Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 739: Sand Dance

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Chapter 739: Sand Dance

Ye Zhongming wouldnt do this in another environment. After all, there was a limited amount of Shattered Dream, and getting more would not be easy.

But now that he was in the resistance zone, even if he was tied together with T Zone, Ye Zhongming didnt feel safe. He felt like something was about to happen. This was a feeling he had after living several years in the apocalypse. There was no reason, but his instincts were often accurate.

He felt like there was a hidden current within Sharp Peak Mountain that might charge into the sky and affect Cloud Peak and himself.

Under such circumstances, it wasnt wrong to make more preparations.

Moreover, Ye Zhongming was willing to do more for these women who risked their lives to protect him.

So he used many Shattered Dream to hatch these battle beasts overnight.

Although they were still young, and it would take some time before they could be of help, they could provide some passive abilities. Ye Zhongming would use the Water and Fire Pot to cook for them to speed up their growth. Some of the stronger ones could assist within half a year.

Ye Zhongming gave Zhao Xingmei some of the remaining eggs and also helped her hatch a Jumping Rat. This was a support beast that increased the master's hearing and agility. It also buffed the masters attack with energy to increase the power of the skills.

It was very useful for Archers like Zhao Xingmei. After getting the rat, her smile didnt disappear. She was delighted.

Ye Zhongming had a simple meal after being busy with the battle beasts for the entire night. But he was shocked when two plates of juicy meat were delivered to him. He asked and found out that his subordinates had specially prepared them for him.

Ye Zhongming rolled his eyes. They didnt do anything for him when he gave them evolution potions. Now that he gave them young pets they had to care for, they were so grateful to him. Women really couldnt resist pets.

But Ye Zhongming didnt refuse the meat. He hadnt eaten such exquisite food in a long time and finished them quickly.

He had to participate in the auction at night with Wen Zhong and had nothing in the morning. So, he started to craft equipment.

First were the Thousand Leaf Phosphor Armors. As his Smith familiarity increased and he had the Basic Smith Heart, his success rate increased to 40%. This was after adding Ghost Metal and Drill Ocean Metal. If he didnt add those, his success rate would be 60%.

But that would result in a lower quality, and he wouldnt be able to get any green-grade items. Ye Zhongming didnt want to do that.

He placed his best materials in and started to craft.

This time, he planned to craft at least five green armor. That was enough.

Crafting with a success rate was often risky. His first attempt failed, which gave him a warning. The explosion even drew the attention of the Sky Elephant Division.

But luck was uncertain. When Ye Zhongming finished the meat metal from Wenzhong, he obtained seven pieces of armor, two more than expected.

Holy Army Coats were all brought back to Cloud Peak. Liang Chuyins previous armor was destroyed. Xia Bai and she took one female version each. Ye Zhongming, Ah Yang took the guy's one. Ye Zhongming gave Zhao Xingmei one to keep her by his side. This woman was of great help, and he would need her in the future. He gave Xiao Min and one of Ah Yangs brothers one each. These were based on their performance and contribution, so no one objected.

After crafting the armor, it was time to craft Sand Dance.

Ye Zhongming adjusted his state and recovered mental energy before starting to craft.

He first crafted a few pieces of Moon Edge and used them as the blueprint to craft Sand Dance. This could increase the success rate.

As Sand Dance was green grade on paper, so the success rate was based on the material. The better material meant that the success rate had reached 75%.

He tossed all the material in at once, from the sandalwood to the heart and then the urchin.

The materials turned into a sticky liquid, and they wrapped Moon Edge. An energy surged from it and reflected on Ye Zhongmings focused face.

As time went on, when Ye Zhongming finished crafting, there was a gentle glow, and the green blade appeared before him.

Warblade Sand Dance: Ability 1, sharpness +270, Toughness +300. freewebno vel.com

Ability 2, sharpness. A blade glow would appear when you wave the blade, sharpness +30, toughness +30.

Ability 3, Stat Memory, when the user uses Sand Dance to activate a skill, the blade would remember two relevant stats. Each time it is used, it leaves a mark on the blade. The deeper the mark, the more stats obtained would increase. You will reach the next level with 100 marks as a basic unit and 100 times the basic value. Each level would increase the strength by 10%.

Ability 4, Sandstorm. When used to battle, Sand Dance forms a sandstorm around the user. This increases the users body quality and slows the enemy. Moreover, the sand deals damage. The range is 2 meters around the user and can be expanded using mental energy. The biggest range is 10 meters.

First-time success!

Ye Zhongming looked at this green blade and waved it. A green glow appeared on the blades body, which looked like it had doubled in length. It touched the metal wall and left a mark like it was cutting through tofu.

Although the basic stats of the blueprint werent high, Ye Zhongming threw in top-grade equipment, so it was very powerful. What shocked him were abilities 3 and 4.

The blueprint mentioned ability four, but it had significantly improved from the introduction. Ye Zhongming felt ability three was the essence of the blade.

Stat Memory was an ability that could increase the power of a skill. Moreover, it wasnt fixed. It would increase the more times the user used the ability. When used up to 100, the strength would increase by 10%. After 10000 times, it would reach the next stage, and the strength would reach 20%.

In theory, the blade could increase the abilitys strength by many folds.

That was only in theory, as the third stage of Stat Memory would need a million uses. After all, the blade wasnt permanent and would be damaged. Even if it wasnt damaged, who knew how long it would take to use a skill a million times? Moreover, that stage only increased the strength by 30%. To reach 40%, you needed 100 million times Ye Zhongming thought about it and gave up.

Increasing 30%, power was the limit.

But that was very good!

Even if other equipment increased by 5%, people would fight for it. free(w)ebnovel(.)com

Ye Zhongming excitedly started to craft the second one.

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