Crazy! Are You Really A Beast Tamer?-Chapter 112 - : Grandmaster Creator: Shuo Yang 1

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Chapter 112: Chapter 112: Grandmaster Creator: Shuo Yang 1

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The JA branch of the Beastmaster Alliance could easily be said to be the busiest place in the city, both day and night!

A large number of Beast Masters are here to take on tasks, or join temporary Adventure groups to make a living.

In such a place with a massive number of Beast Masters, it’s inevitable that some people gain opportunities during their wilderness expeditions.

These events have become stories spreading among the Beast Masters, inspiring more ordinary Beast Masters.

In contrast to the hustle and bustle of the first floor’s hall, as well as the second floor’s offices.

The Beastmaster Alliance Branch, starting from the third floor, is entirely made up of individual reception rooms.

The Beastmaster Alliance officials will cooperate with some factions in need of manpower, providing manpower and guaranteeing the quality.

At the same time, they also guarantee the interests of these manpower.

Any Beast Master with a smidge of strength prefers to participate in tasks backed by the Beastmaster Alliance.

The laws of the Dragon Rising Federation are strict, with identity cards being an essential part of life, making the risk of crime incredibly high!

Thus, even a relentless bloodthirsty madman must suppress their desires within the city.

But outside the city, where the laws aren’t as stringent, jungle laws become dominant.

Killing and robbing are common.

However, those tasks with the Beastmaster Alliance’s backing, effectively preempt this.

Because if an accident happens to a Beast Master who joins such a task, the Beastmaster Alliance will send out a dedicated team to investigate.

After the investigation, a dedicated law enforcement division will hold a hearing and hold accountable those responsible.

No villain or power wants to be targeted by an official force like the Beastmaster Alliance.

Just by looking at the packed reception rooms, it symbolizes the prosperity of the Beastmaster Alliance.

This prosperity has a lot to do with the personal channels that Lu Yuyu brought from the Imperial City.

On normal days, Lu Yuyu enjoys spending time on the first, second, and third floors, appreciating the fruits of his labor.

At this moment, however, Lu Yuyu sat in his fourth-floor office with a heavy face.

Looking at the tall, thin man with long hair sitting in front of him, he remained silent for a long while.

Seeing Lu Yuyu’s appearance, Lin Ziyuan sighed softly.

“Ah Yu, I know you have always been level-headed.”

“In terms of stability, I have been inferior to you since we were children.”

“Why now all of a sudden, you want to apply for the Sakura Tempering Carp from the Alliance!?”

“Don’t you know that many important characters have set their eyes on this Sakura Tempering Carp!?”

As he spoke, Lin Ziyuan wore an expression of great concern.

Lin Ziyuan, Lu Yuyu, and Luo Su had grown up together since they were children.

Regarding family ties, the Lin Family was closer to the Luo Family.

If Lin Ziyuan hadn’t been afraid of snakes as a child, Luo Su, who gets along well with python-type Guardian Beasts, would’ve likely been betrothed to Lin Ziyuan!

Perhaps because of his childhood fear of snakes, Lin Ziyuan’s relationship with Luo Su had always been strained.

But Lin Ziyuan’s relationship with Lu Yuyu was closer than that of real brothers!

Lin Ziyuan’s choice to join the Beastmaster Alliance and pass up an invitation from the Dracoid Research Institute was influenced by Lu Yuyu.

Lu Yuyu became an external executor, while Lin Ziyuan became a director in charge of internal affairs. freewebn(o)vel

Knowing that his good brother has set his heart on the “Sacred Relic” Sakura Tempering Carp, Lin Ziyuan rushed over without hesitation!

Fearing that Lu Yuyu would make a mistake!

As a director, he deals with more information and news every day than his peers who are external executors.

Lin Ziyuan thought that if he told Lu Yuyu that Dragon Mother’s grandson, MO

Shang, has set his heart on the “Sacred Relic” Sakura Tempering Carp,

Lu Yuyu would immediately give up the plan to apply for the “Sacred Relic” Sakura Tempering Carp.

But to his surprise, his words only put pressure on Lu Yuyu, without making him think about giving up at all.

In Lin Ziyuan’s eyes, Lu Yuyu is a very clever person!

How can a smart person make such elementary mistakes?

Who could make Lu Yuyu work so hard, even to the point of offending those important characters?

Worried about his best friend making a fool of himself, Lin Ziyuan decided to resort to harsher methods.

“Ah Yu, you should know, though I chose not to work at the Dracoid Research Institute, both of my cousins are there,”

“The head writer of the Dracoid Research Institute, Zhang Qing, has already started mobilizing resources and is planning for the Sakura Tempering Carp! ” In Lin Ziyuan’s view, there could be no harsher news than this.

Besides being the head writer of the Dracoid Research Institute, Zhang Qing is also the assistant to Grandmaster Shuo Yang.

Even if Lu Yuyu does apply for the “Sacred Relic” Sakura Tempering Carp, it may not necessarily upset influential figures like MO Shang or Zhang Qing.

But even if there’s only a one in ten thousand chance, he shouldn’t take such a risk.

Lu Yuyu had already considered the pressure he might face before bringing up the matter with Fang Mu.

But because of the lack of information compared to Lin Ziyuan, Lu Yuyu didn’t expect the pressure would be so massive!

The silence from Lu Yuyu wasn’t due to worry about his situation, nor was it regret over his choice.

The grandson of the Dragon Mother was a few years older than Fang Mu, and truly an exceptional talent amongst his generation.

He had once represented the Dragon Rising Federation in the World Beastmaster College Students League, securing the only second place finish that the federation had achieved in nearly a decade.

In the following years, the best performance that the Dragon Rising Federation could show was a place in the top four.

Sophisticated individuals like him would not bear any resentment because they were outperformed in the contest for the “Sacred Relics”.

Lu Yuyu had very little information about Zhang Qing, though his impression of Zhang Qing was not particularly favourable.

Zhang Qing was known for his arrogance and disdainful attitude, always considering himself superior to others.

However, concerning the research on Guardian Beasts and the analysis of the properties of magical materials, he showed an earnestness that was hair-raising. freewebno(v)

He also made countless outstanding contributions in academic research fields.

Otherwise, Master Shuoyang would not have appointed Zhang Qing as his assistant.

As for Zhang Qing’s personality, Shuoyang once ridiculed it publicly.

“He’s a promising academic prospect, but he has a dog’s brain when it comes to his conduct!”

Lu Yuyu was not sure whether someone like Zhang Qing would try to trouble him afterwards.

If they were to compare Zhang Qing and Fang Mu although they were both assistants to a Grandmaster Creator, their positions seemed to be on par with each other.

However, Fang Mu was not just an assistant to the Grandmaster Creator, he was also his apprentice.

There was a significant difference between being an apprentice and being an assistant.

Master Shuoyang was known to have no restraint when it came to hiring assistants, with over ten currently serving him.

The person acknowledged publicly as Apprentice by Shuoyang was not Zhang Qing but someone else.

Therefore, disregarding his personal relationship with Fang Mu, if he were only to consider his interests in this equation, he would still have no reason to back down!

Lu Yuyu was deeply moved by the fact that Lin Ziyuan had travelled such a long way just to advise him on this matter.

He did not choose to hide anything about Fang Mu’s identity from Lin Ziyuan.

This was because Lu Yuyu was planning to use Lin Ziyuan’s connections to ensure he had a chance to increase the bid for the “Sacred Relic”, the Sakura Tempering Carp.

Looking at the worried expression on Lin Ziyuan’s face, Lu Yuyu let go of his grim mood.

First, he prepared a cup of tea for Lin Ziyuan and then solemnly said: “Ziyuan, you know that I always like to be cautious when doing anything.” “However, one should always show gratitude. They cannot be too selfish.” “Even if I help others and to bridge this gap, I will still owe them a favor!” Upon hearing Lu Yuyu’s words, Lin Ziyuan almost lost his temper.

How can favours not be returned? Why take such a risk?!

Moreover, your way of returning the favour might impact those whom you are trying to help!

Just as Lin Ziyuan was about to give Lu Yuyu a piece of his mind, he heard Lu Yuyu continue.

“The person I’m helping is called Jianmu, and just like Zhang Qing, he has the support of a Grandmaster Creator behind him!”

“The only difference is that Zhang Qing is an assistant, while Jianmu is the disciple!”

Lu Yuyu’s words seemed to have a magical effect, as if freezing time itself.

Lin Ziyuan’s look of anger and anxiousness seemed to be completely stuck on his face.

After a moment of silent astonishment, Lin Ziyuan enthusiastically patted Lu Yuyu’s shoulder and burst into laughter.

“Damn it! Ah Yu, why didn’t you say this earlier!”

“I have been worried about it for such a long time!”

“No wonder Luo Su has been mumbling in the group chat about improving the bloodline of the Shimmering River-swallowing Python. So this is the reason!”

“Remember, your application is still on hold. I will try my best to help you once

I go back.”

“Since I’ve decided to help you, I’ll make sure to do my best!”

Seeing Lin Ziyuan’s mood transition from worry and anger to joy in an instant.

Sensing the sincere concern from his closest friend, Lu Yuyu relaxed, showing his youthful cheerfulness through a bright, naive smile.

At that moment, they heard a knock on Lu Yuyu’s office door.

Lu Yuyu’s assistant gently pushed it open and poked her head in.

Lu Yuyu knew that his assistant was very discreet in her actions and well-versed in understanding his temper after working with him for many years.

If she sought him out at this time, it must be an important matter.

Lu Yuyu had specifically instructed his assistant that if there were any developments related to Jianmu, she would have to inform him immediately, regardless of what he was doing.

Lu Yuyu quickly stood up, thinking that Lu Xiaoyin had arrived and he should go out to welcome her.

Now, Lu Xiaoyin’s status had completely changed from before.

Just as Lu Yuyu stood up, he heard his assistant report.

“Brother Lu, someone who claims to be Sir Jianmu’s guard is looking for you!”

“He’s waiting outside the door, I’m not sure….”

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