Crazy! Are You Really A Beast Tamer?-Chapter 113 - Change of She Wan!_1

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Chapter 113: Chapter 113 Change of She Wan!_1

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The female assistant’s words were abruptly cut off by Lu Yuyu.

“Why are you announcing when Sir Jianmu’s guard is looking for me instead of bringing him directly to me!” Lu Yuyu exclaimed as he promptly strode towards the door.

Seeing Lu Yuyu’s reaction, Lin Ziyuan also stood up, deep in thought.

Sir Jianmu must be the disciple of the Grandmaster Creator that Lu Yuyu was referring to!

Considering the visitor was a disciple of the Grandmaster Creator, Lu Yuyu’s response wasn’t too extreme.

If it were him, Lin Ziyuan thought, his reaction might be even stronger!

As Lu Yuyu walked towards the door, his mind began to race.

Previously, the only person Lu Yuyu had interacted with from Fang Mu’s side was Lu Xiaoyin.

But Lu Xiaoyin clearly didn’t know Fang Mu at first, and basically started interacting with Fang Mu around the same time as him.

Later, he didn’t know what Lu Xiaoyin did to be fortunate enough to become Fang Mu’s private steward.

The person claiming to be Fang Mu’s guard was obviously someone he had never encountered before.

This made Lu Yuyu a little nervous, but also curious.

What was the reason for Fang Mu’s guard seeking him out?

The female assistant felt a little aggrieved at Lu Yuyu’s words.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Lu Yuyu had previously instructed her to inform him immediately of anything related to Jianmu, regardless of what she was doing, she wouldn’t have attempted to relay the message while he was in conversation with Lin Ziyuan.

There had never been an instance in the past where someone was allowed to interrupt when Lu Yuyu and Lin Ziyuan were together.

The assistant opened the door completely, then stepped aside and gestured towards the office.

She Wan, with a cold and majestic demeanor, strode into Lu Yuyu’s office.

When Lu Xiaoyin first visited Lu Yuyu’s office, she was somewhat restrained.

After all, interacting with Lu Yuyu within the Beastmaster Alliance was a completely different experience from outside.

But for She Wan, Lu Yuyu’s status both inside and outside didn’t make any difference.

She had seen many characters like Lu Yuyu, growing up!

Originally, for her first meeting with Fang Mu, She Wan had chosen a custom tailored outfit designed and produced by a master-level weaver.

She Wan wore such clothing in order not to appear ostentatious during her first encounter with Fang Mu.

Otherwise, She Wan usually likes to purchase clothes tailored by grandmaster weavers.

For a family like the Lu Dushe clan, which has a thousand-year-old heritage, clothing represents dignity.

It’s a way to showcase their status!

That’s the kind of education She Wan has been receiving from an early age.

Having known that Fang Mu dresses plainly and humbly, She Wan put away all the tailored clothes she had gotten from the weaver.

And replaced them with ordinary styles that could be bought in the marketplace.

Wearing a deep blue dress that cost only three Dragon Rising Coins, She Wan should have appeared rather mature.

However, She Wan’s features were already radiant, with her bright red lip gloss providing further enhancement.

This simple, dark dress concealed She Wan’s physical advantages.

Yet, it accentuated the exquisiteness of her features and her natural demeanor.

At first glance, both Lu Yuyu and Lin Ziyuan were somewhat taken aback by She Wan.

Lu Yuyu quickly pulled out a chair and cordially said to She Wan, “Please have a seat! What kind of tea do you prefer?”

“In my office, I only have Golden Bud Sidelong Leaf and Purple Snow Green.

Those are my special teas.”

“If you don’t like either, I can have someone make you some juice!”

While speaking, Lu Yuyu kept observing She Wan, completely oblivious to the surprised look on Lin Ziyuan’s face.

Through his observation of She Wan, even though her attire was simple, Lu Yuyu could instantly ascertain that she exuded an aura typical of a rich family’s child.

An aura that both he and Lin Ziyuan possessed.

Having joined the Jing Hai army, Luo Su had slowly honed this aura into one of iron-blood and tenacity.

Compared to him and Lin Ziyuan, the woman in front of him exuded a more noble and superior aura.

It suggested that if she truly was born to a wealthy family, her family’s influence would be more formidable than either his or Lin Ziyuan’s. She Wan chose not to sit in the chair that Lu Yuyu had pulled out for her.

She was here to deliver a message.

After delivering the message, She Wan planned to immediately go meet the private steward named Lu Xiaoyin.

It would also be beneficial to learn about my competitor as early as possible.

Knowing oneself and the enemy ensures victory in every battle!

She Wan saw herself as Fang Mu’s guard, before understanding the relationship between Lu Yuyu and Fang Mu.

When engaging with Lu Yuyu, She Wan found it challenging to gauge the appropriate attitude to adopt.

Consequently, She Wan directly retrieved the Rainbow Devouring Sea Python from her diamond Space Spirit Tool.

A python approximately one hundred and thirty or forty meters long, thicker than her own six-meter-diameter wine cabinet, appeared in her office.

It startled Lu Yuyu and Lin Ziyuan!

The scales of the Shimmering River-Swallowing Python were black, shimmering with a rainbow glow under the light.

The scales of the Rainbow Devouring Sea Python were directly colored rainbow, reflecting a hazy green light; the difference is staggering.

However, Lu Yuyu and Lin Ziyuan quickly recognized the python Guardian Beast summoned by Sir Jianmu’s beautiful guard, She Wan.

It was actually Luo Su’s Guardian Beast Python!

Both of them sensed the legendary quality of the Rainbow Devouring Sea Python from its aura.

This was clearly different from what Luo Su and Fang Mu had agreed upon. Before Lu Yuyu had time to react, She Wan spoke in a cold tone,

“Young master has said he asked the master to extra enhance the quality of this

Guardian Beast Python to Legendary Quality,”

“Partly because he wanted to help you.”

“And partly because the young master hoped you could support Fang Qin!” She Wan clearly understood how to promote Lu Yuyu’s favor.

She believed that Lu Yuyu’s ability to form a connection with Fang Mu was pure luck.

It was fortunate that Fang Mu was willing to forge a friendship with a small fry like Lu Yuyu!

Upon hearing this, Lu Yuyu did not know what to say for a moment.

Lu Yuyu had already owed a favor to Fang Mu. Helping Fang Mu to compete for the sacred Sakura Tempering Carp was his attempt to repay this favor. freew(e)bnovel.(c)om

Yet for this, Fang Mu had promised him a vial of Life Elixir with a purity of eighty percent.

The favors he had called in were plentiful, but they amounted to no more than twenty million Dragon Rising Coins.

Given that he already owed a favor to Fang Mu, Fang Mu was willing to give Luo Su such an opportunity.

Lu Yuyu felt that perhaps his greatest achievement since reaching adulthood was becoming acquainted with Fang Mu.

” I will relay these words to Luo Su! Luo Su will thank Sir Jianmu in person when the time comes!”

She Wan didn’t say much upon hearing this, but she generally deduced that Lu Yuyu and Luo Su must have very good relations with Fang Mu,

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have mentioned “thanking in person”!

The face of a Grandmaster’s disciple is not something anyone can casually see!

She Wan took out the brocade box that Fang Mu had given her and handed it to fr(e)

Lu Yuyu.

She accurately conveyed Fang Mu’s words with careful embellishment.

Then, without giving Lu Yuyu the chance to invite her to dinner, She Wan immediately left the Beastmaster Alliance.

she went to find her competitor, Lu Xiaoyin!

Lu Yuyu could already anticipate how elated Luo Su would be when seeing this Rainbow Devouring Sea Python!

Since he had introduced Luo Su to Fang Mu and the Shimmering

River-Swallowing Python evolved this far because of him, he was responsible for this connection.

Perhaps if he proposed to Luo Su while she was excited about the Rainbow Devouring Sea Python, his chances of success could be very high!

Perhaps his belated fate with Luo Su will be facilitated by Fang Mu!

Lu Yuyu believed that Luo Su would clearly know what to do when it comes to looking after Fang Qin even if he didn’t mention it.

But since Fang Mu’s guard had emphasized this matter, implying that Luo Su should repay the favor of enhancing the quality of the Rainbow Devouring Sea

Python to Fang Qin,

Lu Yuyu decided to have a serious talk with Luo Su.

He would let Luo Su find more resources for Fang Qin when Luo Su came back to his family.

Lu Yuyu opened the brocade box and looked at the elixirs inside.

He then planned to visit the Lionheart Brigade in person and bring up Fang Mu’s request to Liu Jihui.

Afterwards, he intended to personally select twenty capable hands from Liu Jihui.

Since Lin Ziyuan had come to find him and the channels for competing for the sacred Sakura Tempering Carp were all in the capital,

He might as well return to the capital with Lin Ziyuan for some maneuvering!

Once he got to the capital, he could let his family send people to assist Fang Mu’s partners to build up the infrastructure of the Mu Commerce Association!

Lu Yuyu was curious about what kind of partners could earn Fang Mu’s trust.

Supplying a hundred bottles of Life Elixir with sixty percent purity daily, and directly appointing them as Red Sleeve of his commerce association.

A person of such trust from Fang Mu, Lu Yuyu felt it was necessary to meet!

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