Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby-Chapter 507 - : President Zuo’s Insomniac Syndrome (3)

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Chapter 507: President Zuo’s Insomniac Syndrome (3)

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However, Zuo Hanchengs appearance at the interview that day was completely out of his expectations. However, his attitude was as if he was looking at a stranger.

Regardless, she knew that Zuo Hancheng knew that she was back and that she was in A City. However, she could meet anyone and reunite with anyone for so many days, but she never saw Zuo Hancheng again.

It was like two people from two completely parallel worlds. There was no relationship or connection between them. The two parallel worlds could not capture each other’s traces at all.

It was as if Anhao had already understood a long time ago that people like Zuo Hancheng were not people she could get close to, let alone his status.

If they had no relationship, it meant that they really had no relationship anymore. Even if they were in A City, people like him could not be seen easily.

She hoped that it was just a coincidence at the interview venue that day, that she had come back to investigate her mother’s matter, and that it had nothing to do with Zuo Hancheng. She hoped that the chaos that had suddenly leaped into her heart would dissipate as soon as possible.

The next morning, Anhao was woken up by a phone call. She had not fully woken up yet, so she only answered a few questions when she picked up the phone. When she found out that she was hired, she said a few more words before putting down the phone and lying back in bed to sleep.

She drank too much coffee yesterday and couldn’t sleep. She had just slept not long ago and was really sleepy.

However, after lying down for a few minutes, she suddenly opened her eyes and sat up abruptly. She picked up her phone again and looked at the caller ID carefully.

This was not Stars Corporation’s phone!

Moreover, she had sent the design drafts to Stars Corporation yesterday when it was almost time to get off work. It was not time to go to work yet, so it was impossible for the personnel department to see her drafts or call her at this time to hire her.

Therefore, she was hired by the F and Construction Bureau! They were very satisfied with the design drafts and design plans that she had worked overtime for!

That was what the person who informed her on the phone had said. Although she was a little confused at the time and did not hear it clearly, it was enough to remember that she had been hired.

Anhao was suddenly filled with energy. She felt that the time she spent studying and working in the United States for the past three years had not been wasted. She had been hired on her first interview after returning to China. This feeling of being recognized was really more precious than meeting a talent on the streets!

A few hours later, Anhao put on her suit. After all, she hadn’t officially gone to work yet, so she couldn’t neglect her manners. Fortunately, her feet had already recovered, so she put on her high heels and went out.

This time, she went directly to the office of the Construction Department of the Ministry of Finance. Anhao rushed over with her resume attachment, all the identification documents, and academic qualifications. After a series of cycles, she finally completed the entry procedures.

What made her even happier was that she wanted to take on the job of rebuilding the stadium and the Construction Bureau because it was a one-time job. Not only would the salary be high, but after signing the contract, the government would also pay her a design environment deposit in advance.

After signing the contract, a staff member took her to the finance department. She received a deposit of 100,000 yuan, and after all the projects were completed, there would be a balance of 200,000 yuan.

That was why everyone wanted to work in the government. It was because they did not lack money, and because the various benefits were so generous that they could do any job with peace of mind.

After everything was settled, she was told to report to the office in three days. Then, she had to revise the design plan with several designers who were hired at the same time within half a month. After the plan was fully implemented within a month, the gymnasium and cultural center would officially start construction.

Therefore, Anhao only had three days of free time left. After three days, she would be so busy that she might have to work overtime every day to discuss various changes to the design plan and so on.

The staff from the government’s Construction Department brought her to the office of the designers. Then, before Anhao left, they said,””There will be a project opening banquet this weekend. The deputy secretary of the province and a few leaders of the Construction Bureau will be present, so there will definitely be all kinds of extraordinary upper-class people from both the business and political worlds. You designers are lucky to be invited. Remember to dress appropriately on the opening banquet day. Don’t embarrass our Construction Department.”

Anhao didn’t say much, just nodded and left. Behind her, a few designers who were hired at the same time  didn’t expect to receive such good treatment in the government. Although this kind of opening banquet is called a opening banquet, it’s actually a way for the provincial leaders to take the opportunity to communicate with successful people in various fields. After all, there’s nothing better than a banquet to greet and exchange pleasantries.

We’re really lucky to be able to attend this opening banquet…”

“Yeah, I heard that high-end people from both the business and political circles in the province will come. I wonder how many people I’ll see who I can only see on television and media magazines in the past…”

“Hey, Anhao, why are you leaving so quickly? We’ve been hired together. Do

you want to go for a drink? After all, we only have three days of free time left. We’ll be colleagues from now on.”

A girl who was about the same age as Anhao, who had also returned from studying abroad, suddenly jumped up to Anhao’s side and put her arm around Anhao’s arm. Her natural temperament was very similar to when she met Chunchun and Huang Amao in the past.

However, Anhao had always had a special personality and would not get close to others for no reason. Therefore, in the past, she only had Chunchun and Huang Amao as her good friends in A High School. The other female students were basically not even acquaintances.

In the past three years, her roommates in the United States had a good relationship with her, but they could never reach the point of being yellow.

Originally, Anhao only came back to investigate her background and mother’s matter. She didn’t plan to stay for too long, nor did she plan to get along well with her new colleague. However, when she was suddenly greeted warmly and dragged out for a few drinks, Anhao saw that this girl’s personality was similar to Chunchun’s. For a moment, she didn’t reject her. She smiled and said,”Sure, but I have something to do tomorrow, so it’s not convenient…”

“Aiya, let’s go and have a few drinks today. You can do whatever you want tomorrow.”The girl continued to hold Anhao’s arm and turned around to greet the young people behind her, meaning that she wanted everyone to go together.

Seeing that no one else had any objections, Anhao followed suit.

However, before she left with everyone in a taxi, she suddenly noticed a familiar car parked at the square in front of the government..