After Being Forced to Become a Bigshot, I Only Want to be Normal-Chapter 42 - Distant Cousin

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42 Distant Cousin

Lin Ci was in a hurry to bring Lu Ning to the infirmary.

“Teacher Huo.”

After greeting him, she circled around and walked away.

Huo Jinyan glanced at Lu Ning, whose head was being covered with a jacket by Lin Ci.

Through the gaps, he noticed that Lu Ning’s hair was drenched; and when she looked up, the blood flowed down and made her eyes look all bloodied.

Lin Ci supported her and strode away. Huo Jinyan swiveled his body to look at Lu Ning’s back.

Her entire body was drenched.

Lin Ci jostled the infirmary’s door open.

“Teacher, my classmate is injured!”

Gu Chen looked up and met Lin Ci’s gaze.

Lin Ci was startled.

The school changed doctors?

Gu Chen rose from his seat.

He inquired in a businesslike manner, “Where’s the injury?”

Lin Ci hurriedly seated Lu Ning on a chair at the side.

“Her head, it’s bleeding.”

Gu Zi darted out from the back, a small first aid kit in hand.

“There’s bleeding? I can handle that!”

As he spoke, he hoisted the school jacket draped over Lu Ning’s head.

When he removed the school jacket and saw her familiar face, he was flabbergasted.

“It’s Boss?!”

Gu Chen jolted when he heard that. He stepped over and surreptitiously elbowed Gu Zi.

Lin Ci was taken aback. “‘Boss’?”

Gu Zi corrected himself in a panic. “It’s bothersome how a grown-up can still manage to hurt themselves like this.”

Lu Ning was also floored when she saw the both of them.

Lin Ci was peeved. “Even a grown-up can’t avoid being targeted by low-lives! Those bastards!”

Gu Chen frowned and spun towards her. “Are you saying it was on purpose?”

His voice was cool, but Lin Ci could sense a hint of killing intent.

Lin Ci nodded.

Gu Chen’s expression darkened as he turned around to treat Lu Ning’s wound.

He brushed away her wet hair. The blood on her forehead made the wound look abnormally terrifying.

His hands twitched and his gaze narrowed.

Hearing Lin Ci’s words, Gu Zi turned his head at her. “Who?”

Lin Ci was also furious. “They ran away, I didn’t see them.”

Gu Chen did not let him ask any further.

“Gu Zi, there’s a clean towel in the back. Get it for me.”

Gu Zi nodded and dashed over to the back of the infirmary.

“Is there a hair dryer here?”

Lin Ci walked over and asked him.

Gu Chen immediately understood what she meant.

He shouted behind him, “Gu Zi, see if there’s also a hairdryer in the back.”

Gu Zi answered him; after a while, he ran out with a clean towel and a hairdryer.

“Found them!”

Lin Ci took the hairdryer and sat to the side to dry Lu Ning’s hair and clothes.

“Are you the new school doctors?”

Gu Zi, who had been staring at Lu Ning, nodded.

“You just got here today?”


It was still Gu Zi who answered. Gu Chen was busy treating Lu Ning’s wound.

His movements were gentle and meticulous, and he even asked Lu Ning from time to time if it hurt.

Lin Ci was shaken to her core.

Are doctors nowadays all so gentle and good-looking?

When she was injured previously, the school doctor poured disinfectant on her wound without even a word of warning.


What a world of difference.

“Come here every day, I’ll change the dressing for you.”

Lin Ci: Aren’t we supposed to change the dressing ourselves?

“Take off your jacket and let Gu Zi dry it for you. I have a change of clothes inside, change into them so you don’t catch a cold.”

No matter how stupid Lin Ci was, she could tell that something was off.

What doctor would be so affectionate with their patient, and would even allow the patient to change into their clothes?

“Do you… know each other?”

Lin Ci broached the question meekly.

Before Lu Ning could answer, Gu Zi spoke up first.

“Yes, we’re distant relatives. I’m her distant cousin.”

Gu Chen added, “So am I.”


Lu Ning: “…”

Lin Ci: “Distant… cousins?”