Counterattack System appeared when I'm already At The Mahayana Realm-Chapter 220 - 219: The Imperial Palace is not for the service of the Human Emperor (Happy Year of the Tiger) (An addition for book friend General Liu)

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Chapter 220: Chapter 219: The Imperial Palace is not for the service of the Human Emperor (Happy Year of the Tiger) (An addition for book friend General Liu)

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“Lu Pin, what do you think are the requirements for becoming the leader of the Imperial Palace, besides maintaining a neutral position?” Jiang Li asked gently, his tone casual, as if he were chatting with a friend. But he had an air of undeniable authority, akin to a superior assessing a subordinate.

Amped up by the magic artifact designed for sound amplification, the noise on stage was so loud that Jiang Li’s voice could barely be heard.

However, to Zi Tongxin, it seemed as if Jiang Li was the only person in the world, and the performance on stage and the Emperor were merely a backdrop.

Lu Pin felt the same way, even sensing immense pressure from Jiang Li.

“Loyalty to the Human Emperor is also required.” Lu Pin bravely replied, “To show my support for you, I’ve modified the original performance plan, adding extra programs and promoting your views through the show.”

“And do you think the people enjoyed it?”

“Th-they somewhat enjoyed…”

“Really? My divine sense tells me that a third of the audience has left after three performances. Can you guess why they left?”

Lu Pin did not know how to answer this question.

He couldn’t tell the truth, nor could he lie, so he remained silent.

“Answer me!” Jiang Li’s voice suddenly increased by eight octaves. Stammering, Lu Pin said: “They couldn’t appreciate these performances.”

“Who could then? Ordinary folks who enjoy educational pursuits during the festival? Your performance was merely propaganda, who do you expect to watch it! Even I can’t bear to watch such performances!”

“Art is unique and lofty, it’s normal if most people don’t get it.” Lu Pin stubbornly countered, refusing to admit his mistakes.

“Really? You think being lofty and understanding less is commendable?” Jiang Li sneered, “Everyone dislikes the show, you call this art, do you have a conscience when you say this?”

“And what about those craftsmen who are still working during the festival?

Have you thought about who they are working for once they finish!”

“For… for you.”

“What’s the use if I watch it? Would it help you become the leader?”

Indeed, that was exactly what Lu Pin was thinking.

When he found out he was a candidate for leadership, he wanted to showcase his well-governed state to Jiang Li, signifying his competence to take up the role.

So he ordered the craftsmen not to return home and to finish their work before Jiang Li’s arrival. That way, Jiang Li could see a clean, tidy and well-planned Duo Chi Kingdom, leaving a good impression on him.

However, he suddenly found out that a road within the Duo Chi Kingdom had been unexpectedly completed. Hearing the craftsmen talk about the good-hearted monk’s methods, he knew this was something that could only be achieved by someone in the body integration realm.

His gut told him that this monk was none other than, Jiang Li.

He realized that this meant Jiang Li was dissatisfied with him; otherwise, he wouldn’t have stepped in to help the craftsmen.

He had made a massive blunder!

So he waited early by the stage in the royal city for Jiang Li, hoping to remedy his negative impression in Jiang Li’s mind through the performance. Indeed, Jiang Li came.

Jiang Li’s charisma was too conspicuous; it was not hard to spot him if you looked carefully.

To his irritation, an ordinary citizen named Zi Tongxin kept criticizing the night’s performance, saying how boring it was, how unimpressive it was, it infuriated him to the point where he even harbored murderous intent.

Ignorance! How could they understand the king’s hardship!

What was wrong with tonight’s performance except for no laughter inducing performance!

He even argued, trying to convince them that the performance was enjoyable, full of depth and connotations.

Zi Tongxin didn’t agree, and to Lu Pin’s despair, even Jiang Li didn’t agree.

“Lu Pin, you actually thought you could sacrifice the interest of the people for my approval?”

“Would you accept such treatment if you were a commoner, a mortal?” Jiang Li was outraged, fearing there would be endless trouble if an individual like Lu Pin were allowed to enter the Imperial Palace as a leader.

The damage Lu Pin could do, was similar to the kind Dong Wuwei could do.

They fail to realize that the Imperial Palace was not created to serve them, but to serve Jiuzhou.

Having cultivated to the Mahayana Realm, he did not need faith or resources. What could they possibly help him with?

There was a fundamental flaw in their thinking.

He didn’t need the leaders to be sycophantic.

The five leaders understood this, they even pointed out where they thought he was wrong.

Even though it was proven later that Jiang Li was right.

Among the three options proposed by Leader Liu, two were utterly unsuitable and one was on the margin of being unsuitable.

Jiang Li suddenly realized how exceptional his five leaders were.

So what if they were a bit dim-witted and ate a lot, took pleasure in inappropriate things, tended to be gloomy, or liked to act saintly.

These were all minor issues.

What else was Leader Liu unsatisfied about?

People are always aggrieved by comparison, Jiang Li mused.

“Lu Pin, admit your mistake.” Jiang Li pushed him to this point, if he still refused to admit his mistake, then he was truly ungrateful. Jiang Li had rarely seen the Emperor so serious and angry. Probably only when discussing the means used by the external Heavenly Demon at Jiuzhou conference had he exhibited such an attitude.

Zi Tongxin felt inexplicably relieved watching this scene.

However, this relief was quickly replaced by fear. The Emperor had said that if the Emperor held a grudge against him, would he live to see tomorrow?

“If anything happens to their family, I’ll hold you responsible.” Jiang Li pointed a finger at Zi Tongxin, effectively granting him a protection charm.

Lu Pin trembled with fear,

He understood that from now on, he not only couldn’t act against Zi Tongxin, but he also had to ensure the safety of Zi Tongxin’s family and prevent any accidents.

“And those craftsmen, they do have a duty to work, but they shouldn’t be working during the New Year. You should let them go home right away.”


Jiang Li’s mood was somewhat ruined by all this during what was supposed to be a festive season. With his hands behind his back, he left.

Feeling dispirited as the cold wind brushed his face in the open air, his remote communication talisman suddenly lit up.

“Hall Master, where are you right now?” Leader Liu contacted Jiang Li. “In the eastern parts of Jiuzhou, what happened?”

Zhang Konghu poked his head out from the side: “Brother Jiang, come back to the Imperial Palace for the New Year. Everyone is here.”

Leader Liu adjusted the angle of the communication talisman and indeed all six leaders were gathered in the Imperial Palace. The dining table was filled with mouth-watering delicacies and the main seat was vacant.

“Yes, yes.” The usually melancholic Leader Huang broke into a rare smile, “Kong Hu went home to Great Witch Country to spend New Year’s with his family in advance, just so he could spend it at the Imperial Palace with Brother Jiang.”

“Weren’t we supposed to keep this a secret!”

Zhang Konghu was filled with embarrassment and outrage and pretended to hit Huang regenerating chaos, its noise echoed with laughter.

“We don’t have any relatives, might as well stay in the Imperial Palace.” The couple Ma Zhuo laughed. “We prepared the New Year’s Eve dinner.” “Brother Jiang, you’re the only one missing.” Wood Leader said.

“Alright, I’m coming back.” Jiang Li replied nonchalantly without noticing that a couple of tears had trickled down his face.

Neither did he realize that the leaders didn’t mention it. They acted as if they hadn’t seen it.

The moment Jiang Li agreed, he shed two lines of clear tears..

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