Become The Guard AI Of The Lost Civilization After Transmigration-Chapter 293 - : Years of Power!

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Chapter 293: Years of Power!

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At that time, the Ascendant did not complete ascension, but today, they did it on their last clansman.

Transforming into the God of the void realm was an unprecedented improvement in the field of psionic ability, even though it did not mean that they had ascended to a higher world.

However, this also meant that the Ascendant civilization had completely turned into dust in this galaxy.

The new civilizations in the future might realize that a huge interstellar civilization once existed here, but all history related to it would disappear with time.

Even the megastructure would disappear under the wear and tear of time. In the foreseeable future, only the stars would last.

However, in the void of this galaxy, the ring in the void realm would still watch everything here and accompany all the lives here to grow.

At this moment, the starlight passed through the void and came to the starfield where the ring had disappeared from the real universe.

It was here that the last Ascendant had fused with the Great Circle Ring. It was just an ordinary space that was not even a galaxy. There were only a few drifting asteroid fragments.

However, after the birth of the Gods of the void realm, abnormalities began to appear here.

Massive psionic had gathered there, but it had suddenly disappeared at the center of the place, leaving no trace behind.

However, as more and more psionic gathered, the trajectory of the psionic power began to rotate, vaguely forming the shape of a huge ring just like the previous one.

Like the so-called energy-gathering ring of some batteries, it was absorbing the excess psionic in the galaxy and recycling it in the void realm.

Such a phenomenon was rare, and it was only possible to see this kind of siphoning after the void realm’s new students.

At this moment, Li Wenyuan had yet to leave. He had witnessed the entire scene and was trying to establish a connection with the new End of Reincarnation.

He did not know what the state of the giant ring activated by the last Ascendant with the weight of 1.2 million souls would be like. He wondered if it was still operating mechanically or if it had become something similar to the artificial intelligence of the giant ring. He needed to confirm this situation.

If it was possible, he naturally hoped that the new End of Reincarnation could be communicated with. He had not experienced the mysterious Settlement Contract yet. When he was in the Milky Way, every time he entered the void realm, it was a barren land.

According to the information left behind in the human ruins discovered in this galaxy, it seemed to be a very useful contract.

This journey was still very long, so he naturally had to consider this kind of good thing that could help him.

He set up a Psionic Beacon here at the last minute and began his preparations for the void realm.

Ordinary machines couldn’t enter the void realm, but he could do so through this megastructure.

After the psionic power focal point at the top of the Psionic Beacon focused, it easily opened the passage to the void realm, which surprised Li Wenyuan a little.

“Is it because the void realm experts here were just reborn? Or is it because the one in the Milky Way is reinforced that it is difficult to enter?”

This was because the Psionic Beacon had almost immediately gathered the psionic power needed to enter the void realm, which was very different from the Milky Way, which could only enter once every five or ten years.

This meant that the barrier between the void realm and the real universe was not that big and could be broken with a poke.

However, this also allowed Li Yuan to easily enter the void realm, and at the same time, he saw the world here.

Similar to the Milky Way void realm, nebulas formed by physical psionic filled the space here, shining with dreamy colors together with the psionic crystals.

However, there were many differences. The most obvious was that there was no Czero dust. After all, there was no race in the history of this place that scattered their ashes all over the void realm.

In addition, Li Wenyuan also felt a very idealistic feeling here.

“Even though I didn’t see any void realm creatures, the atmosphere here is very different. The psionic power seems to be cleaner?”

Although he had never heard it in the void realm, he knew that people who entered the void realm would sense all kinds of strange whispers and illusions. This was also one of the ways to obtain all kinds of knowledge about the void realm.

However, it was naturally impossible for a void realm being to simply give something away. It was common for them to use illusions and whispers to instigate or drive entrants mad. This was also the main cause of death for psionics, as the benefits were often accompanied by risks.

However, this was not the case for the void realm experts here. No knowledge could be seen everywhere, but there was no risk of injury or even death. Just like the newborn void realm experts, they were very clean.

“In addition, that is…”

At this moment, a huge ring could already be seen in the sky of the void realm.

The size of the galaxy in the Milky Way had also been replicated, and it had even become larger because of the gradual recovery of the void realm.

A conservative estimate was that the ring could hold at least two to four galaxies. Even if they could see it with their eyes, it was still very far away.

However, Li Wenyuan did not need to go over. He had already detected a psionic signal interacting with him. Spiritual energy seemed to be able to be transmitted to any location at the same time in this space. The limitation of light speed did not exist here.

The content of the signal also allowed him to understand the current state of the big ring.

[ Hello, Administrator. I was originally thinking about how to establish contact with you in the real universe. I didn’t expect you to take the initiative to come in. Your technology is really unfathomable… ]

[ My consciousness didn’t disappear after fusing with the ring. Instead, it helped me share the weight of 1.2 million souls. I feel better than ever! ]

[ I can feel that the void realm is reviving, and the psionic that is spreading outside is flowing back. At this rate, the galaxy will soon return to its original state. ]

[ I never thought that I could actually complete this mission… ]

The one who controlled the big ring seemed to be the last Ascendant. There was no trace of her existence in the real universe, but she was now living in a different way.

Not only that, the voice that was supposed to be filled with divinity was now filled with all kinds of emotions that belonged to life, and the most prominent one was excitement.

Perhaps she did not expect that this day would come. The galaxy that should have gone into a state of madness and death finally had a miracle of new life.

[ We’ve received too much help from you, so much that I don’t know how to repay you… ]

[ You may not need it, but being grateful is a virtue that every intellectual life must have. There’s nothing else here that can be taken out. Only the power of this void realm may be of some help to your journey… ]

[ This is a method of utilizing psionic that resides in the big ring’s instincts. It can allow the void realm expert to provide the greatest help…But there’s one thing 1 don’t quite understand. This method seems to only set a deadline of 50 years. ]

After thanking Li Wenyuan for his help once again, she took the initiative to sign a contract with Li Wenyuan in an unfamiliar manner.

It was also at this moment that Li Wenyuan received an extremely secretive notification from the database for the first time.

It seemed to be a special message that could only appear under special circumstances. Even he had not discovered it before, and signing a contract with a void realm God seemed to be one of the conditions.

[ 10,000 years of power! ]

[ Introduction: This is a powerful power that comes from the void realm. You have to taste it. Only when you experience it will you understand how useful it is… The premise is that you can renege on your debt. ]

[ Special Remarks: We once deceived the End of Reincarnation into signing a contract with us that lasted for 10,000 years. Then, on the day of the reckoning, the price we paid was… We didn’t pay anything. He couldn’t defeat us, so we forced him to sign a second contract. ]

After reading the message, he seemed to understand why the End of Reincarnation only signed a 50-year contract..