Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 738: Beast wave

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Chapter 738: Beast wave

After getting the heart, he could craft the Sand Dance Warblade, which was the second green piece of equipment he could craft after the Thousand Leaf Phosphor Armor. He was in a good mood.

The materials for the former were also gathered because of Wenzhong.

If he had a day, he could raise Cloud Peaks core members equipment by another level.

He was in a good mood and more excited when walking around. He looked around but was disappointed with what he saw.

The disappointment was that the market was mostly selling materials and equipment. Moreover, their levels werent high, and there were occasionally some good things, such as expensive green bracers. Ye Zhongming didnt see the few materials he needed; the others werent very useful. He just picked some to purchase, most of which were used to enchant bullets. Their levels werent high and mainly focused on increasing attacks.

He naturally paid with evolution potions. This meant that the price that he paid was half of its actual.

Apart from materials, Ye Zhongming didnt see any scrolls. He only saw one or two sets, and they werent good.

This wasnt surprising. Even ten years into the apocalypse, job scrolls, job advancement scrolls, skill upgrade scrolls, etc., were rare and very expensive. It was normal not to see them at a time when humans badly needed them.

Of course, the group still had some gains. Ye Zhongming collected many seeds, which had become a habit. These things were very cheap, and survivors plucked the seeds to fill their stomachs. After all, they contained some energy, and some had taste. They sold those that they collected too many of. Ye Zhongming paid a small price and collected a huge bag of them.

Next were bullets. Some were from the resistance zone, and some were from the wheels. As people didnt have a suitable model, they sold them. Ye Zhongming didnt give up on the chance and bought them all.

Firearms were very useful at the start of the apocalypse.

Next were eggs of battle beasts.

Everyone knew that these were good items, but few people had the patience to hatch them and nurture them for a few years. In this world where one couldnt ensure they could stay alive, one also didnt know how long the hatching and nurturing process would take. Even if you hatched them, how strong would they be? The entire process might take dozens of years; even then, the beast might not be strong. One would have to be stupid to try it. fre enovelkiss.com

Ye Zhongming obtained many of these things and sold them like many survivors. He even sold them for a cheap price. When he managed to sell them, he was delighted as no one wanted them. Some big factions purchased them as they felt like they had the ability to wait.

So it was the same in this life. Ye Zhongming looked, and three to four stalls were selling battle beast eggs.

The clear contrast was the young battle beasts. These were extremely expensiveespecially the descendants of recognized mutated beasts. For example, Ye Zhongming saw a snow leopard pup being sold for a five-star potion. After ten minutes, someone in uniform bought it. Moreover, this snow leopard was only level two and would need one to two years to grow to level four. This had to be a gamble on its talent, too, about whether or not it had stronger abilities and how many talent skills it could awaken.

After all, one to two years was something that people could accept.

Call more people and start to purchase the beast eggs. Be sneaky and split up. Dont let people notice; they will raise the price.

Ye Zhongming thought about it and said to Liang Chuyin. She called people over and started to purchase the beast eggs.

If Ye Zhongming hadnt been to Cloud Port and killed the Ocean Giant, he wouldnt have been able to do anything, even if he had known the battle beast eggs were good. But he went there and killed the ocean giant and obtained the corals on its body.

That was Shattered Dream!

One of its effects was to speed up the hatching of the beast egg. One just needed the user's essence blood!

Ye Zhongming didnt have a chance to get eggs in the past, but things are different now. He had shattered dream and could hatch thousands of beasts. That was also a conservative estimate!

A silent wave of egg purchasing began in the market. When some people realized, most of the eggs had entered Cloud Peaks pocket, a few people started to raise the price of the remaining ones. Ye Zhongming and his group raised the purchase price and had a small race against time to purchase a few more. When the price reached a very high price, 90% of the eggs were purchased. Ye Zhongming waved his hands at the rest and left them.

Thus, the price of the eggs fell. Two hours later, Cloud Peak purchased those too.

Their purchase of the eggs also became a hot topic in the market.

It even shocked the various commanders. Guang Yao came over to ask what Cloud Peak was doing, and Ye Zhongming told him he was increasing his subordinates' nutrients and vitamins.

They were going to eat them.

Guang Yao was confused, and he told it to the equally confused Wen Zhong. This news spread around the entire Sharp Peak Mountain through unknown channels, increasing the confusion in the city.

Ye Zhongming naturally did things with the thousand eggs. He selected some good ones and gave them to Cloud Peaks 400 warriors. He used more than the usual amount of Shattered Dream and mental energy and helped them hatch the beasts that night. In a night, most of Xia Bais squad turned into mothers. These people who would kill without blinking were all filled with motherly love. They hugged their weak beasts and took good care of them. Cloud Peaks base instantly became a large nursery.freewebno vel.co m

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