Counterattack System appeared when I'm already At The Mahayana Realm-Chapter 221 - 220: The Contemporary Dao Sect’s Female Cultivator

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Chapter 221: Chapter 220: The Contemporary Dao Sect’s Female Cultivator

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Bai Hongtu arrived at the Imperial Palace only to see a messy scene behind Jiang Li several people were lying around haphazardly.

Some of the commanders intentionally did not sober up from their drunkenness and were sleeping on the ground in awkward positions. Zhang Konghu even stretched his foot to the mouth of Commander Huang, which made him frown from the stench.

Commander Liu had a very good sleeping posture; he was spread out on the ground with his hands crossed on his chest, his face was tranquil and there was a faint smile around his mouth, he was muttering “Xiao Tao, Xiao Tao…” No one seemed to know who this Xiao Tao was.

“You don’t have all the commanders here. Where are the two commanders, Ma Zhuo?” Bai Hongtu noticed that only Commanders Liu, Zhang Konghu, Mu, and Huang were present at the Imperial Palace.

With a expressionless face, Jiang Li replied: “They are busy procreating. They said that they tend to lose control in drunkenness and if they ended up having a baby out of it, it would be great.”

He felt that he had been influenced by the festive atmosphere yesterday, making him think Commander Zhuo wasn’t that bad after all.

“Happy New Year.” Bai Hongtu reached out his hand.

“What for?” Jiang Li didn’t know what trick Bai Hongtu was trying to pull.

“For lucky money. There’s gotta be lucky money for the New Year.” If I remember correctly, you’re one year older than me, aren’t you?”

“We are all cultivators here. We don’t measure age here; cultivators respect each other based on their cultivation level, as you are in the Mahayana Realm, you should give me New Year money as I am in the Transcendance Tribulation

Stage.” Bai Hongtu spoke confidently. “I don’t recall you ever showing me respect.”

“Asking for money isn’t the same as hard times.”

Jiang Li felt that Bai Hongtu made a convincing point, so he sent him a “get lost” in response.

“So stingy.” Bai Hongtu slapped his chest, “I will let bygones be bygones and share with you a new discovery.”

“We overlooked an issue with the Ming Zhong World.” Bai Hongtu seriously said, “The Ming Zhong World could be a Continent World, or it could be a Planet World.”

“We saw Ming Zhong living on a continent and assumed it was a Continent World, but that continent was created by Dao Sect. It wasn’t something that world originally had.”

“Ming Zhong and others are the remaining inhabitants of Immortal Realm, they are not the people of this world. So the question is where are the people of this world?”

Seeing the commanders were sleeping, Bai Hongtu didn’t worry about revealing the secret of Dao Sect transforming into a continent.

Jiang Li was taken aback. This was indeed a problem.

“Should we go and find out?” Bai Hongtu suggested, this was his main reason to visit today.


Since Bai Hongtu couldn’t traverse the Void on his own, Jiang Li accompanied him to the teleportation gate of Dao Sect.

The two casually chatted while on their way,

“How are the students that Ming Zhong sent over?”

“They are very dedicated to learning; basically, they don’t take rest, use wake-up pills instead of sleeping, and want to learn the entire cultivation system of the Nine Provinces to take back to the Ming Zhong World.”

“As for the elders, according to them, they wish to guide the Nine Provinces into the era of industrial talisman production to enable mass production of talismans. ”

“But they are facing a lot of issues currently, like some specific talisman needs the blood of the person inscribing it, mass production of talismans will lead to insufficient blood. The elders are discussing if they can consider the machine as an ‘individual’ inscribing the talisman, using the machine ‘blood’ (which is actually oil) to inscribe the talisman.”

“…Interesting idea.”

“A few days ago, Ming Zhong discussed with me that through the creation of cultivation novels, shooting fantasy TV shows, and live broadcasts they have immunized the people of their world who are gradually accepting the culture of cultivation. he asked if we could open up some more quota. By the way, the term ‘immunization’ was learned from Ming Zhong.”

“It’s possible. Other factions have long coveted the technology of the Ming Zhong World. Since both sides are willing and the timing is maturing, let’s increase the communication between the two sides.” Jiang Li agreed, “But how does live streaming help promote cultivation?”

“It’s like this, Ming Zhong asked us to invite a female cultivator to become a direct broadcast host in their world. It seems that being a broadcast host is a profession in their world.” Bai Hongtu couldn’t understand it very well, just standing in front of the camera and talking can be considered a profession?

“I thought about letting my disciple, Yu Youxian become the broadcast host.

There’s no need for the ambassador of the Dao Sect to be restricted to the Nine Provinces. Going to other worlds and spreading the name of our Dao Sect wouldn’t hurt.”

It’s the first time Jiang Li heard that the contemporary Dao Sect ambassador was a female cultivator, and Bai Hongtu had never told him that before.

Bai Hongtu showed Jiang Li a video clip using a spell. In the video, there was a girl who seemed to be seventeen or eighteen years old, dressed in a clean white robe. Her appearance was cute and she was making a fist and bowing to the camera, appearing somewhat nervous.

“Hello everyone, I am Yu Youxian, the ambassador of Dao Sect from the world of Nine Provinces.”

She then began to seriously explain the concepts of Nine Provinces World, Dao Sect, and cultivation.

There were many broadcast hosts in the Ming Zhong World, who had a variety of identity backgrounds such as teachers at magic academies, aliens, underground people, group presidents and so on as a gimmick to attract people. So people quickly accepted Yu Youxian’s identity.

It’s all fake, anyway.

And the girl was quite cute.

When many people in the bullet screen didn’t believe what she said, Yu Youxian was angered and wanted to prove herself, so she performed a superb display of swordsmanship, with brilliant sword qi. The hard stones were like paper in front of the sword qi and were easily split in two.

The technology of the Ming Zhong World was very advanced. It’s not a big deal to cut stones with a sword, even cutting the sky with a sword could be achieved with special effects. People still took it only as a joke and thought this broadcaster was interesting.

“Now, Youxian has tens of millions of fans, and Ming Zhong said that after a while, they will officially confirm Youxian’s identity and publicly announce the world of Nine Provinces in the official capacity.”

“That’s an interesting idea.” Jiang Li laughed.

But he suddenly realized that the contemporary Dao Sect ambassador is a female cultivator, so when he impersonated the ambassador of Dao Sect before, it would be …

No, no, don’t think about it anymore.

“Also, Youxian finds Ming Zhong World amusing, and the spiritual energy there is very abundant, so I let her stay there for a while longer.” Bai Hongtu takes disciple mentoring seriously despite his usual unreliability. His policy is to leave her be, and let her get by on her own.

There’s a theoretical basis for it.

The Dao Sect ancestor once said, Dao methods are natural.

Jiang Li and Bai Hongtu arrived at the Ming Zhong World. Their physical strength alone was not enough to break free from the gravitational pull of the continent, so Bai Hongtu used a Dao technique to manipulate their bodies and transport themselves to the outer space.

The two searched for an entire day but couldn’t find a single life-sustaining This was normal, the universe was huge, extending billions of lightyears. Searching for a life-sustaining planet in such a vast area was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

No matter how exaggerated Jiang Li’s Divine Sense was, it couldn’t cover such a vast distance.

In the previous encounter, the Buddhist Heaven was able to quickly find the life-sustaining planet in the zombie world because it followed the path the zombie virus spread. Now that Jiang Li and Bai Hongtu had no such clue at hand, it was imcomparable.

The Immortal Realm divided worlds into Continent Worlds and Planet Worlds, reaching the conclusion that Continent Worlds did not have life-sustaining planets and Planet Worlds did not have continents in line with their conclusion that all worlds must have human tribes.

These two conclusions were the result of countless world explorations by the Immortals.

According to Chang Cunxian, on average, it takes a cultivator ten to several decades to fully explore a world using divine skills.

Even though they had plenty of time, neither of them would want to spend decades looking for the indigenous human tribe.

Suddenly, Jiang Li remembered that he still had access to the System Store, which might have something useful.

Jiang Li summoned the store and began to browse through the items..