Crazy Leveling System-Chapter 1007

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Chapter 1007

Yi Tianyun was indeed very brave, and it made Ling Yunfeng admire him even more. He stood tall before those who tried to pressure him! It was enough to scare someone that didn’t have an iron will.

“Stop picking a fight with others every chance you get!” Xiao Murong scolds Yi Tianyun for his attitude. “Brother Yi, you definitely would win the competition, but please don’t make enemies everywhere you go!” Xiao Murong scolded Yi Tianyun. She always acted like this, and now that her life was saved by Yi Tianyun two times, she got to return the favor. Although she was born from a high-status family, she didn’t care about delicacy at all.

She even acted merciless sometimes as she wouldn’t let those that already humiliated her remain alive! That was what happened to the guy that poisoned her earlier. She wouldn’t give up even if it cost her life!

“Rong’er really isn’t suitable for becoming my Dao Companion!” Ling Yunfeng said as he was shocked that Xiao Murong just scolded Yi Tianyun like that despite her being a weaker one. Ling Yunfeng was very modest in this regard, as other people would despise Xiao Murong for what she had done in the past.

In this instance, Yi Tianyun appreciated Ling Yunfeng’s trait. He was definitely better than many people, and for that, he would surely go far!

Yi Tianyun immediately chose another treasure, and it was an Alchemy Furnace of High-Grade Rebirth Level item. He also chose some Divine Imprint Engraving methods for him to try later.

As Yi Tianyun got some treasure in the War God Thunder Drum’s section of the temple, he already used up seven thousand tokens in a short amount of time! It wasn’t easy to get that many tokens, but surely, spending it was too easy!

After Yi Tianyun finished spending his tokens, he walkd out of the temple immediately. He looked around and noticed some cultivators didn’t seem to do that well as some of them could only spend their tokens on some medicinal pills. It was clear that not everyone had as many tokens as him.

The amount of Yi Tianyun tokens brought jealousy to everyone as they wanted to have that many tokens themselves to redeem the treasures here. Meanwhile, Earth Monarch Yao Tong was still letting his killing intent loose as he stared daggers towards Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun just ignored the Earth Monarch Yao Tong as he didn’t care what the other guy was doing! Then, Yi Tianyun walked towards the place he meditated earlier, and now, there were not that many cultivators there. Some of them were Sikong Ma, Yuan Tianyou, and a couple of Heavenly Edict Core Disciples that joined Sikong Ma’s group.

So many cultivators have been eliminated, and it wasn’t just from Heavenly Edict Divine Territory, as other God Domains also suffered heavy casualties.

Yi Tianyun looked around and saw several powerful Earth Monarchs around, Tian Qing, Yun Lei, and Yao Tong, to name a few of them. The camp of the three Earth Monarchs was an extremely powerful 1st Grade God Domain!

But something bugged Yi Tianyun as he could feel them from earlier.

“I felt the Aura of Evil Spirit Race!” Yi Tianyun said as he felt the aura from the black-robed cultivators not too far away. But he wasn’t sure as various auras swirled around in the air. When he wanted to check them for sure, he took out the Evil Spirit Race Blood Essence from his storage ring, but it wasn’t reacting at all.

“Could it be something else that has a similar aura to them?” Yi Tianyun wondered as he tried to use the Appraisal Eye on the people he suspected as the Evil Spirit Race.

Earth Monarch Teg: 7th Layer Earth Monarch with Evil Spirit Race Bloodline.

The information was very limited, but it was all Yi Tianyun needed. He didn’t have to look for other information as he just wanted to know if this person was an Evil Spirit Race cultivator or not. But Yi Tianyun just shook his head as he realised that the person only had their bloodline.

Yi Tianyun didn’t expect the Evil Spirit Race to come to such an event, but it might be possible. Fortunately, he didn’t see anyone else with Evil Spirit Race Bloodline on Earth Monarch Teg’s camp.

According to the ranking, Earth Monarch Teg wasn’t that good either, as he only got around rank 80. This rank wasn’t bad, but it was certainly not something to brag about. But still, Yi Tianyun couldn’t shake off his suspicion as Earth Monarch Teg wouldn’t have any problem to reach at least rank 30 with his cultivation level!

It was either his ability and power weren’t that good, or he deliberately held back his power. Yi Tianyun believed that Earth Monarch Teg was concealing his power, and that was why Yi Tianyun was determined to keep his eye on him. Concealing one’s power to infiltrate the enemy was very Evil Spirit Race-like, so he wouldn’t be surprised if that was really the case here.

“Miss Mu, do you know anything about Evil Spirit Race?” Yi Tianyun asked.

“Evil Spirit Race? isn’t it a very evil race?” Xiao Murong immediately showed disgust. f

“Did they participate in the War of Ascension?” Yi Tianyun asked curiously.

“They wouldn’t dare to come here! If they were to be found, they would be killed! Is there any Evil Spirit Race among the participant?” Xiao Murong asked as she looked around, trying to find the Evil Spirit Race cultivator.

“That man in the black robe is from Evil Spirit Race, but his bloodline is so faint that I am afraid no one would believe me.” Yi Tianyun said with a frown on his face. Yi Tianyun had the information, but he didn’t think anyone else would have a method to check on their own.

“You are right, I can’t feel it at all!” Xiao Murong said with a frown on her face.

“Just be cautious of him for now. I don’t know what their plan was, but as long as there is an Evil Spirit Race cultivator around here, things may go awry later!” Yi Tianyun reminded Xiao Murong.

He had so many experiences with Evil Spirit Race, and thus, he didn’t want to make any mistakes around them.

“Of course!” Xiao Murong nodded her head as she didn’t doubt Yi Tianyun at all. She assumed the Black Robed Man was from Evil Spirit Race immediately! She also knew that they couldn’t just accuse someone randomly without any evidence as they could get punished for doing that.

Yi Tianyun kept staring at Earth Monarch Teg, and at some point, Earth Monarch Teg noticed Yi Tianyun has been staring at him, so he looked at Yi Tianyun.

Yi Tianyun saw the dark eyes beneath the hood. He couldn’t see everything, but it was like looking at a bottomless pit that would pull everyone into a whirlpool abyss!

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