Best Delinquent Wife’s Order: Rise Again, Hubby-Chapter 508 - : President Zuo’s Insomniac Syndrome (4)

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Chapter 508: President Zuo’s Insomniac Syndrome (4)

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The moment she saw the two cars, Anhao thought that she had seen wrongly.

However, when Yi Zeyang got out of the car, she instinctively turned around and got into the taxi at the same time. When she got into the car, she looked out and saw Yi Zeyang get out of the car and walk around the car to the front passenger seat to open the door.

When the car door opened, Qi Weiran’s figure appeared. She was wearing a beautiful socialite outfit. Yi Zeyang helped her out of the car and hugged her waist at the same time. The two of them looked extremely loving. Yi Zeyang was also very gentle to her. From the way he took care of her, it was as if he wanted to give all the love in the world to her alone.

Sometimes, people didn’t believe in the so-called love that would develop over time. However, even if Yi Zeyang didn’t have much feelings for Qi Weiran at first and was only in a marriage relationship, as time passed, no matter how arrogant Qi Weiran was, no matter how many despicable things Qi Weiran had tried to do to Anhao, and no matter how despicable the Qi family was back then, it could more or less be considered as love that had developed over time,

Otherwise, why would his concerned look be so real?

However, Qi Weiran looked very healthy. Her limbs were intact and her hair was uninjured.

The last time Anhao saw Qi Weiran was in the car accident three years ago. She only remembered that Qi MJeiran was covered in blood and looked like she would stop breathing at any moment.

Even though she had confirmed Qi Weiran’s condition before she left the country and knew that she had woken up a long time ago, she also knew that she was fine. But now that she saw the scene outside the car, she truly believed that Qi Weiran was not dead.

It was as if the rock in her heart that had been suppressed for many years had finally been completely lifted. Anhao no longer looked in that direction, nor did she consider why Yi Zeyang and Qi Weiran came to Provincial Government F. She only shook her head when her colleague in the car asked her if she knew the best place to drink in City A.”l haven’t been back for three years. I don’t know where the best place is.”

In the end, they went to a small bar that was not too eye-catching, but it was very quiet because there were not many customers inside.

The bar next door was Huan Mei, whom she used to frequent frequently. Of course, Anhao did not ask to go next door. She wished that the people who knew her before could not see her now. How could she take the initiative to go to the territory of an acquaintance?

It was just a few newbies getting to know each other. The girl who had a similar personality to Chunchun had been sitting beside Anhao. The girl’s name was Zi Ran. When Anhao first heard her name, she didn’t react. After Zi Ran said her name, she said with a depressed expression that every time she said her name, people would say that they wanted to use her to roast beef. Anhao actually didn’t react and asked if she had always been overseas and rarely stayed in the country.

Anhao was stunned for a long time before she understood what Zi Ran meant. Zi Ran? cumin? Roast beef?

Anhao’s lips twitched.” I didn’t think of it that way. I’ve only been studying in

America for three years. I’ve been living in A City.””

“You’ve always been in A City?” Zi Ran was excited on the spot. We’re about the same age. Where did you go to school? After graduating from high school, I went to America to study architectural design. Because my parents were in the construction business, they hoped that I could come back and help them. In the end, I didn’t want to work with them as soon as I came back. I secretly ran out to do the design drawings for the construction project of the stadium. I didn’t expect to be hired! However, 1 don’t want to go home to stay recently. I’m afraid that my parents will scold me when they see me…”

“Why would he scold you when he earns a lot?”

“That won’t happen. If I bring the 100,000 yuan deposit back today, my parents definitely won’t scold me. But I don’t want them to know how much money I’ve earned. I still want to hide some of my own money and buy some gadgets that I like, so that every time 1 buy a bag or clothes, I won’t be asked how much it cost. If they didn’t know how much I earned, they wouldn’t be able to guess the price of the bag and clothes.”

It seemed that people who had parents would often have the desire to seek freedom, and Anhao had never experienced the feeling of having both parents since she was young.

Hearing Zi Ran’s words, Anhao lowered her eyes and looked at her phone. A message had just come in.

However, the message was from a classmate in the United States who had sent her a notice to submit some documents after graduation. She took a few glances at it and picked up her phone. She searched aimlessly for the An family in the United States, but she could not find much.

If she did not remember seeing that Mrs. An’s face on television in the past that looked a little like her mother’s, she might not have thought of this.

Moreover, it was said that the An family and the Zuo family had always been family friends, but they did not seem to have any contact in the past ten years.

Moreover, the Andersons were very mysterious. Some of them were in business in the United States, while others were in politics in the United States. They had an extraordinary status in New York.

Actually, she didn’t think too much about it. However, some information about her mother’s past, as well as Ice Blue and all these coincidences, made her suspect that her mother’s background back then wasn’t simple. Moreover, her background was so powerful that she could be easily sent to China, changed her name, changed her nationality, and easily avoided the pursuit of the American police. Even until her death, no one knew her true identity.

But how did Gu Tianming find out about it later?

Could it be that her mother had revealed some secrets about her identity and background when she was with Gu Tianming? And the information that Gu Tianming had found out about her mother’s past in a special way?

However, Gu Tianming only found out that his mother was wanted back then. Someone must have been behind this. Otherwise, Gu Tianming wouldn’t have known so clearly.

Now that Gu Tianming was locked up, most of the Gu family had been secretly sent abroad to barely survive after their houses were raided. It was difficult to investigate and ask questions. It was really too inconvenient.

“Good, good.” Zi Ran had been talking to her at the side. In the end, after talking for a long time, she realized that Anhao was staring at her phone, thinking about something. She could not help but reach out and pull her sleeve.”You just returned, right? Do you have a place to stay here?”

Anhao was stunned and turned to look at Zi Ran. She didn’t answer but used her eyes to ask, not understanding why she would ask this.

“Anyway, I don’t want to go back to my parents ‘place now. Besides, we have a deposit in our hands now. Together with the remaining payment in the future, we won’t starve to death or be poor for the next two years. Why don’t you go out and rent a house with me? We’ll rent an apartment near Zheng F. The environment is especially good.. If the two of us rent together, we’ll at least have company…”