Apocalypse Gachapon-Chapter 845: Flame Tiger Operation (1)

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Chapter 845: Flame Tiger Operation (1)

The expressions of the people in the camp weren’t good.

Those living dead people were the best they could rely on. Not because they were strong but because they weren’t afraid of death.

With them at the front, Cloud Peak Alliance could relax and attack from the back.

As they had enough food, not only did the people in the tribe survive, but they also had dozens of newborns, increasing their population. They were even able to work during winter and helped to save several small tribes that couldn’t hunt.

These tribes were on the verge of destruction, so it was easy to recruit them. The number of people in the base increased from 2000 to 3000, and the number of warriors increased from 500 to 700.

If Ye Zhongming returned, the situation would be changed.

A Posthumous people group with 700 warriors and 300 undead could be considered a large tribe.

But they didn’t expect the Imperial City to attack a few days before the winter ended.

They started traveling during the winter!

Why were they risking their lives? Did Ye Zhongming offend them after he headed to the Imperial City?

Be it Ah Tao, Grey Mountain, or Mountain Bank, they felt like it was possible. After all, he had to get to the Saint Pool to leave this place, so how could ordinary people get there? He probably forced his way in, which drew their rage.

But they were more worried about his safety.

“Prepare to fight. There won’t be too many of them. The undead should have given them huge casualties. Now, let’s see who has a thicker life!”

Ah Tao didn’t choose to negotiate with the Imperial City. He was firm in sticking with his promise. He had flipped on the ruler of the Posthumous people!

Seven hundred warriors defended the tunnel. Not far away was the Imperial City army, which had just been through a tough battle and was watching them quietly.


Cloud Peak welcomed good weather. Apart from rain and snow, such weather was the most common.

This was the first time people knew the sky could be so blue without the pollution.

Cloud Peak was different now.

The walls were built and expanded to the waist of the mountain. The 40-meter height made everyone standing below it feel small.

Walls and the Cold Weapons Era were different. The walls here had a green light. A skill had been used to buff it.

On the walls, there were stations every few steps and a sentry every five steps. There would be a cannon every five meters with the latest defensive crystal cannon- Threaten.

This was the crystal cannon that Le Dayuan modified for defense. It was bigger than the Sky Breaking series, with a more extended range and more nimble adjustment angles. It could even shoot into the sky.

But the cannons couldn’t be moved, their shooting speeds were slow, and the conversion rate was lower than Sky Breaking. These were its weaknesses, but it made them suited for wall defense.

Two types of sentries were on patrol on the ten-meter-wide walls. One was in charge of the skies, and the other was in charge of the land.

They were in a logical ratio. The team on duty was very disciplined and in charge of specific areas.

The pathway was closer to Cloud Peak’s side and had many shooting holes. If the walls were in danger, the warriors could support from there and form a second layer of defense.

Beneath the walls was a plot of Ginseng farm. These low-level mutated plants not only provided low-level crystals, but they also helped to defend and protect the walls.

Cloud Peak had changed. The once beautiful villa had turned into many practical fortresses. Both internal and external areas were tough—paths connected each fortress. The decorative plants were cleared and replaced with traps. If enemies stepped on them, the trap would activate. Even if they weren’t killed, Cloud Peak would be alerted. 𝑓𝑟𝑒𝓮𝓌𝑒𝒷𝘯ℴ𝑣𝓮𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

The most enormous fortress was where Ye Zhongming stayed, and it was turned into the toughest command center.

In the hall were the dozen of Cloud Peak core members. They were sitting beside the table and listening to the sharp woman.

“Boss Bai, Leader Zhang, various Ying City leaders, do you agree with my plan?”

Xia Bai sat on a boss seat, and her body sank in. Her voice was slightly lazy, but when those eyes looked at someone, they would feel pressure.

Bai Feng and Xia Lei returned together, and he temporarily replaced Zhao Xingmei as the person in charge of Ying City. Along with Sha Sha, Cloud Peak’s spokesperson, they were in charge of Ying City’s business.

Hearing Xia Lai, Bai Feng said, “Sister Lei, no.”

Everyone called Xia Lei sister Lei, a recognition of her strength and status.

“Okay, then let’s head out tomorrow morning. After we take the dungeon down, Cloud Peak won’t mistreat all of you.”

Everyone was excited when they heard Xia Lei say that.

Although she wasn’t the master of Cloud Peak, they knew that she was Ye Zhongming’s woman, and she had the trust of that terrifying young man. When he wasn’t around, she was the queen.

Cloud Peak and Ying City were tightly connected through city tax, the Puxing Town Trading market, evolution potion sales, etc. Cloud Peak helped them and received many benefits from them, too.

During this period, Xia Lei had used the profits to spin for two six-star potions!

Xia Lei, Park Xiuying and Mo Ye were six-star evolved now.

Hearing Xia Lei say that, Bai Feng and the others stood up and left. Only Cloud Peak members remained.

Le Dayuan and Liu Zhenghong appeared from a door. Mo Ye and Little Tiger quickly gave them their seats.

These two were treasures in Cloud Peak. Along with Teacher Park, they were the three treasures.

“Ye Zhongming gave these instructions before I left; this is the highest secret, so listen up.”

Xia Lei stood up and said coldly.