Ning trained her eyes up the door. There was a wooden stick positioned at the top of the door frame, with a bucket perched crookedly on it.

If the door was opened, the person who opened it would not be able to avoid this disaster.

Lin Ci spotted it too. She raised her leg and promptly gave the door a kick.

The bucket and wooden stick came tumbling down, and the water in the bucket splashed on the ground.

Lin Ci was infuriated.

“Which malicious f*cker did this?!”

She yelled, her voice echoing in the corridor.

Lu Ning frowned at the puddle on the ground, and shot a glance towards the stairs on the other side.

“They’re gone.”

Lin Ci cursed and swore angrily.

Both of them entered the toilet cubicles. Lin Ci was still scolding and lashing out angrily, “How despicable! What the heck do they want?! When I find out who it is, I’m going to smash their heads in! Luckily we’re smart, if it were anyone else they would’ve been drenched.”

Lu Ning muttered, “It wouldn’t have been anyone else.”

Lin Ci was taken by surprise and exclaimed.

“You mean, it’s on purpose? They’re targeting us?”

Before Lu Ning could answer, a sound came from above her. She looked up, but before she could react a bucket of ice water poured on her head.


She unintentionally let out a scream from the cold.

“What’s wrong?!”

Lin Ci wanted to rush out when she heard the commotion, but her cubicle door could not be opened no matter what she did. Someone was holding the door shut from outside.

“Whoever’s there, get lost! What are you trying to do?!”

She yelled anxiously, but only heard the scuffling of footsteps.

In the end, she forced the door open and rushed out, but could only catch a glimpse of someone’s back as they ran away.

Unable to chase after them, she quickly went to Lu Ning.

Lu Ning’s cubicle door was still locked.

“Little Ning, are you alright? Open the door.”

Lu Ning opened the door, and Lin Ci saw a completely drenched Lu Ning.

She stood there shivering, her hair wet and clinging to her face.

Her eyes looked a little vacant, and her face was pale.

Lin Ci was frightened and hurriedly stepped forward to touch her face.

“Little Ning, are you alright? Say something, don’t scare me.”

When she touched her, she saw blood on her hand.

She was scared witless. As she brushed Lu Ning’s hair away, she saw blood flowing from her forehead.

There was a bucket lying on the floor of the cubicle, and beside it were two medium-sized stones.

“Those bastards!”

She cursed loudly, enduring the sting in her heart. She quickly took off her school jacket and draped it over Lu Ning’s head, then held her by the shoulder and walked her out.

“You’re hurt. Let’s go to the infirmary.”

When Lin Ci reached the first floor with Lu Ning, they bumped into Huo Jinyan.