After Rebirth, the Miracle Doctor Wife Is No Longer Humble!-Chapter 90 - : Cheating

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Chapter 90: Cheating

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Just as Ye Ling was feeling a bit dazed, she heard the slightly husky voice of the man again, “Is the child mine? You’re not fooling me, right? It’s not that fool’s, is it?”

The woman responded in a coquettish tone, “During the time he was in the county for medical treatment, I was with you for consecutive three days. How could the child not be yours? If you doubt me, then don’t ever come looking for me again!”

“Good sister, I was wrong. I didn’t doubt you. I was just so surprised,” the man said, followed by more intimate sounds.

Ye Ling was left in shock. Had she stumbled upon an affair in progress?

Were the consequences of having one’s good luck stolen this dire? She couldn’t believe she ended up witnessing an illicit affair while out collecting herbs.

Feeling utterly helpless, Ye Ling found the behavior of the man and woman repulsive. After hesitating for a moment, she remained squatting on the ground, motionless.

Though Ye Ling possessed a strong sense of justice, she also knew that many things were beyond her control. Upholding justice often depended on the right timing.

If she were to confront these two cheaters and expose their affair, they might resort to violence to silence her. Having recently faced a life-and-death situation, Ye Ling had no desire to take such risks again.

Originally, she had thought to cover her ears and avoid listening to the disgusting noises, but upon learning about the affair, she endured the revulsion and continued to listen.

If she could somehow learn their identities, perhaps she could help the husband who was being deceived by his wife.

However, to Ye Ling’s dismay, their conversation failed to reveal their identities.

After about thirty minutes, the woman weakly said, “I don’t have the energy anymore. Let’s end it here for today. When will you come to see me next?”

“I’ll come whenever I miss you, ” the man replied, his voice carrying a deep affection.

“Who are you kidding? You’re always like this, appearing and disappearing suddenly. Can’t you take me away with you? I used to never ask that of you, but now that I’m carrying your child, are you really that indifferent?” The woman’s tone dripped with anger and accusation.

After a brief silence, the man said, “I can’t take you away now. Can you wait a little longer? How could I not care about you and the child? I want both of you. But it’s not the right time now. Give me some time. Besides, that fool doesn’t even know the child isn’t his. You just need to take good care of yourself and the child during this time.”

The woman grumbled a bit more but eventually fell silent.

Once the two had left, Ye Ling stood up from her hiding spot behind the bushes.

Having squatted for too long, her legs felt somewhat numb. She stamped her feet a bit to regain sensation and lifted her basket, all the while analyzing their conversation in her mind.

From the snippets of information, she gathered from their dialogue, the man was not a local. He visited occasionally to rendezvous with the woman.

The woman seemed to be from Willow Village, and she was five months pregnant. Her identity should be relatively easy to ascertain.

Ye Ling also recalled the man’s repeated use of the term “fool” when referring to the woman’s husband.

Was this term meant as an insult? Or did it imply that the woman’s husband was indeed somewhat simple-minded?

Pondering this, Ye Ling continued her descent down the mountain.

At noon, Ye Ling prepared lunch. During the meal, she casually asked, “Are there any intellectually challenged individuals in our village?”

The actions of Wan Hai and the others briefly paused.

“Lingling, did you hear something from the village kids?” Wan Feng looked at Ye Ling and inquired. “Uncle Hu did suffer from a fever when he was young, damaging his brain. But he’s a good person. By the way, Lingling, aren’t you a doctor? Could you take a look at Uncle Hu ts condition?”

Uncle Hu? Ye Ling wasn’t certain whether the person Wan Feng mentioned was the husband of the woman.

After a moment of hesitation, Ye Ling replied, “I’m not sure, but I can certainly take a look.”

Thinking that visiting Uncle Hu’s house might provide a chance to confirm the facts, Ye Ling pondered the situation.

Upon hearing this, Wan Feng slammed the table in excitement. “Great, let’s go visit Uncle Hu in a couple of days. If we can treat his condition, that would be amazing! ”

Min Nan quietly ate his meal, occasionally casting subtle glances at Ye Ling.

Although the conversation between Ye Ling and Wan Feng had seemed unremarkable, Min Nan couldn’t shake an odd feeling.

However, he considered that he might be overthinking things due to the impact of yesterday’s incident. He worried that Ye Ling would embark on another risky endeavor alone. When he thought about how Ye Ling, who was so afraid of snakes, actually went to catch snakes, Min Nan’s heart twisted into a ball. Her heart ached, but at the same time, he did not understand..