Damn Necromancer-Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Awakening

Jonas’s eyes filled with rage.

His stats and the quality of his weapon were clearly superior.

His level was incomparable. Yet, his weapon was broken.

It meant that the difference in swordsmanship was overwhelming.

“How…such a level of swordsmanship…”

Jonas looked at Kim Minwoo as if he had seen something incomprehensible.

He was a magic swordsman.

He had swung his sword for over 20 years, until he took on the important responsibility of his family.


He could confidently say he was one of the top fifteen swordsmen in Germany.

But he lost.

And not just lost.

He was defeated too miserably.

Of course, it wasn’t that he had no excuses.

Kim Minwoo had the help of his summoned creature. He was also freely manipulating the elements. Even with his body covered in the power of shadow, the cold that seeped into his grip was chilling.

There were so many variables.

But, even considering all that.

It just didn’t make sense.

“Don’t try to understand, just accept it. It’s easier that way.”

Kim Minwoo’s advice-like attitude made Jonas’s eyes look vacant for a moment.

Then his eyes blazed.

“I haven’t lost yet, kid.”

Gritting his teeth, he utilized the power of shadow.

[Shadow Blade (SS) is…]

A pitch-black sword materialized above his hand. Naturally, this wasted far more energy than imbuing a weapon with power. However, it allowed him to wield a weapon filled with pure shadow power.

It was far sturdier than that Legend-rank sword from before.

“I’ll finish you!”

There was no longer any underestimation of his opponent.

A prolonged battle meant certain defeat.

He had to overwhelm him in one fell swoop before any stacking could occur.

[Jonas uses Rampage (SS)…]


He unleashed all the power within his body.

There would be repercussions after the battle, but that didn’t matter anymore.

There was a lot riding on this fight.

So he had to win.


Explosive power engulfed Kim Minwoo and his summoned creatures.

[The power of shadow engulfs you!]

[All stats decrease by 20%!]

[Status effect, ‘Confusion’…]

[Status effect, ‘Darkness’…]

Numerous messages popped up as an added bonus.

* * *

Han Siah looked at Jonas.

He was the magic swordsman who had stood out in their family since she was young.

Time passed.

And they met again.

In an unfortunate way.

Jonas, wielding a chilling power.

After his sword was broken, he rampaged like a berserker. Kim Minwoo’s struggle against him was precarious.

Wounds covered his body.

He was barely managing to avoid fatal blows.

Han Siah frowned.

‘Again, because of me…’

Kim Minwoo was suffering because of her connection to the Griff family.

Of course, they were in the same guild, so they weren’t complete strangers anymore.

Colleagues… she could call them that, right?

But they had only known each other for a day. Han Siah still didn’t understand why he was going so far for her.

Anyone in the world.

No one would choose to antagonize the Griffs for the sake of a single girl.

But she seemed to understand one thing.

His promise not to abandon her.

That was real.

It was sincere.

If it wasn’t sincere, he wouldn’t be fighting like this.

It was the first time in her life when someone was treating her like this.

Not even her family had done so.

Neither her father, nor her mother, Kim Haeun, had ever truly loved her. They only offered sweet words, not genuine affection.

They never showed it through their actions.

Deep down, she knew this.

Yet, like a thirsty tree, she continued to yearn for it.

Because she wanted to be loved.

Because she wanted to believe she was loved.

When that belief was betrayed, she was deeply shocked.

Like being crushed under a heavy burden, she was completely exhausted.

It felt like she could never trust anyone again.

But after just one day.

She wanted to believe in someone again.

Han Siah laughed bitterly.

Was it really that easy to give faith overnight, to trust someone so quickly?

“…But, it can’t be helped.”

Wasn’t he the first person to show it through his actions?

So, it couldn’t be helped.

She was too tired to doubt anyone again. Even if she didn’t want to, she couldn’t help but trust him.

Like offering a prayer, she clasped her hands together, as was her habit.

Every night, her whole life, she had prayed.

To be free from the family’s curse. For her mother to truly love her. For her body to no longer be in pain. Those were all prayers for herself.

Her wishes.

But this time was different.

‘Please be safe.’

—I hope you’re not struggling because of me. I hope you’re not hurt.

—I hope you’re safe.

—And I hope you win.

It was a prayer for another.

At that moment.

[‘Formless Talent’ takes shape!]

[At this moment, your talent has been set in one direction!]

[Overwhelming talent generates a skill!]

Like a sprout opening its eyes to the spring sun, something warm within her slowly blossomed.

A pure white light enveloped her body.

[Skill, Prayer of Hope (S) is created!]


Soon, the white light surrounding Han Siah began to shoot towards Kim Minwoo.



Jonas and Kim Minwoo, who were engaged in a fierce battle.

As if in pause, both of their bodies stopped abruptly at the same time.

● One of the main characters, ‘Han Siah’, begins to twist fate!

● Uncharted territory! Special bonus points are awarded!

● The story begins to change!

● A large amount of achievement points are awarded!

Along with the achievement point messages.

[‘Han Siah’ uses Prayer of Hope (S)!]

[All stats increased by 30%!]

[Health and Mana recovered by 30%!]

[Light resists the power of shadow!]

[All status effects are dispelled!]

A pure white light enveloped Kim Minwoo’s body.

His vision, which had been wavering and extremely dark, suddenly brightened like midday.

‘Prayer of Hope?’

He quickly grasped the message that Han Siah’s fate had been twisted.

This looked exactly like a priest-exclusive skill.

But her class was mage.

And her talent was also mage.

But not anymore.

Her class remained mage, but her talent had been changed to that of a priest.

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He could somewhat guess why.

Unlike before, Han Siah’s talent had been stretched too thin.

So much so that it was difficult to maintain the archetype of a mage.

Having no archetype basically meant her talent’s direction wasn’t set.

It seemed it had been solidified into a priest.

One thing seemed certain for now. ‘It’s not for killing.’

The buff effect was no joke.

Jonas, who wielded a strange power.

The source of that power looked very formidable at a glance.

The fact that he could inflict all sorts of status effects was evident. But to dispel them all in one go was a testament to her incredible talent.


‘It’s only 20% of her full potential.’

The remaining 80% was stolen by Lucas, the head of the family. If that were returned, just how great would her talent be?

Park Si-woo and Seo Ye-rim.

Her talent wouldn’t be inferior even compared to the two main characters.

After all, Han Siah was also a main character.

Even better,

‘The light attribute nullification doesn’t apply.’

This was the key.

Originally, the Death Lord nullified all light attribute skills.

But that only applied when being attacked by light attribute skills.

It seemed he readily accepted buffs like these.

Well, it was the same during the Super Rookie Selection.

When they attempted the Efrax raid, Kim Minwoo also received buffs.

Considering that, the current influx of priest buffs wasn’t a strange sight.

‘Thanks to this, it’s become manageable.’

Being pushed into a defensive position.

It was half intentional.

He couldn’t endlessly draw out that kind of power. There was no reason to desperately push while under status effects.

So he was defending, but it seemed like he was in a pinch.

“Thanks Jonas. Thanks to you, Han Siah awakened.”


Jonas’s face crumpled like he had eaten something rotten.

The time of his Rampage was running out.

He thought he could somehow suppress Kim Minwoo if he pushed through, but everything was ruined.

It was all because of Han Siah’s blessings.

‘She was a priest?’

Not a mage?

He was dumbfounded, not understanding what had happened.

Was that why she always barely passed the family’s tests?


The situation was already the worst.

Kim Minwoo, now invigorated, pushed him back.

The summoned creatures did the same.

Jonas was helplessly pushed back by their combined attacks.

The power he gained from Rampage was gradually diminishing.

‘I lost.’

It was literally true.

The power of shadow he received wasn’t infinite. Yet, he couldn’t bring himself to surrender because he knew what would happen next.

The mages of Griff.

And himself.

All would be taken prisoner.

They had caused such a commotion, the Korean government wouldn’t treat them kindly.

He tried to endure it somehow.

But cruelly, Kim Minwoo thoroughly destroyed his equipment. Even though it was enveloped in the power of darkness, it couldn’t withstand the repeated attacks.

His gauntlets were broken.

His pauldrons were shattered.

His armor started to crack. He couldn’t win even when his power was at its peak, let alone now.

“…I lost.”

Jonas finally said bitterly.

However, Kim Minwoo continued his attacks without paying any heed.

“I said I lost.”

“Oh, okay.”

“No, I lost!”

“Yeah, I heard you.”


Jonas’s armor shattered into pieces. He, now wearing only a T-shirt, spoke urgently.

“No, I said I lost! Why do you keep attacking?”

“You still have a lot of equipment left, don’t you?”

“This crazy bastard…!”

He couldn’t stop fighting either. Not blocking when someone was openly swinging a sword at him would also be crazy.

Kim Minwoo’s sword struck his lower garment.


A clear sound rang out.

Jonas’s face turned pale.

This crazy bastard was really trying to break all of his equipment.

“S-Stop it!”

“You didn’t stop, did you? So why should I?”

Back at the airport, when he was blasting away the Awakened.

Did he stop when they asked him to?


There was a saying.

You can come in as you please, but you can’t leave as you please.

So he intended to see this through to the end.

Wouldn’t it be a lovely sight to see the Griff leadership running around in their underwear?

Jonas’s body felt lighter and lighter.

* * *

When the battle ended.

Jonas was literally wearing only his underwear. His T-shirt and pants had been shredded by the spirit sword.

Jonas knelt on the ground, his face filled with despair. The Griff mages were in the same state.

After their leader was completely subdued, their resistance was practically nonexistent.

‘Cruel bastard…’

‘To think the captain would be humiliated like this…’

The 3rd Knight Commander of the Griff.

The title was meaningless as he was thoroughly humiliated. And it was all being captured on video.

An international disgrace.

They couldn’t help but lose all their fighting spirit. They could easily end up in the same situation.

Han Younggil approached.

“Th-That’s amazing. To think you could subdue them like that…”

It was a statement filled with multiple meanings.

“When you do something, you have to do it right.”

“Yes, you’re right. By the way, I didn’t know author Jonas could use such strange powers. Could all the Griff executives be like that?”

Han Younggil asked with a hardened expression.

It was understandable.

The Korean government and Griff were already at odds. In such a situation, seeing the use of bizarre powers was enough to make anyone tense.

“We can just ask him. Hey, Mr. Jonas.”


“What exactly was that power?”

With only his underwear left, he pointed the sword at him and asked.

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