Crazy Leveling System-Chapter 1006

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Chapter 1006

There are High-Grade Rebirth Level treasures everywhere here! Yi Tianyun shook his head as he saw the content of the temple. 2nd Grade God Domain was surely much wealthier than the 1st Grade God Domain! This much treasure wouldnt be found on the 1st Grade God Domain!

Yi Tianyun estimated that he had enough tokens to redeem one of these High-Grade Rebirth Level treasures, but he wasnt sure if that applied to the rest of them. A High-Grade Rebirth Level treasure required a thousand tokens, which meant they had to get at least 7th Grade on War God Thunder Drums.

Of course, the higher-rated items require three thousand tokens, and the cultivator that wanted to get it must get at least 8th Grade War God Thunder Drums. Certainly, it wasnt easy to achieve.

However, since the tokens from the War God Thunder Drum werent usable on this occasion, the participant that got more than two hundred tokens would be able to redeem one High-Grade Rebirth Level treasure once! The number of participants that would be able to get a High-Grade Rebirth Level Treasure would rise immediately, but it would be no more than a hundred participants.

Of course, Yi Tianyun immediately exchanged his tokens for High-Grade Rebirth Level treasure without any hesitation. He had enough tokens, and in his perspective, there was no point in getting anything below High-Grade Rebirth Level treasure. freewebnove

Yi Tianyun walked towards a treasure that he wanted, and it was a Sanskrit Pen! Yi Tianyun knew that he ought to improve his God Rune Master if he wanted to compete against other God Rune Masters in God Domain. In addition, Yi Tianyun also wanted to improve the Divine Rune he created for the Three Realms, so it would be more secure for the people of the Three Realms.

The Divine Rune that he had before didnt have any effect on the equipment that he got recently, and it was a little bit disappointing. He knew that if he learned a better Divine Rune that used the Divine Imprint, he could engrave them on his equipment, enhancing their performance further! Just imagine what would happen if he engraved a performance-enhancing Divine Imprint on Desolate Ancient Set!

But when Yi Tianyun wanted to grab the Sanskrit Pen for himself, a voice stopped him from behind!

Leave the Sanskrit Pen alone! A voice said hurriedly. Yi Tianyun turned around and saw a pair of weird cultivators walking toward him hurriedly. They each had a snake that followed them around, and they also emitted an eerie evil spirit aura from their whole body.

Yi Tianyun wasnt bothered by them at all as he exchanged his tokens with Sanskrit Pen, ignoring the two weird cultivators completely. Although the Sanskrit Pen used almost all the tokens he got outside of the War God Thunder Drums event, it didnt matter for Yi Tianyun as he needed this Sanskrit Pen.

Hey, did you not hear what I said earlier! Get that thing out right now! It is mine! Earth Monarch Yao Tong shouted coldly.

How is it yours when I exchange it first? Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

How dare you!? Earth Monarch Yao Tong shouted like he was about to hit Yi Tianyun, but he knew better! The temple had a rule that forbade fighting after all.

What are you going to do about it? Now, please get out of my way! You are hindering me from choosing other treasures! Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Naturally, Yi Tianyun wouldnt choose only one treasure. The purpose of the tokens was to redeem the treasure here, and he wouldnt wait around for there to be another opportunity.

Even if he wouldnt use it for himself, he could still gift them to someone he trusted later.

You arrogant trash human! Dont think for a second that you are better than any of us just because you get the 1st Place achievement! Let me warn you, if we use our full power, we would be able to reach the 9th Grade back there! Earth Monarch Yao Tong was full of disdain!

Their loud voice attracted the attention of the cultivators around them, but they all agreed with Earth Monarch Yao Tong as they still looked down upon Human Race! Clearly, these cultivators had never seen Yi Tianyun in action firsthand, and they thought that Yi Tianyun reaching 9th Grade back in the War God Thunder Drum was a fluke.

Of course, they had already heard of Yi Tianyuns achievement, but they thought that it was absurd! Clearly, Yi Tianyuns story has been altered in some way so that he seemed stronger!

Thats none of my business, if you could get the 9th Grade, congratulation! But I dont care about it! Yi Tianyun said indifferently. Now, I will say it once again. Get the hell out of my way. You are in the way! Yi Tianyun said coldly.

Earth Monarch Yao Tong glared at Yi Tianyun, and the guards in the temple gate were instantly alarmed as they sensed some killing intent from inside the temple.

Just you wait later! You will know that you are a frog in a well! You think that you are great just because you got 9th Grade on War God Thunder Drums! You are still trash in front of our superior race! This second Stage is fighting competition, and I will surely crush you there! Earth Monarch Yao Tong said coldly.

Great! Now, stay well until then! Yi Tianyun said sarcastically before walking past Earth Monarch Yao Tong and looking for other treasures. Earth Monarch Yao Tong just gritted his teeth in anger as he really wanted to kill Yi Tianyun right now, but he had to wait for the 2nd Stage to start.

The other cultivators just shook their heads as they thought Yi Tianyun clearly had a death wish. He was too arrogant for his own good. Not only was he already in bad blood against Earth Monarch Lei Yun, now he also provoked Earth Monarch Yao Tong!

Little brother Yi, are you going to be fine? Earth Monarch Yao Tong is in the top 8, and I heard that he is quite strong! Ling Yunfeng asked curiously.

Its fine! Even if I give him the treasure, it wont change anything. Yi Tianyun said indifferently.

I thought so too! Ling Yunfeng said casually.

So, why would I give him the treasure I got with my own tokens then? Isnt it stupid to give him what he wants? Yi Tianyun shrugged his shoulder.

Ling Yunfeng looked at Yi Tianyun with a newfound respect.

You are very brave, little brother Yi! Ling Yunfeng said respectfully.

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