Brothel Manager : Unexpected Encounter with A Hidden Family Heirloom

Authors : PeterPan

Status : OnGoing

Genres : Fantasy , Adult , Harem , Romance

Chapters: 188

Last update: 4 months ago

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Warning : This is harem novel... but the romance part will start from 63 chapter. So read upto that before dropping the book.Highest Contributor : @reggierea = Space Craft"Who said i want to kill you...? work as a manager at my brothel"With that one sentence my life took a complete U turn.Hai, my name is Mohan Das and....I'm just an ordinary student of city collage in Mumbai. Due to unexpected circumstances I became a manager at brothel house to deal with the foreign customers. But the day i visited my parents burial site, A mountain goat spirit entered inside my body from a hidden family heirloom and on the same day the lady from the hidden family offered me hundred billion to protect her baby.Oh, you are asking me what did I achieve with that hundred billion.... haha, I ruled the under world, married a girl from hidden family. Collected all Hidden family heirlooms except one. Dear readers! Without any ads, maybe you will prefer .