Apocalypse Of All Races-Chapter 2942 - 618 1 Love Floating Earth (Wan

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Chapter 2942: Chapter 618 1 Love Floating Earth (Wan

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The power of this gossip was too great!

In the blink of an eye, it blew up the entire world!

In the immortal world.

On Tian Gu’s side, someone was reporting to him. Tian Gu listened for a while, he said calmly, “There’s nothing to be happy about! If the Da Yuan King loses control, it’s fine if you chop off three of his bodies. At the very least, you can keep him alive! Su Yu might not really want to kill him! “Moreover, the Great Zhou and Great Xia kings were present at the scene, but they were actually unable to stop Su Yu… perhaps they only used Su Yu’s hand to cut off three of the Da Yuan King’s bodies. Su Yu might have been used as a


It was not appropriate for them to cut off three of the Da Yuan King’s bodies. It was more appropriate for Su Yu to do so.

Not only could they establish their might, but they could also prevent the current invincible human race from having internal strife.

This was pretty good!

Tian Gu did not care too much about this. Moreover, even if they really killed the da Yuan King, a level 7 eternal realm cultivator would not change anything.

Below, the reporting jade king said, “Emperor, if Su Yu wants to become the Master of the human sacred land… I think the Great Qin King and the others are paving the way for Su Yu. Do We need to do anything? “Once the ancient city guards really join hands with the human race… the threat to the various races will be even greater! ”

“It’s not that simple… those guards aren’t doing it for the human race, but for Su Yu. Once Su Yu dies, the alliance will collapse!

“But it’s not easy to kill Su Yu…”

“There’s no rush! ”

Tian gu said calmly, “Wait for the news, wait for the news from the Dead Souls Realm! “Right now, Su Yu still has a way out. Even if I kill him personally, he can still escape into the dead souls realm! “On the contrary, it will make people look down on us! “Wait for the dead souls realm to make arrangements, pincer attack from both inside and outside, and kill him in one strike!

“As for the starry manor…”

“Don’t worry about it! ”

Tian gu said calmly, “Even if that terrifying existence comes out now, it will only cause a great calamity to the heavens. It Won’t just be a disaster for us. If we can really draw it out… when the great calamity of the heavens descends, the immortals… will have a way out! ”

Jade king nodded slightly and said, “King, are we not going to care about the human realm?”

Tian Gu thought for a moment, he said, “Yes! He continued to contact some humans for eternity. The conditions were high, so high that they could not refuse! As long as they were willing to switch bodies and turn into immortals, they would at least have the immortal soul third level bloodline. They would give them heavenly weapons and carrying objects. Three generations in a row, the immortals would ensure that their bloodline would be immortal for three generations! “The immortal realm will be the king and dominate a region! ”

Tian gu said calmly, “Our goal would be to reach the Sun Moon realm! The human race lacks carrying objects, so we would use them to entice them…”

“Then… We don’t have too many immortals. Also, Dao King and the others are now applying for carrying objects from the immortal Emperor Hall… to give them

“Dao King?”

Tian Gu frowned slightly. “If we don’t succeed, we will fail! After all the calculations… the immortals have suffered heavy losses! It’s a pity that his grandson, Dao Cheng, is the one! Forget it, give him a carrying object…” The jade king nodded and continued, “As for the gods and demons…”

“Gods and demons?”

Tian gu smiled and said, “The last time, these two races were waiting for our immortal race to suffer heavy losses, so they deliberately didn’t want to contribute much! “Now that the Wisdom King is dead, Su Yu is threatening us. He’s also telling the other races how big a threat he is. Don’t worry, the next time we fight, the gods and demons will contribute a lot! ”

The Jade King nodded again, soon, he said, “There’s one more thing! “Su Yu still has some nine-leafed sky lotus petals. According to the news, Su Yu might be willing to sell them. Now, all the clans are gathering at the human realm! “Su Yu might still have seven petals…”

“Nine-leafed Sky Lotus…”

Tian Gu muttered. After a long while, he slowly said, “Su Yu would be willing to sell this? Nine-leafed Sky Lotus…”

He thought for a moment and said, “l have a vague impression that there was a fake nine-leafed sky lotus that appeared during the ancient times…”

The Jade King was shocked, tian Gu frowned slightly and said, “It’s hard to be sure. That was during the ancient times. I haven’t heard of it since then. “Su Yu… He knew Hong Meng. The nine-leafed Sky Lotus grew in King Gong’s residence. Hong Meng might know something…” novelbuddy .com

The Jade King was shocked. “Then the nine-leafed Skylotus is fake?”

“It’s hard to say…”

Tian Gu was not sure either. The jade king quickly said, “Should we inform the other clans…”

Tian gu said indifferently, “Why should we inform them?”

The jade king frowned slightly and said, “Emperor, what you mean is that even if it’s fake and weakens the other clans’foundations… but if the item is taken away by Su Yu, he might become even stronger. That would become even more troublesome in the future! ”

Tian gu said calmly, “Then let me ask you. If we tell the outside world that the nine-leafed Sky Lotus is fake, do you think the ten thousand races will believe us?”

Will they believe us?

It’s hard to say!

Could it be that the immortals are afraid that we will appear to converge with the Dao, so they deliberately said that it’s fake?

Of course, some people might be hesitant. This was not the first time Su Yu had lied to them.

Tian Gu thought for a moment and said with a smile, “Let our people go as well. Tell Su Yu that if he wants to sell… how much he wants to sell, give half to the immortals. Otherwise, we will expose him! ”

“Will he agree?”

“Let’s give it a try! ”

Tian gu smiled and said, “It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t agree! If he doesn’t agree… then tell the ten thousand clans that at least some people will hesitate. ”

“Alright then! ” fr(e)enovelkiss.com

Jade King Thought for a moment and nodded. That’s right, we can still give it a try!

If he agrees, then we’ll split it 50-50.

If he doesn’t agree… then he’ll expose Su Yu. Although Su Yu may continue to trade and some people don’t believe it, at least the gains will be much smaller.

At the same time.

Heaven-hunting pavilion.

The South Tower Head was also reporting. The scholar ignored him. After looking at the heaven-hunting roll in front of him for a while, he said, “Fake, smiley face Lotus.. “

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