Awakening The Weakest Talent: Only I Level Up-Chapter 800 - The Mine Changing Owner

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800 Chapter 800 The Mine Changing Owner
Chapter 800 The Mine Changing Owner

After entering the tunnel, Lu Yu and Han Xuefei walked into the snowy mountains.

In the mountains, an open-air mine was busy with many inhabitants.

Many people were digging for Claine crystals. These crystals could not only open portals, but they also had many uses.

For example, the Freedom Federation and the Star Science Chamber of Commerce jointly created a portal gun. It was similar in shape to a pistol, but what was shot out was a portal instead of bullets.

Also, the vast energy contained in these crystals had many other uses.

Lu Yu and Han Xuefei passed through the tunnel and arrived at a mountain.

They stood halfway up the mountain and saw the situation of the entire mine.

As expected, this was the military’s territory and no one else’s. The people he had once led were no longer here.

“Lu Yu, if they colluded with the Truth Department in secret, we wouldn’t be able to tell on the surface.”

Han Xuefei said worriedly.

“What’s there to be afraid of? I’m already here, and the Truth Department will definitely come looking for me soon.”

“Now, I’m going to take back this mine. All their profits will return to me!”

Lu Yu declared firmly and walked down.

He had no problem handing the mine over to the military. After all, the military from their Blue Planet and the Freedom Federation.

However, if this mine were handed over to a traitor, he would be the first to disagree. Why should the mine he worked so hard to obtain be returned to the enemy?

As they walked down, someone soon noticed them.

One of the soldiers walked toward Lu Yu. “Hey, what are you two doing?!”

The man looked at Lu Yu cautiously, as if he were looking at an enemy.

“You don’t know me? I am Lu Yu, the owner of this mine!”

“Bullshit, the owner of this mine changed a long time ago. You’re not its owner, and you’re even less worthy of being one!”

That person shouted arrogantly.

Han Xuefei frowned, and strong telekinesis surged out.

“Ah… This… What the hell is this!?”

He quickly looked down and suddenly realized he could no longer move his body.

His body was slowly freezing up, starting with his legs.

His legs had become ice, and he could no longer run or walk.

He looked at Lu Yu in horror. “Lu Yu! It’s you! What do you want?”

“Me? Destroy the traitor and take back what is mine!”

The soldier before him was frozen into an ice sculpture the next moment.

Lu Yu pushed away the ice sculpture and continued walking down the mountain.

At this moment, many soldiers stopped working and stood still, looking at Lu Yu and Han Xuefei.

“Hey, you two, what are you doing?”

“Unauthorized people are not allowed to enter here. If you’re not from the military, hurry back.”

“Did you hear that? Report your name!”

At this moment, Lu Yu walked down and roared, “My name is Lu Yu. Call out the person in charge here. I want to question him face-to-face!”

For a moment, everyone below panicked.

“What is it? Lu Yu?”

“Why is it you? What are you doing here?”

“This mine has nothing to do with you anymore. You can go back!”

“You… You shouldn’t have come here. This place has nothing to do with you.”

“Just do what you should be doing. Don’t waste your time shouting back.”

Lu Yu did not intend to give them any face. He said directly, “All of you are General Yan’s men, and I know exactly what you are doing. Call out your captain, and I want to talk to him. Whether you can keep your lives depends on what he says!”

Everyone was unhappy after hearing that.

“Child, stop talking nonsense. Are you saying you’ll kill us? Dream on!”

“That’s right. Why don’t you take a look at your puny strength before challenging us?”

“Are you crazy? We’re from the military. If you kill us, you can forget about returning to the Freedom Federation!”

“If you dare to lay a hand on us, the Freedom Federation will no longer house you!”

Lu Yu raised his claws and walked toward them.

After seeing that, the soldier gulped and was afraid, knowing that Lu Yu was not joking with them.

“Don’t worry; we’ll call Captain Li Deng over now. He’ll come, and you’ll apologize to us then!”

With that, one of them turned around and left.

Lu Yu and Han Xuefei waited momentarily before a tall figure walked out.

It was a muscular middle-aged man in his thirties.

“Lu Yu, I’ve heard a lot about you. I didn’t expect to see you here.”

He walked over with a bright smile.

Lu Yu’s face was still cold.

“Li Deng, right? Let me ask you a few questions. First of all, are you General Yan’s men?”

Li Deng smiled. “Does it matter who I’m under? We are all members of the military and citizens of the Freedom Federation. We are loyal to the same goal.”

“I doubt that’s the case. The target of your loyalty is probably the Truth Department. Oh, no, it should be the Ember Empire.”

Hearing this, Li Deng’s face turned ugly. “Lu Yu, don’t spout nonsense. If you don’t have any evidence, don’t you dare slander us!”

“Is that so? Why did the previous batch of military members have skirmishes with the Truth Department once every three days and have a major battle once every five days? When it came to you, everything changed for the better?”

“That’s because they’re recuperating,” Li Deng hurriedly explained. “Also, we’re stronger, so there hasn’t been a major battle for now.”

“Huh. How about this? Let me check your records. Where do you send the crystals you dig out every day? I’ll see if I can match them with the account book!”


Hearing this, Li Deng panicked.
All their crystals had been sent to the Truth Department. How could there be any record of them being sent to the Freedom Federation?

“Are you here to find trouble? I think you came here especially to fight us!”

Lu Yu looked at him and sneered. “I can take care of you as I please, and it’s not difficult. Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish!”

“Are you crazy?” Li Deng laughed. “Do you really think that you are stronger than me?”

Lu Yu laughed disdainfully. “You didn’t watch any news, huh? You won’t be fighting me.”

Li Deng looked at Han Xuefei and asked, “So, it’s her? It doesn’t matter. We’ll win anyway.”

At this moment, Lu Yu took out two pearls from his pocket.

Two pearls were taken out, one red and one blue. Lu Yu opened his arms and held one in each hand.

The next moment, a dazzling light shot out from the two pearls!


Two gigantic figures suddenly appeared above, the Water Spirit Dragon and the Fire Spirit Dragon. Both of them flapped their wings and glared at the people on the ground with their pairs of fierce eyes.

All of the soldiers were terrified after witnessing that!