Binding System-Chapter 302 Roshia

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Chapter 302 Roshia

After Ace and the others stepped into the front yard of the bamboo house, a voice suddenly rang out. "Who are you?"

Ace and the others instantly turned their heads toward the source of the sound.

'Is she Roshia?'

They saw an attractive mature lady several meters in front of them.

The grown lady had light blonde hair and grey eyes. Even though she looked like a human being, Ace and the others knew she was a magical beast.

"Who are you? Why did you come to my place?" the mature lady asked as she walked closer to them.

"Yo, Roshia. It's me, Nova." Nova immediately greeted the mature lady.

"Nova?" even though Roshia was shocked, she did not show it on her face. "Were you the one who brought them to my place?"

"Yes." Nova gave an honest answer. "One of them was poisoned, so I brought them to your place."

Ace took one step forward before finally speaking politely, "Hello, Miss Roshia. My name is Ace Farley. We came from Nightshire City, a city in the eastern part of the Luvrela region."

He then continued, "My friend Aurelia was poisoned by someone. Nova said you were an amazing pharmacist, so we came to your place in the hope that you would be willing to remove the poison from my friend's body."

Pharmacists were like healing mages, people who could cure diseases. But instead of using magic, they used medicine made from magical plants to cure diseases.

Even though their reputation was below that of healing mages, everyone still respected them.

Some of them even had a better reputation than certain healing mages because what mattered most was their skills to save people.

"Ace Farley?" unlike before, Roshia could not hide her surprised expression this time.

'What is he doing in the Luvrela region?'

She did not pay attention to Ace carefully earlier, so she was shocked when Ace introduced himself.

"Miss Roshia, we will do anything as long as you are willing to remove the poison in my body." Aurelia spoke abruptly.

"Yes, Miss Roshia." Evelyn added. "Please remove the poison in my master's body."

Nova, who was standing next to Ace, looked at Aurelia and Evelyn.

'Hey, I told you guys what to say earlier. Why are you saying something like that? You should say something that piques her interest, not useless words like that.'

Countless magical beasts said the same things to Roshia in the past, but she refused to help them all in the end.

'It's over. It's over. She won't help them. Our trip to her place is in vain.'

He believed Roshia would not help them because they did not say something that piqued her interest or something she really wanted.

When Nova thought Roshia would kick them out of her place, she suddenly said something shocking.

"Sure. I will help you get rid of that poison from your body." Roshia agreed instantly.

"Thank you, Miss Roshia." Aurelia and the others were pleasantly surprised after hearing her words.

Previously, they thought Roshia would refuse immediately because Nova said it was difficult to get Roshia to agree to help them.

But instead of refusing immediately, Roshia agreed instantly.

"What?! You agreed instantly?" Nova said in surprise. "No, I mean, I'm glad you agreed to help them, but this is too easy. Normally, you won't agree this quickly. Are you Roshia I know?"

Something like this had never happened before. That was why Nova found it hard to believe what he was hearing.

"I'm the Roshia you know, the real Roshia." Roshia replied. "If you still don't believe me, I don't mind telling them what you said to me when we met for the first time."

Nova's face instantly turned panicked. "No! Don't tell them about it. I believe you. I believe you."

When she saw Nova's panicked face, Roshia's lips curled up into a smile.

"You have never agreed to help someone this quickly before. That was why I suspected you were not the real Roshia." Nova told her the reason why he doubted her identity earlier.

"Well, I won't help you for free." Roshia was not a saint, so she would not help someone for free.

"I knew it! I knew it!" Nova uttered, "This is the Roshia I know, someone who won't help others for free."

"You make me look like a bad person." Roshia was a little unhappy with Nova's reaction.

"My bad." Nova responded instantly.

"Miss Roshia, what are the conditions for you to remove the poison in my body?" Aurelia inquired.

"Before I answer your question, let me check your condition first." Roshia wanted to make sure she could remove the poison from Aurelia's body.

"Alright." Aurelia agreed instantly.

"Come in. I will check your condition in my house." After saying that, Roshia headed to her house.

Aurelia and the others exchanged glances before finally following her.

Roshia's house was built from bamboo.

The floors, chairs, tables, and walls; everything was made of bamboo.

If the roof was also made of bamboo, then her house would be one hundred percent built from bamboo.

And even though her house was built of bamboo, but her home was big and comfortable.

If her house was sold, many people would definitely be interested in taking it because her house could calm their minds.

"Please sit." Roshia uttered.

After they sat on the bamboo chairs, Roshia began checking Aurelia's condition.

"How is it, Miss Roshia?" Evelyn asked curiously.

"It's the poison of the three-colored flame snake." Roshia told them what kind of poison was in Aurelia's body.

"A poison from a three-colored flame snake?" Aurelia had never heard of or met the three-colored flame snake before, so she was curious about it.

"This poison won't kill you instantly, but it's still a dangerous poison." Roshia began to tell them about the poison.

She said that the poison of the three-colored flame snake was usually used for evil plans or torture because the victims would not die immediately.

This poison would make its victims tormented because they would feel like they were being burned alive several times a day.

Not only that, but the victims' bodies would also become weaker every day, and they would have difficulty controlling the energy in their awakening points.

In short, the victims would become weak and useless if they did not remove the poison from their bodies.

"It seems like you have an enemy who hates you to the bone." Roshia stated. "But don't worry. Your condition will slowly return to normal after I remove the poison from your body."

"Miss Roshia, does that mean you can get rid of this poison from my body?" Aurelia inquired.

"Yes." Roshia nodded. "But it will take a month for you to fully recover."

"It's fine." Aurelia had suffered from this poison for more than a year, so a month was nothing for her. "Then, can you tell me the conditions for removing the poison from my body?"

Roshia shifted her gaze from Aurelia to Ace. "I want Ace to promise to help me when I need help."

"Me?" Ace said in surprise.

Like Ace, Evelyn and the others were also shocked.


They did not expect her to say something like that.

"Why Ace?" like Ace and the others, Nova also did not understand it.

Sure, Ace was a powerful awakener, but Roshia was not weaker than him, so he wanted to know why she made that kind of condition.

"So, what is your answer, Ace?" Roshia did not explain anything.

Aurelia and the others instantly turned their heads toward Ace.

Even though they only stared at him without saying a single word, Ace knew what they had in mind because it was written on their faces.

"Sure." Ace had promised to help Aurelia, so he agreed instantly.

"Good!" Roshia was delighted. "You guys can stay in my house. I have many spare rooms."

Roshia then took them to their rooms.

After that, she headed to the front yard to pick plants that could remove poison from Aurelia's body.


'Why did she make that condition?'

Ace was currently lying on the bamboo bed and staring at the ceiling.

He was still curious as to why Roshia made that kind of condition. He could understand it if it was in his previous life because his grandpa was the Ruler.

However, he had nothing in this world.

Sure, he was an Aeris and already at the Exalted rank, but he was still not the strongest.

There were still many awakeners stronger than him in this world.

So, why?

Why did she make that kind of condition?

Did she realize something special existed in his body that he didn't know until now?

Or did she have the ability to see the future?

Countless questions appeared in his mind.

'What is it?'

As he was thinking about Roshia, Layla suddenly entered his room.

"Ace, what are you doing?" Layla entered his room as if it was hers.

Ace sat up and responded, "Nothing."

"Then let's go to the backyard. The view there is beautiful." Without waiting for his answer, she grabbed his right hand and dragged him to the backyard.

Ace could only smile when she suddenly dragged him to the backyard.

After they reached the backyard, they sat on the ground with their backs leaning against a huge tree.

"How is it, Ace? It's beautiful, right?" Layla, who was on his right side, inquired.

"Yes. It's beautiful." Ace could see mountains and a lake from there.

'I didn't expect this place to have such a beautiful view.'

He added in his head.

"Ace, which one is more beautiful? The view, or me?" Layla inquired.

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