Blacksmith: You Are Making Mjolnir For The Forging Exam?-Chapter 749 Speed Is All You Need in Martial Arts

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Chapter 749 Speed Is All You Need in Martial Arts

The scene on the screen changed, and Zhao Liang instantly appeared on the other side of the arena!

"Stop hiding around!" the undefeated warrior roared in anger.

Then, a ball of black mist rushed toward Zhao Liang like a vengeful spirit.

Everyone in the stands watched with trepidation.

At the same time, they were also amazed by Zhao Liang's mysterious ability.

However, Zhao Liang disappeared again.

The undefeated warrior's black mist seemed to have gone down the drain, all of it missing.

However, just as the undefeated warrior was fuming with anger, Zhao Liang's voice rang out.

"Since you want to fight me so badly, I'll grant your wish." 

As soon as he finished speaking, the undefeated warrior suddenly fell to the ground and lost consciousness.

"W-What the hell is this?"

At this moment, everyone in the audience was dumbfounded. They saw it, but it was as if they did not see anything.

"Impossible! This was completely impossible! We didn't even blink. How did he defeat that warrior?"

An officer almost howled.

"That's right. Is he a magician? Or does he have the ability to attack mentally?"

Everyone cast suspicious looks at him.

Even Wu Mo smiled. He seemed to think that the discussion below the stage was a little too much. "You guys have too much imagination."

"Mr. Wu, don't hide it anymore. Hurry up and tell me! What's going on?" an officer shouted impatiently.

The officers below the stage all revealed a bitter smile. They were really disturbed by this Zhao Liang.

What was even more unbelievable was that Zhao Liang did not make any obvious movements.

The undefeated warrior fell to the ground as if he had been electrocuted.

No matter how one looked at it, this scene felt unreal. It was simply beyond people's understanding.

"Haha. I've already told you that his ability is speed, an extreme speed that surpasses the comprehension of ordinary people. Can't you guys extend more possibilities from the speed point?"

Wu Mo chuckled again as if he was mocking everyone's shortsightedness.

Hearing Wu Mo's words, everyone immediately focused their thoughts.

"I see, Mr. Wu," said an officer. "In other words, his speed has reached an unimaginable level. He can turn his body, or even a finger, into a fatal weapon and instantly defeat his opponent!"

Wu Mo nodded and confirmed his guess. "When speed reached a certain level, it became energy and power. He doesn't need any flashy moves or techniques, because in front of his speed, all defenses are futile, and all attacks are fatal."

"In other words, when he said that, he had already used his speed to attack. The undefeated warrior was unable to defend at all, so he directly fell to the ground. This is also reasonable."

Wu Mo's explanation shocked everyone.

After thinking for a moment, everyone felt that it was even more terrifying.

To imagine a person's speed reaching such a level, it was almost as if he was doing what he said. No one could stop him.

What was even more terrifying was that he had such speed.

In fact, he was almost invincible in terms of defense.

After all, who could touch him?

"Mr. Wu, this is terrifying beyond our imagination. What did you think about it back then?" an officer could not help but ask curiously.

"It's not that bad." Wu Mo smiled bitterly. "At that time, the super speed gene capsule had just been developed. It wasn't fully mature yet, so I didn't recommend it to anyone."

"Most of the genetically-modified warriors had chosen to give up on the speed capsules and instead choose the bio-modification capsules that seemed to have more aggressive and powerful abilities."

Hearing Wu Mo's explanation, everyone nodded.

If it were them, they would be faced with a brand-new and immature choice.

With so many proven powerful capsules around, they would probably make the same choice.

Wu Mo smiled and continued, "I didn't know why, but Zhao Liang was obsessed with this super speed capsule. At that time, I had no choice but to give him this experimental gene transplant. I never thought that the effect would not only be good, but it would also exceed everyone's expectations."

Everyone took a deep breath and sighed. "It seems that Zhao Liang is a match made in heaven for the speed capsule. Or rather, he is someone who has an extreme desire for speed."

Without a doubt, Zhao Liang was standing on the stage.

His presence made the people around him speechless.

This was because until now, not many genetic warriors had been able to see through how Zhao Liang had done it.

After all, every genetically-modified warrior had to follow strict confidentiality procedures after receiving the biological modification capsules.

Unless they communicated with each other.

Otherwise, it was impossible to know what kind of superpower the other party had.

At this moment, the "undefeated warrior" was being helped down. He was still unconscious.

His black mist also gradually dissipated as he left.

"Who else wants to challenge me? Please hurry!" the host urged.

For a moment, everyone looked at each other, feeling a little unwilling.

They were ready to challenge again to win the fruits of victory.

"Let me test your ability!"

Suddenly, an extremely muscular man walked up.

His special ability was simple but extremely powerful. His fists could become as hard as steel.

Moreover, the speed of the punch was extremely fast.

Such an ability was exactly the extremely powerful attack method that he had originally desired.

There was no doubt that his Steel Fist could completely satisfy his needs.

His steel fists came one after another, incomparably fierce, forcing Zhao Liang to retreat to a corner.

However, this burly man was also very cautious.

He was constantly on alert for any unusual energy fluctuations around him.

He would never forget that Zhao Liang had only utter one sentence before the undefeated warrior directly fainted.

Therefore, he was always on guard.

Pay attention to whether there is an unknown aura or energy around him that might attack him at any time.

This brawny man known as Iron Fist not only had hard fists.

Its entire body had been specially modified, and it could be said to be a monster with extremely strong defense.

"Fall to the ground!"

The sound of his iron fists were like thunder, and the muscles all over his body swelled to the extreme at this moment.

His fist moved at a speed that almost exceeded the limits of human reaction.

It carried a force that tore through the air as it ruthlessly struck towards Zhao Liang's throat.

Everyone present understood that if this punch really hit the target.

Zhao Liang would most likely fall into a coma in an instant and might even have to spend a long time in the hospital.

However, at this moment.

Iron Fist suddenly saw an elusive smile on Zhao Liang's face.

"What are you laughing at? Even if you have any trump cards, can you still dodge at this distance and speed?" Iron Fist roared in his heart.

He felt that his punch was so fast that it could not be dodged.

Even the most powerful genetically-modified warrior in the world would not have enough time to dodge this attack.

However, what happened in the next second made everyone's hearts almost stop.


Just like before, Zhao Liang disappeared without a trace as if he had never existed.