Crazy Leveling System-Chapter 1008

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Chapter 1008

There were a lot of good treasures here in this temple, and it was better compared to most of the God Domain's treasures.

"It seems that you are satisfied." Elder Gou Huang said with a smile on his face. "Some of you have the opportunity to become a disciple of our five Great God Domain, and this test would certainly bring you those benefits." Elder Gou Huang explained. He was gentle to everyone as he saw some excellent geniuses among them.

There are a few participants that were born and raised in God Domain, which meant that they had a significant advantage over their other peers. But now, everyone listened to Elder Gou Huang's words attentively.

"So, the second stage of Divine Tribulation starts!" Elder Gou Huang said slowly.

The participants shuddered for a moment as they were reminded of the Heavenly Tribulation that they experienced in the past. It certainly wasn't easy to pass.

"You don't have to be nervous as we are just conducting a series of similar tests to it." Elder Gou hurriedly Huang said as he saw the participants grow nervous. "This is an advance test to see what you would do in the future, and it would be useful for you." Elder Gou Huang said confidently.

"Now, the difficulty would be increased according to your grade on the War God Thunder Drum, but this time we set a standard for everyone! You will pass the test if you can pass the 5th level of Divine Tribulation! Now, the higher you go, the better reward you'd get!" Elder Gou Huang explained further.

The rule was simple, so the participants knew what to do this round. In fact, they would be able to assess the power of their competitors at the same time. They didn't think about the rewards right now as they knew that the reward would be second in nature when they had already tried their best.

After listening to Elder Gou Huang's explanation, everyone looked for a spot for themselves. The God Fighting Field was very spacious and could easily accommodate 100.000 people in the arena. Of course, it had observer seats on the upper level.

Nevertheless, the cultivator didn't mind staying far away from the arena as they could see it just fine.

"The 2nd stage's task is different from before!" Nian Ciyu said worriedly in the upper level. "The difficulty sounds okay, Yi Tianyun should be able to pass the level just fine!" Nian Ciyu tried to assure herself. Nevertheless, she knew that there was no such thing as certain in War of Ascension.

The sky began to change color, a signal to everyone that the 2nd Stage was about to begin. A thick tribulation cloud appeared from the sky, and it was black!

A dense heavenly thunder rolled on the clouds, causing a hammering sound so loud that it was deafening. The participants just stared at the clouds vigilantly as they expected the thunder would hit very soon.

"The 1st Level!" Elder Gou Huang shouted expectantly. An intense Heavenly Thunder immediately hit every single participant simultaneously. It wasn't about who was going first or second as everyone was hit at the same time!

Nearly a thousand thunderbolts struck the ground, blinding the surrounding area from the intense heat and flash.

Yi Tianyun easily held his ground and even absorbed the thunder as Exp.

"This is good!" Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. He was in meditating position as he didn't do anything special to withstand the thunder. He just simply let his body absorb the thunder that was comprised of Star Power and absorbed it.

The Exp he got from the thunder was decent too. It is comparable to the exp he got inside the Divine Temple of Life! Still, this was the 1st Level Divine Thunder. He expected the Exp he got later would be much higher than this!

The Divine Thunder didn't stop striking down to the ground. The participants used every means to withstand the thunder. Some used a weapon, but some, like Yi Tianyun, only relied on their own body. freewebn ovel.c om

Yi Tianyun raised his head to look around and saw that Earth Monarch Tian Qing also sat down with her flame repelling the thunder that struck down at her. It couldn't even touch her skin!

Earth Monarch Yao Tong was also doing the same thing. He enveloped himself with energy and withstand Heavenly Thunder that came at him that way. Meanwhile, Yi Tianyun really let the thunder hit him as he absorbed the energy from the thunder as Exp. It was different than any participants out there as the thunder didn't come into contact with their skin. freeweb(n)ovel

But there was an exception to that. Earth Monarch Yun Lei also let the thunder hit him directly as he also absorbed the thunder for his cultivation. He showed some interest in Yi Tianyun as he never saw anyone interact with the Divine Thunder this way.

"Is that brat also a Thunder Attribute Cultivator?" Earth Monarch Yun Lei wondered by himself.

Soon, the 1st level was over, and rain of energy fell from the clouds. It was a rich Star Energy that rejuvenated the cultivators after withstanding the Divine Thunder earlier. It was like the natural Heavenly Tribulation that healed their body after they passed their test. But still, this artificial Divine Tribulation that the 2nd Stage provided lacked a force of pressure.

Fortunately, it worked well for the participants as it wasn't life-threatening.

"I am surprised that they could really simulate the Heavenly Tribulation like this." Yi Tianyun said as he started to wonder what kind of Divine Imprint it was. He wanted to learn it himself if possible as he could build a better environment for his disciple to cultivate.

Soon, the 2nd Level of the Divine Tribulation began to build up as the pressure in the air intensified. The clouds remained the same, but the thunderstrikes suddenly became bigger and stronger!

The giant thunderstrike struck Yi Tianyun's body, and Yi Tianyun absorbed the thunder once again. Still, he wasn't able to completely absorb the thunder. Nevertheless, the little thunder that he couldn't absorb just bounced off his skin, unable to penetrate his skin.

"Alright!" Yi Tianyun said while smiling, as it wasn't something out of his expectation.

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