After Rebirth, the Miracle Doctor Wife Is No Longer Humble!-Chapter 89 - : Pregnant

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Chapter 89: Pregnant

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The air in the forest was very fresh in the early morning, occasionally accompanied by the sound of a bird’s chirp.

After Ye Ling had climbed up the mountain, she was uncertain about which direction to take.

Originally, she had planned to wander around, hoping to find some rare herbs.

However, when Ye Ling reached halfway up the mountain, a strange feeling suddenly emerged within her, it was as if an unseen force was gently guiding her, urging her to head westward.

Could it be a sign of the small world? Ye Ling quickly entertained this thought.

After a moment’s hesitation, and after confirming that there were no dangerous animals nearby, Ye Ling followed her inner intuition and began walking towards the western part of the forest.

Around twenty minutes later, Ye Ling’s peculiar sensation grew stronger. Simultaneously, the path she was on became more difficult to navigate. This region was quite remote, and very few people ventured here. Ye Ling pushed through dense undergrowth and branches. Some plants had small thorns on their stems, frequently snagging her clothes.

Ye Ling wiped the sweat off her forehead and continued to move forward with difficulty.

After overcoming her fear of snakes, Ye Ling became much bolder. Even ordinary hunters didn’t dare to enter the depths of the forest for fear of encountering ferocious wild beasts, poisonous insects, or snakes, but Ye Ling didn’t panic at all.

She had already prepared several types of antidote pills, kept close in the inner pockets of her garments. Even if she accidentally got bitten by a venomous creature, she could temporarily suppress the poison and then treat herself within the confines of the small world.

The antidote pills, derived from herbs within the small world, were five to six times more effective than ordinary ones. Moreover, the stream water within the small world possessed the mystical ability to detoxify and cleanse the body of impurities. This was why Ye Ling had the confidence to venture into the mountains alone.

Continuing with difficulty for another five to six minutes, Ye Ling’s eyes suddenly lit up. She noticed a cluster of plants not far away.

It was Silverleaf Grass!

According to the records in the “Ye Family’s Medical Code”, this was an extremely rare plant. Its growth requirements were highly demanding. Its leaves possessed hemostatic and detoxifying properties, while its roots could clear heat and dampness. It could also be combined with other herbs to create potent medicines. For individuals suffering from acute illnesses, it was akin to a life-saving treasure during critical moments.

Ye Ling squatted down cautiously, retrieving a small shovel from her basket. She carefully excavated the soil surrounding the Silverleaf Grass.

If not for the small world, Ye Ling would never have dared to undertake such an action. The survival rate of transplanted Silverleaf Grass was incredibly low due to its challenging growth conditions.

Carefully uprooting the Silverleaf Grass, Ye Ling’s resolve didn’t waver. Without hesitation, she transported the plant into the small world and transplanted it into an empty herbal field.

This herbal field was designated explicitly by Ye Ling for cultivating rare herbs. Before this, she had diligently tilled the soil, removing any stones, and ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.

Having successfully transplanted the Silverleaf Grass, Ye Ling felt satisfied. After assessing the growth of other herbs, she left the small world.

Descending the mountain was much quicker than ascending. Along the way, Ye Ling collected numerous ripe wild red berries, stuffing her basket to capacity.

Ten minutes later, Ye Ling could already see the narrow mountain path. She intended to quicken her pace to return and prepare lunch when she suddenly heard an unfamiliar sound in the distance.

Ye Ling paused for a moment, instinctively slowing her steps.

Initially, she hadn’t intended to intrude on anyone’s privacy and had planned to leave immediately. However, she quickly realized that the source of the sound was directly in her path down the mountain, rendering it impossible to avoid.

Ye Ling hesitated for a moment before deciding to wait until the people ahead had moved on before proceeding.

With this in mind, Ye Ling aimed to find a secluded hiding spot, anticipating any potential trouble if discovered.

After taking a couple of steps, Ye Ling crouched behind a low shrub.

However, to her bewilderment, Ye Ling found herself even closer to the individuals in front of her. She could practically hear their conversation.

Initially, the woman’s breath was soft, but it gradually grew more fervent. In a matter of moments, the air was thick with an atmosphere of desire.

Feeling awkward, Ye Ling released her basket and raised a hand to cover her ears.

Before she could fully cover her ears, she overheard the woman’s exasperated voice again. “Be gentle. I’m nearly five months pregnant!”

Ye Ling was taken aback.. The woman was five months pregnant? Then why would she choose to engage in such activity in this location?