Apocalypse Of All Races-Chapter 2941 - 618 1 Love Floating Earth (Wan Geng requests subscription)3

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Chapter 2941: Chapter 618 1 Love Floating Earth (Wan Geng requests subscription)3

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Although Bai Feng did not have it, he did not see what the inner part of the Divine Gate looked like, he quickly said, “When the primordial aperture and divine aperture are opened, there should be no problem! The natural fusion! “Now, the energy that you have absorbed should be stored in the divine gate aperture. When you need to use it, it will explode! “If you continue to absorb the aura of death, absorb less. If you absorb too much, you might contaminate all the apertures into the dead spirit apertures. Then, you might turn into a dead spirit! ”

Su Yu nodded. This was similar to what he thought.

He looked at his teacher again and thought for a moment. “Teacher, if you really want to walk the path of the immortal soul third level… in the future, I will introduce a few friends to you. They are extremely good at this! ”

Bai Feng said in surprise, “It can’t be. I just came up with this myself, and someone already knows it?”

As he said that, he said sullenly, “Why do people always say that he has studied everything that I study! ”

Su Yu smiled and said, “It’s very normal. Let’s see who is more proficient in the study! “However, putting aside the matter of the physical body… 1 still advise teacher to think twice before acting… I think that the reason why humans are humans is that things like the physical body are still indispensable! ”

“Researching the Enchantment! ”

Bai Feng said disapprovingly, “Even if I turn into a divine text and treat myself as a human, then I’m still a human! Otherwise, if I have a physical body, I won’t treat myself as a human. I’m still not a human! This thing is only about the mind, not the physical body! ” freew ebnov el

Su Yu nodded. “It’s good that teacher knows what to do.”

After saying that, he looked at Wu Lan. “Wu Lan, do you also want to walk the same path as my teacher? Such a path… the future is uncertain…”

Wu Lan replied casually, “1 don’t know. Let’s take a look! There are thousands of daos in the world, but one might not be able to walk all the way to the end! Furthermore, according to what you said, the three body movement technique has become the only way to achieve the dao… if I were to walk out of the other daos, there would definitely be all kinds of calamities. Let’s see what Bai Laoshi can do. If he were to die, I will gather some experience and lessons before making a decision! ”

Bai Feng was speechless!

What you are saying is a little like cursing me!

“The heavenly gates, if you can’t study it, I can’t even study it myself…” As Su Yu spoke, he drew a diagram, and all 720 apertures were present!

The moment the diagram appeared… Lightning suddenly appeared in the air!

A bolt of lightning struck out!

On the other hand, Su Yu’s ‘lightning’word burst forth. This time, it wasn’t to defeat the other party, but to devour the other party. Su Yu’s eyes flickered, and he said with a smile, “Interesting, the heavens and earth actually didn’t give me the heavenly cycle diagram! ”

At this moment, the outside world was paying attention, and they were all extremely surprised.

What had Su Yu Done Now?

He had been struck by lightning!

This fellow was filled with evil deeds. Had he been struck by lightning again?

As for Su Yu, he didn’t care about these. Instead, he smiled. 1 was still worrying about how to pull the wool over the rules. This was a good idea!

He ignored it and quickly sealed the diagram with his willpower and Yuan Qi, he handed it to Bai Feng and said, “Teacher, take it and study it yourselves.

This is the heaven-revolving primordial spirit map! The 720 apertures are all in it, including the position of the Heaven’s gate aperture. I have also marked

Bai Feng held it in his hand and said uncertainly, “I won’t be struck by lightning, right?”

This thing was struck the moment it appeared!

Su Yu looked at the sky. The Lightning Tribulation had already been destroyed and devoured by the “Lightning”word divine text. It was not considered too powerful.., he smiled and said, “It’s fine. Heaven and earth allow this thing to exist. It’s possible that the masters of the rules don’t allow this to appear. They established the rules in the past and might have already died, so the power of the rules isn’t too strong. “Just one strike and it’s Done! ”

Bai Feng nodded and put away the thing. He smiled and said, “This is interesting. I’ll remember this thing. The next time I meet an enemy, I’ll suddenly draw a picture… tell me, will he be stunned when a bolt of lightning strikes down?”

Su Yu’s heart skipped a beat. This was a good idea!

It was also a way to deal with the enemy!

He just didn’t know if there would be no lightning tribulation if he drew a picture every time.

He could try it next time!

Bai Feng was satisfied after obtaining the heaven-revolving picture, he chuckled and said, “Alright then, I Won’t study you anymore! You Brat, I’ve wanted to cut you up a long time ago, but you dodged it. Forget it, I’ll cut you up again when I have the chance! ”

Su Yu was speechless.

Do you believe it or not, I’ll blow you to death in one breath and crush you to death with one eyeball!

Cut Me Again!

Ignoring Bai Feng, his teacher had brought him a lot of benefits today. At the very least, Su Yu had a rough idea of how to use the Wen Tombstone and how to play it.

Also, it was said that this thing was created by a disciple after King Wen died..

Su Yu had another thought. This disciple… who created it?

King Wen didn’t even want his divine prose?

You Don’t even care about a divine prose of the Great Dao?

The ?? King? f(r)eenovelkiss.com

The ancestor of the Xia Family?

Then, what role did the war King play in this?

Was he related to King Wen and the time master?

Moreover, regardless of whether it was the Wen Tombstone or the time book, they all appeared in the Great Xia Manor. The Great Xia manor was also built by the descendants of the war king… it was truly unbreakable and chaotic. Could the war King be a third party?

Or was he secretly in love with the time master?

Su Yu was about to imagine a huge drama!

Or perhaps… the battle king was secretly in love with the Wen King?

Oh My God!

The ancient times were really complicated!

Su Yu was still immersed in these ancient past events.

And the news of him and the Da Yuan King had already spread throughout the heavens.

Su Yu and the Da Yuan King had a conflict!

The Da Yuan King lost control and attacked Su Yu on the spot. Su Yu counterattacked. In a one-on-one situation, he blew up the Da Yuan King’s present and future bodies and almost killed the other party. If it wasn’t for his teacher stopping him… , perhaps the ancient city and the human race would be at war right now!

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