Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration-Chapter 292 - : Ring God

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Chapter 292: Ring God

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“According to my research during this period of time, 1 believe that this big ring can indeed act as the center to regulate the void realm circulation.”

“This kind of ring has the potential to grow. Even if it’s not enough to control a void realm at the galaxy level, it should be able to take care of a broken void realm expert.”

“This kind of growth will also allow it to gradually become stronger as it grows in the void realm. There will not be the problem of overloading…”

“The only problem now is how to make this ring have the ability to control.”

“You, or rather, you also know that this ring is merely an empty shell filled with psionic power. It does not possess any ability to move on its own.”

“I don’t know what was driving it to move in the past, but now that the driving force has completely disappeared, the only way is to make it alive again…”

When she was explaining how to use the big ring, the last Ascendant was extremely excited, as if she felt that the heavy mission she was carrying had finally been completed.

However, when Li Wenyuan asked her how to restore the mobility of the big ring, she replied, “You just need to let a soul that is heavy enough fuse with the big ring.”

“Just like programming a machine or inserting a soul into a body, the easiest way to restart the ring is to let a person control it.”

“Our psionic theory has a technique related to soul implanting. Although we haven’t tested it on the big ring, 1 believe it can be interlinked.”

“This technique was considered taboo in the past, but the specific problem needs to be analyzed in detail. There’s no better way to succeed than this.”

Although she did not specify who or what would fill the ring, the heavy enough soul in her request had already given her the answer.

What soul could be heavier than the one that carried the souls of 1.2 million compatriots and the soul entrusted to her by ten billion compatriots?

After hearing the words of the last Ascendant, a question flashed across Li Wenyuan’s mind.

Did souls have weight?

If she did, how heavy would she be now?

The spaceship’s scan had long shown that this Ascendant was no different from normal lifeforms. There was no abnormal overweight.

However, this did not prove that the soul did not have weight. Even if the soul was only as heavy as an atom, it still had weight. However, this weight would obviously not be reflected in the body of a lifeform’s being because there were too many interference factors to measure.

No one could say for sure whether souls existed or not. Even the so-called soul-implanting technology could be a means to erase the original memories and then reinsert them.

The Ascendant civilization had not come to a conclusion on this either.

Whether it was in philosophy or ethics, this was also the reason why this technology was listed as taboo.

However, the last Ascendant obviously did not care about the nature of this technology. She only hoped to become the god of the void realm with the help of the big ring and restart this broken void realm.

“1 was the last of my kind to be born. 1 was rapidly spawned from the fertilized egg, and then the necessary knowledge was directly implanted into me through psionic power when 1 was a fetus, becoming an artificial born known.”

Perhaps understanding the Administrator’s silence as hesitation, the last Ascendant suddenly began to tell her story.

“At that time, my race was already on the verge of destruction. We were ordered to be sealed in a freezer in the face of danger, hoping to complete the great cause of reviving civilization one day in the future.”

“But in fact, I was born inexplicably, I was placed with high hopes inexplicably, 1 was stuffed into the freezer inexplicably, and then I inexplicably went to deal with this rotten world.”

“You might not understand, but when I carried the long-cherished wish of 10 billion people and shouldered the souls of 1.2 million people, my first thought was to commit suicide and let this place run its course.”

“I don’t understand why 1 was born to ensure that I deal with such a tricky mess. All kinds of beautiful memories are stabilizing my spirit, but those are implanted. I’ve never experienced that happiness personally.”

“My fellow countrymen must have noticed my vengeful feelings, but they still entrusted all their souls to me without hesitation, leaving me alone.”

“They died with a clear conscience, but 1 have to continue living with difficulty. Why is that? Aren’t they afraid that I’ll go with them and ruin their efforts?”

At this point, she even laughed at herself.

“In the end, they still succeeded. I had no choice but to carry the heavy burden and move forward alone in a tomorrow without a future.”

“The emotion called responsibility is pushing my soul forward, especially when I’m alone. This emotion is getting more intense, directly dispelling my thoughts of suicide.”

“I began to instigate the Fallen Ones to kill each other on a large scale. I used my huge soul weight to transfer a portion of their pain as a poison that would make them obsessed.”

“I was once confused, but after I witnessed the death of a fallen and cursed God for creating such a world, 1 understood.”

“Since we are the ones who caused this pain, we will be responsible for ending it.”

“We aren’t God, but if everything was created, then we would have to shoulder the responsibility we deserve, even if we have to turn our bodies into void realm Gods.”

The ring seemed to have completed its connection at this moment, forming a closed loop.

[ You are the beginning of this history, and you should be the end. ]

For some reason, Li Wenyuan suddenly thought of this sentence.

The collapse of the galaxy began with the Ascendant civilization, and it ended with the Ascendant civilization. If he had not come here, would the strange cycle have continued?

In the end, he agreed to the idea of the last Ascendant. It was also at this moment that he saw the person carrying the heavy burden finally reveal a relaxed smile.

Sometimes, living was not necessarily a good thing, and death was not necessarily a punishment. Time would bring the answer.

A large number of Psionic Beacons were built in the oval galaxy, serving as the bridge between the early void realm and the real universe.

The void realm expert that had been glued back together by the construction equipment of the Tiangang Battleship slowly merged into the void, too. Only the big ring remained motionless.

The last Ascendant landed at the center of the ring. The diameter of the ring was so large that she could no longer see the ring with her naked eye. However, she could feel that she was at the core of the psionic field.

Her soul began to drift away, and the weight of 1.2 million people was gradually reducing.

Only after she was relieved of this burden did she realize that she could actually be so relaxed.

Her consciousness was communicating with the huge ring through the bridge built with psionic, and it was getting deeper and deeper.

At this moment, she seemed to see the beginning and end of the world, as well as the formation and decline of the void realm.

All the emotions, thoughts, prayers, and fantasies of the lifeforms here had turned into visible light spots and floated into the void bit by bit. That was the void realm.

The big ring in the real universe also began to appear and disappear as if it had been activated again.

At the same time, an ethereal ring appeared in the void realm of this galaxy.

She seemed to have just been born, but she already had an unbelievable void realm..