Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 844: Empty joy

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Chapter 844: Empty joy

Ye Zhongming was stunned when he saw the equipment.

Because… it was a blue piece of equipment!

Ye Zhongming heard his heart beating quickly.

Could pieces of equipment reach blue grade after he used his seal, along with Fertile Soil, Ghost Metal, and Drill Ocean Metal?

Ye Zhongming was already happy that he could craft green equipment. Could he use the seal to increase that level?

Ye Zhongming was excited. He didn’t even look at the stats before starting another round of crafting. He wanted to see if it was true.

He used the Mountain seal again, which was still a 60% success rate. He managed to craft another gem blue colored armor.


It wasn’t blue grade.

He scratched his head and didn’t know what was happening.

Was there a hidden success rate?

Green and blue were different grades, but the stats and abilities differed significantly. They used the same materials and methods but ended up at different levels. Anyone would want the better one. However, Ye Zhongming didn’t know what the difference was.

He crafted another five times. He failed three times and succeeded twice. These two times were both green grade.

Ye Zhongming wanted to continue testing, but his luck today wasn’t good, and he failed more times. The waste of Fertile Soil and Ghost Metal also hurt his heart.

Although the Chain Prisoner had Ghost Metal and the little fellow could produce Fertile Soil, he had to fight a super-level eight lifeform to get the former. Ye Zhongming didn’t dare lead people to hunt the Chain Prisoner, as that fellow was too strong. So, he wouldn’t be able to get more Ghost Metal quickly.

The latter also needed him to feed the little fellow, and the things he had to eat were also great. Moreover, Ye Zhongming was not sure how long it would take before it needed him to give it more energy. At least until now, it hadn’t asked Ye Zhongming for food.

Thus, the replenishment of the Fertile Soil wouldn’t be too quick. Each time, the amount he used wasn’t little either. So, no matter the color, he couldn’t get more quickly. Each gram was precious, so he had to cherish them.

This failure rate was not something he could accept.

He planned to change the equipment for Xia Bai’s battle squad.

He gave up on the gambling-style blue equipment crafting and started to create many green Earth Containing Battle Armor.

Once there was movement outside, a night had passed, and Ye Zhongming had 20 pieces of green armor in front of him.

Ye Zhongming left 15 for Cloud Peak, three to Guang Yao, and two to Zhao Xingmei.

Neither Zhao Xingmei nor Guang Yao had objections to this allocation. Although Zhao Xingmei had followed Ye Zhongming for a long time and gained many things, her core members were all full silver. Her other members benefitted, too. Moreover, Ye Zhongming promised to reward them when they returned.

Ye Zhongming had paid them what they deserved, so these two pieces of green equipment were a surprise.

Only Zhao Xingmei and two others had one green piece of equipment in the entire Ying City Alliance army.

Guang Yao had just joined Cloud Peak, and everything they had done previously was to survive. What could he say now that they had three pieces for doing nothing?

Many people were touched and shocked by Ye Zhongming’s generosity.

Guang Yao had a Holy Army Coat set, so he didn’t need the green armor but could distribute them. This benefited both Ye Zhongming and himself once he joined Cloud Peak.

This was the first time the Sky Elephant Battle Squad saw how sick Ye Zhongming was.

In just one night, he crafted thousands of white, grey, and silver equipment and made 21 green and one blue.

What kind of Smith was that? A god smith? How did he have so many materials? Even if he did, what was his success rate? Did he never fail? Also, did he have enough mental energy?

The smiths in the Resistance Zone would be too tired to make one white piece of equipment. Those who could craft silver equipment were treasures.

But look at his efficiency. Even if you gathered everyone from the resistance zone, could they craft so many in one night?

Many people thought about it and felt it was impossible.

Apart from that person who could make the Holy Army Coat, the others couldn’t craft green equipment, much less blue.

Many things were based on comparison. Guang Yao’s battle squad looked at Ye Zhongming with a different gaze.

They respected him previously because of his strength.

But now, that respect was more intense.

They weren’t fools, and they knew what such a smith represented. Just look at Cloud Peak’s equipment. Now that they were part of it, they would get it, too.

This team that had joined just last night became much more loyal.

“Are they going with us?”

When Cloud Peak prepared to head out, they saw that Candleroom’s tribe was also preparing. Zhao Xingmei and the others were shocked.

“En, they are taking a look at Cloud Peak alliance,” Ye Zhongming explained. This was the final part of the trade.

When Candleroom used the only valuable thing in his tribe to trade with Ye Zhongming, he knew he could try for this tribe. After describing the beautiful future, Candleroom agreed to take a look before deciding whether or not to join.

Like that, the two teams merged and headed toward Ah Tao’s tribe.


“Ah Tao, the first defense line is broken!”

A warrior covered in blood ran back and said anxiously to Ah Tao.

They were attacked two days ago. Those people were blocked when they tried to enter the mountain, so they used something to blow the door open. The first defense line held for a day before it was broken down.