Binding System-Chapter 303 Alselian City

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Chapter 303 Alselian City

"Ace, which one is more beautiful? The view, or me?" Layla wanted Ace to praise her, so she threw this question at him.

"You are more beautiful." Ace answered instantly because he knew how to answer it.

"Mmmuuccchhh." Without giving a warning, Layla cupped his handsome face and kissed his lips. "This is your reward for answering my question correctly."

Ace was pleasantly surprised by her sudden kiss. "Layla, give me more question."

Instead of giving him a question, she kissed his lips again.

"Mmmuuuccchhh…" she giggled happily after kissing him.

"Layla, I asked you to give me a question. Why did you kiss me again?" even though he said something like this, he was thrilled.

"You asked me to give you a question because you wanted me to kiss you again, right?" she did not give him a question and instantly kissed him because she knew his real intention.

"Oh, you knew it?" he admitted it instantly.

"Of course. Hehe." She giggled happily.

"Then let me give you a question now." He stopped and paused for a second before finally he continued, "Who is the sexiest lady in Nightshire City?"

"Me! I'm the sexiest lady in Nightshire City." Layla replied confidently.

"You are right." When Ace was about to kiss her, Layla did the same thing again.

She kissed his lips again!

Not only that, but she also put her soft tongue into his mouth.

Deep kiss!

Yes, she kissed him passionately.

Did he reject the kiss?

Of course not!

Even though it was different from his plan, he did not care about it because his plan was to kiss her.

After stopping the kiss, Layla smiled and inquired, "How is it? Are you happy now?"

Instead of answering her question, he asked, "Layla, why did you kiss me again? It should be my turn to kiss you because I was the one who threw a question at you."

"Why are you complaining, Ace? You should thank me because I kissed you passionately just now." She said as she pinched his cheeks a little hard.

"Of course, I'm complaining because you just kissed me." he pretended as if he was unhappy.

"Isn't it the same? You threw a question at me because you wanted to kiss me, right?" she inquired.

"It's not the same." He responded, "If I kiss you, that means I eat you. But if you kiss me, that means you eat me. Do you think it's still the same?"

"Hehe." Layla giggled.

'He is so funny sometimes.'

Sometimes, she did not get his train of thought.

But even so, I did not lessen her love for him; instead, it made her like him even more because it made their time more interesting.

"So, you want to eat me, huh?" she giggled again.

"You are right. I want to eat you. I rea-" He stopped halfway and corrected his words. "Ehm! I mean, I want to kiss you."

Layla rose to her feet and started to run. "Catch me, Ace. You can eat me if you can catch me."

"Don't go back on your words later." After saying that, he chased her.

"Haha." Layla laughed as she ran.

The duo did not use skills as they ran as if they were not awakeners, but ordinary people.

"You are so slow, Ace. Haha." Layla laughed happily.

"Then I will be serious this time." After saying that, Ace ran faster.


There were ten cities in the eastern part of the Luvrela region. Unlike the western, northern and southern areas, there was not a single kingdom in the eastern part.

These ten cities were not under the jurisdiction of any kingdom or big organization, so it could be said they were independent cities.

Among these ten cities, Herora City and Alselian City were the most famous ones. Not only that, but Herora City and Alselian City were also the closest ones to Nightshire City.

It took them six days to travel from Nightshire City to Herora City. But it would only take them four days to travel from Nightshire City to Alselian City.

In other words, Alselian City was the closest city to Nightshire City.

Even though Alselian City was the closest city, they did not have a good relationship.

Actually, Scarlett's late husband tried to build a good relationship with Alselian City in the past, but he changed his mind when he knew what kind of person their city lord was.

Not only was he not a loyal person, but he was greedy too. He was even willing to betray his friends for the sake of achieving his goals.

That was why Scarlett's late husband never tried to build a good relationship with Alselian City anymore because he knew it was a bad idea.

"Your suggestion is so bold, Lara." A mature man, who was sitting on his office chair, spoke abruptly.

The mature man had red hair and green eyes. He was a little fat and had a beard. The name of this mature man was none other than Aidan Morris, the city lord of Alselian City.

"But this is a great opportunity to take Nightshire City, my lord." A gorgeous mature lady, who was standing in front of Aidan, responded.

The mature lady had long brown hair and emerald eyes. Her slender body could make any man gulp their saliva, and her smile could steal many men's hearts.

If she lived in Ace's previous world, she could become a model easily because she was an attractive lady.

The name of this lady was none other than Lara Pearce, Aidan's secretary.

"They are currently in their weak state. If we don't take advantage of this situation, then it would be a shame because an opportunity like this will not happen a second time." Lara kept telling him to attack Nightshire City because they were in their weak state.

Aidan touched his chin.

'She is right, but…'

He began thinking about the advantages and the disadvantages.

After thinking for more than a minute, he uttered, "Call General Xavier and the others. We will discuss this now."

"Understood." After saying that, Lara walked out of his office.


Roshia's House, Backyard.

Two attractive people could be seen on the grass. The young lady was lying on her back while the young man was on top of her.

Even though the young lady could not free herself, not the slightest sign of fear could be seen in her eyes.

Instead, a soft smile appeared on her face.

It was as if everything was still under her control.

The names of these two young people were none other than Ace and Layla, the citizens of Nightshire City.

Previously, they were playing tag, but one thing led to another, and they fell on the grass.

Of course, neither of them was injured.

They were powerful awakeners, so falling to the grass would not injure them.

That was why they could act as if they did not fall to the grass.

"I have caught you." Ace, who was grabbing her hands, uttered. "You can't run away from me now."

"What are you going to do to me now?" Layla inquired.

Even though she could not free herself, she was still calm.


She did not even try to free herself as if she surrendered herself to be caught by Ace.

"Are you going to eat me now?" she asked.

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