Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?-Chapter 748: He Can Disappear into thin Air?

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Chapter 748 - 748: He Can Disappear into thin Air?

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“Good. Looks like it’s time to show you my true strength.”

When the people around heard him say this, they all rolled their eyes. “Could you dial back your arrogance a little?”

“That’s right! Didn’t you see the others display such powerful and diverse abilities? How dare you belittle them and say such words?”

Zhao Liang smiled and shook his head without any further explanation.

He walked up to the arena, and his opponent was no longer the young man who had released the green rain of light.

After all, there were a total of five hundred genetically-modified warriors present.

Not only were they physically strong, but many of them had mastered various shocking long-range attacks!

Zhao Liang might have overwhelming strength in the field of close combat, but when it came to long-range attacks, he was not in a world of his own.

After a few outstanding fighters rotated through the arena, Zhao Liang finally encountered a rather troublesome opponent. It was a guy surrounded by black mist.

This black mist was reminiscent of an electromagnetic wave.

It affected the activity of all living beings within a thirty-meter radius.

More amazingly, this guy could use the black mist to reduce the surrounding temperature.

The mist also contained traces of electricity, which could cause unbearable pain.

This warrior had defeated several powerful opponents with his special “Mist Domain.

He became unstoppable in the arena.

“Young man, you’re finally ready to make your move after such a long wait. What are your plans?

The undefeated warrior laughed with ridicule.

Zhao Liang remained expressionless and had no intention to respond to his mockery.

“Let’s get started. I have to go back and get some sleep after this,” Zhao Liang casually said before he got into a battle stance.

“What?! How dare you patronize me!”

The undefeated warrior was burning with anger. For a moment, he felt that his reputation had been greatly challenged.

“You really don’t know how big the gap between us is. I might make you lie in bed for a full month before you can recover!

After that, the undefeated warrior laughed sinisterly and instantly activated the special power in his body.

Black mist gushed out of his body like a storm and quickly filled the entire arena.

It gave off a sense of oppression as if it could devour everything.

“Look! The undefeated warrior has finally begun to make his move. That young man called Zhao Liang definitely won’t last long!

At this moment, all the high-ranking officers on the base began to evaluate the battle from the observation platform.

One of the officers frowned and softly muttered, “Zhao Liang is obviously not as big as his opponent. Also, he looks unfocused and absent-minded. How could someone like him turn things around in the blink of an eye and defeat that warrior in the arena?

“Yes!” A second officer immediately nodded in agreement. “The undefeated warrior is comparable to a fierce tiger in the limelight. He’s about to be the champion of this challenge!’

Even though the people present were predicting Zhao Liangs failure, Wu MO did not say a word.

He wore a mysterious smile as if he knew everything.

How could they understand how surprising Zhao Liangs special ability was?

“Tsk, tsk. Mr. Wu, what’s with that look?”

Everyone was speechless.

Wu Mo l s expression was still as confusing as ever.

No one could figure out his true thoughts.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the arena was extremely tense.

The audience generally believed that Zhao Liang would pay a heavy price for his arrogance and ignorance.

They estimated that he would have to lie in bed for at least a month.

One should know that the undefeated warrior in the arena had held back when he dealt with his previous opponents.

However, he decided to show no mercy to Zhao Liang. He wanted this young man to realize how superior he was.

Thick black mist spread out like a ferocious beast that was not afraid of death.

Meanwhile, the audience was numb with fear.

Despite that, Zhao Liang was as steady as Mount Tai. It was as if the black mist was nothing more than floating clouds.

“Hmm, interesting. Your black mist contains electricity that forms an exquisite electromagnetic field. What an extraordinary power! Zhao Liang inadvertently praised.

His words clearly made the undefeated warrior seethe with anger. “How dare you be so arrogant? You’re asking for death!”

Anger rose in his heart, and he decided to inflict more damage on Zhao Liang.

Originally, he had only planned to make him lie in bed for a month.

Now, it was going to be three months!

With that thought, the black mist in the undefeated warrior’s body surged out uncontrollably.

His aura became more prominent, and the electric current around him grew more terrifying.

Suddenly, the electric current combined with what looked like green lightning. It seemed to have a physical body as it raged in all directions.

A series of crackling sounds rang out in the sky, and the viewers had theirs hearts in their mouths.

They could clearly feel the undefeated warrior’s burning rage.

They were worried that Zhao Liang would be severely injured.

Yet, Zhao Liang himself did not seem to care at all. He had a curious look in his eyes as if he was exploring something new.

Right then, the green electric current gathered at a single point and shot out like a venomous snake.

However, Zhao Liang suddenly disappeared from everyone’s sight.

That’s right. He disappeared under everyone’s watchful eye!

The sound of the wind blew past everyone’s ears right before Zhao Liang vanished.

‘What’s going on? What kind of trick is this?’ the undefeated warrior roared in his heart.

This was even more unbelievable than pulling a turtle out of its shell.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

How could one not be surprised that Zhao Liang possessed such an incredible ability?

“Oh, my God! Seeing how confident you’ve been, you must have known that Zhao Liang had this ability, Mr. Wu!”

The officers finally understood.

Invisibility was indeed something that could shock others.

It was a subversion of traditional martial arts!

They had basically made the Invisible Man a reality!

Everyone understood that Zhao Liang must have gone through some kind of biological or genetic modification.

It allowed him to completely block out the human eye.

But at the same time, this invisibility ability did not mean that he had disappeared from the material world.

In other words, if someone accidentally attacked his invisible area, he could still be injured or exposed.

However, Wu MO shook his head and laughed it off.

“You are wrong. His ability is not only invisibility, but also speed! A speed that is enough to make you feel as if he is disappearing!”

What the hell! Speed and not invisibility? This was impossible!

None of the officers were easily fooled, but they were instantly shocked by Wu Mo l s words.

“Is Zhao Liangs speed so incredible that he has the illusion of invisibility?”

An officer’s voice was trembling.

It was as if he couldn’t believe what was happening in front of him.

Wu Mo l s smile grew wider. “Continue watching the battle. The answer will be revealed..”

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