Awakening The Weakest Talent: Only I Level Up

Authors : Solo Leveling

Status : OnGoing

Genres : Fantasy , Martial Arts , Supernatural

Chapters: 1140

Last update: 5 months ago

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#sololevelup #weaktostrong #faceslapping #feelsgoodLu Yu transmigrated to a parallel world before the Reiki recovery and awakening of the cities.Ferocious beasts attacked, and all of humanity started awakening special talents.All living beings in the world started to evolve and mutate, and become materials for humans to become more powerful.As long as one searched for the appropriate materials, he could evolve his talents and become more powerful.But there were many talents that were extremely mysterious, and no one knew how to level up those.On the Talent Awakening PlatformLu Yu awakened the weakest talent [Claw Attack]. Everyone laughed at him.Fortunately, his system activated, and only he could see its notifications."Detected the talent [Claw Attack].""Please choose from the evolution paths below: [ Cat Claw Path ][ Bear Paw Path ][ Eagle Strike Path ][ Snake Tooth Path ][ Dragon Claw Path ]""Please confirm your choice, [Dragon Claw Path].""Please continue to choose your evolution path: [Flaming Dragon Claw] [Flowing Water Dragon Claw] [Rock Crushing Dragon Claw] [Gale Dragon Claw] [Light Dragon Claw] [Dark Dragon Claw]"As such, Lu Yu used the system to his advantage and set foot on the path of leveling up toward supreme power.