Damn Necromancer-Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Chaos

Cold sweat dripped down Jonas’s forehead.

Kim Minwoo was stronger than he had anticipated. He had used the power of shadows and still lost.

What was even more terrifying was the fact that countless cameras were capturing his current state, kneeling in nothing but his underwear.

Usually, he wouldn’t even be able to make eye contact with these civilians.

Yet, there they were, in the distance, holding up their phones with gleeful expressions. It was a tremendous humiliation. The problem was that it didn’t end there.

Being filmed?

Okay, fine.

If he had won, he could have still left the country. The chatter of the East Asians in the distance wouldn’t have mattered. The problem was that he had been taken prisoner.

‘How can I fix this?’

He didn’t know.

It seemed impossible to fix.

That’s why he was sweating profusely.


Kim Minwoo’s sword inched closer. He vividly remembered the swordsmanship that had cleanly sliced through his T-shirt and tank top.

Jonas squeezed his eyes shut.

Was there any point in refusing to answer?

Honestly, no.

He had already caused enough chaos.

The Korean government wouldn’t stay silent either.

Having already crossed the line with Grif, he didn’t have to worry about his family’s opinions anymore.

No matter what it took, they would try to uncover his memories.

If he really dug deep, there was no way out.

“…I’ll talk. But in return, guarantee our safety.”


Kim Minwoo nodded.

With all the media’s attention already focused on them, killing them was impossible anyway.

“I’d like to talk somewhere quiet.”

“Why bother? Merhen?”

She snapped her fingers.

A thin membrane of air enveloped the surroundings.

Only four people were enclosed within: Han Younggil, Han Siah, Jonas, and Kim Minwoo.

“Sound is blocked, so talk.”

“…This is the power of shadows. We are in contact with them.”

“Seems like they do more than just speed up leveling.”

“…You already know, I see.”

“Of course. I met them in Korea.”

Jonas nodded.

The Shadow was a global organization.

Although they operated in secrecy, it wouldn’t be strange for someone like Kim Minwoo to know about them.

He knows about the rapid leveling up.

So, it’s not a bluff.

Jonas felt a little relieved. If he already knew, the information he revealed would be less valuable.

“Anyway, this power is also part of those benefits.”

“So, how did you get it?”

“We prayed.”


“Yes. One day, the head of the family told us. We were chosen. We were part of the chosen few. So, pray earnestly to the shadows. Then, power will be granted.”

Han Younggil, who had been listening quietly to the conversation, frowned deeply.

“Do you think that makes sense? Gaining that much power from just one prayer?”

“I thought it didn’t make sense at the time either. But what can you do if it works?”

“Alright. Let’s say it does. Then why don’t other mages use that power? If they could become as strong as you with just one prayer.”

“Didn’t you hear me? I clearly said ‘we’.”

“Are you saying Griff’s mages are not included?”

“Not everyone can be part of the chosen few.”

Han Younggil narrowed his eyes.

He wondered why they wanted a quiet place.

With this kind of talk, it made sense.

It wouldn’t be good for Griff’s mages to hear it.

“…I apologize for interrupting. Please continue.”

“Sure. Mr. Jonas.”

“…Go ahead.”

“How far does your circle extend?”

“The head of the family and some of the top brass. In terms of numbers, it’s about twenty.”

“Is there a difference in power?”

“I don’t know the details. But there probably is. Logically, the head of the family would be granted more power. In other words… you guys messed with the wrong people.”

Jonas said with burning eyes.

Kim Minwoo?

He was strong.

However, the head of the family was even stronger

Far more than what the world knew. It was a harsh truth.

“That’s not something you need to worry about. Worry about your own panties instead.”


“If you prayed, there must have been a specific target. Instead of using the vague term ‘shadow’, what exactly did you pray to?”

The experience duplication.

Along with the power Jonas displayed.

It was certain there was some massive presence behind the shadow.

‘An Outer God?’

Or some other entity?

He didn’t know yet.

Now was the time to unravel it.

Jonas’ face stiffened upon receiving the question. As if recalling a very fearful presence, beads of cold sweat streamed down his face.

“I, I cannot say.”

“Why are you being difficult when you know everything? Just cooperate.”

The price for information was the guarantee of personal safety. In other words, if he didn’t spit out the information, they could make him want to spit it out, by any means necessary.

When he looked at Han Younggil, he nodded his head in a believable manner.

“Mr. Jonas. Shall we confirm just how tight-lipped you can be against a government that won’t hesitate to use any methods?”


Jonas pursed his lips tightly.

Indeed, his words were true.

There were all sorts of means to extract a confession, from mind-altering magic to all sorts of skills.

Even as a high-level Awakened, he wouldn’t be able to endure indefinitely.

Besides, even if the Griff family offered a helping hand, it wouldn’t be possible to rescue him overnight.

The reason he had cooperated so far was precisely because of that.

‘Damn it…’

He had tried to gloss over it, but it seemed like that wouldn’t work.

But it seemed like that wouldn’t work.

After a long silence, he took something out of his inventory.

It was a tiny spider statue.

“I just prayed. To this statue.”

Kim Minwoo received the statue.

[Spider Statue acquired!]

[Spider Statue]

[Rank: Common]

[A statue that seems to represent ‘something’.]


Judging by the description alone, it was a useless item.

Just then, Han Siah, who was standing next to him, spoke.

“I’ve… seen this before.”

“You have?”

“Yes. There are much larger statues in the family. The name is…”

Han Siah frowned as if recalling a distant memory.

Soon after, she said,

“The head of the family knelt before the statue and said, ‘Oh, great Hardronox.'”

[Shadow Apostle, information about ‘Hardronox’ has been discovered!]

[Information shrouded in shadow is being revealed!]

[Spider Statue is changed to ‘Hardronox’s Statue’!]

[As you have gazed into the abyss.]

[The abyss also gazes into you!]

At that moment, the surrounding scenery completely changed.

‘What is this?’

Kim Minwoo looked around.

Soon after, he opened his eyes wide.

He saw a giant spider, the size of several buildings combined.

Eight bright yellow pupils were staring intently at him.

The spider’s eyes sparkled as if it had found a treasure.

—Found you.

Cracks began to appear in the surrounding scenery.

The dreamlike landscape shattered.

“…Team Leader Han?”

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“Have I been here the whole time?”

“Yes, you have… but why do you ask?”

“It’s nothing.”

It didn’t seem like he had actually moved. If he had, the summoning of the legion commanders would have been canceled due to the distance.

But that didn’t happen.

‘Was it an illusion?’

It was possible.

He examined the changed item.

[Hardronox’s Statue]

[Rank: Special]

[The effect hidden in the shadow has been revealed. A statue that seems to represent ‘Hardronox’.]


He had learned a few things.

That it was a spider-like monster.

That it was called a Shadow Apostle.

That it was a being that the Shadow believed in.

And also…

‘The ability to hide item information…’

As befitting the name Shadow Apostle, the ability it displayed was quite sinister.

‘Is this an Outer God?’

Hardronox = Outer God.

There were some ambiguous points in making this assumption.

The most decisive factor was the title.

It wasn’t the Shadow’s ‘God’.

It was the Shadow ‘Apostle’.

It felt like there was something more above it.


At least one thing seemed clear.

The moment he knew the name, he saw something like an illusion, indicating that this creature was incredibly powerful.

‘It’s not on the level of Earth’s monsters.’

If such a monster were to roam freely?

Earth would already be doomed.

But instead of moving openly, this guy was acting even more maliciously. It was seducing the humans of Earth like spreading cancer cells.

Starting with the Shadow, there was already the Griff family connected to it.

‘It won’t end there.’

It helps to level up quickly.

It’s a tempting offer.

Probably many organizations are connected to the Shadow.

‘What do they want?’

‘What does it want?’

But one thing seemed clear.

It was setting up a game. Then there’s no need to play along.

‘I’ve got all the information I need…’

In times like this, the best thing to do is to tear up the picture itself so that it doesn’t become what they want.

‘Time to cause some chaos.’

He looked at Han Younggil and offered a handshake.

“Thank you for today.”

“Haha, you’re welcome. It was nothing.”

“Please accept this.”

Just saying thank you doesn’t mean anything.

When giving, give generously. 𝖋𝔯𝔢𝔢𝖜𝖊𝖇𝖓𝔬𝔳𝖊𝔩.𝖈𝖔𝖒

He handed him and his team members a black card.

“This is…?”

“It’s an Ilsung exclusive black card. All items are 50% off with 50% point accrual, so feel free to visit us anytime you need to buy something.”

“I don’t know if I should accept this…”

“Of course. You did a great job today.”

If they hadn’t actively intervened, Jonas and his group would have already succeeded in leaving the country.

Considering that, giving them a black card was nothing.

It could be used at all Ilsung branches, so they would find it useful.

After a brief moment of hesitation, Han Younggil nodded, unable to resist the intense gazes of his team members.

He, too, coveted the card. From appliances to cars and equipment, were there only one or two products bearing the Ilsung name?

Even the benefits were insane.

50% off and 50% accrual!

It was no different from the right to purchase a 1 million won item for 250,000 won.

It would be a lie to say he wasn’t tempted.


He had been wanting to change his car anyway.

‘Was the new car called Voltron?’

If he could buy it for a quarter of the price, he would definitely go for it.

Han Younggil and his team members, swallowing their saliva, received the card.

“We’ll put it to good use. If there’s anything you need our help with in the future…”

“Of course, I’ll think of you first.”

Gate Management Department.

A department where the elites among the Awakened gather. Maintaining a strong relationship with them would prove useful in the future.

The prisoners were all handed over to the Korean government. The only one remaining was Kim Haeun. The very reason they had tried to prevent their departure, and also Han Siah’s mother.

After a brief moment of being dumbfounded, staring at Kim Minwoo and Han Siah, she approached with a wide smile.

“Siah! You were acquainted with Mr. Kim Minwoo? You should have told me sooner.”


“Thank you for rescuing me.”

Kim Haeun greeted them instead of the silent Han Siah.

Seeing her smile, he could roughly guess what was happening.

‘She switched sides.’

Well, it made sense.

She was a woman obsessed with gambling.

The most important thing to her was a reliable source of money. Until now, Griff had provided that.

That’s why she had followed the family’s orders so well.

Even going as far as gaslighting her own daughter.

But now?

From Kim Haeun’s perspective, there was no need for that. A new source of money had appeared.

And it was a wealthy one, not inferior to the Griff family.

That’s why she was wearing a bright smile, but with a viper-like glint beneath it.

“Well, it seems you’ve found your mother. What would you like to do with Ms. Han Siah?”

“…I have a question.”

“Go ahead.”

Han Siah then stared intently at her mother.

She craved love.

She depended on her.

She was her everything.

She used to be.

She still loved Kim Haeun.

The one-sided love that had lasted for over 20 years couldn’t just disappear overnight.

But now…



“I know.”

“Know what?”

“That you don’t love me. And… that you love money more than me. That you’re… obsessed with gambling.”

“Honey, what are you talking about…?”

“I heard everything. And I confirmed it. You don’t have to hide it anymore. I know now.”

“It seems like you heard something strange…”

“So, here’s the thing.”

Cutting off Kim Haeun’s words, she looked at Kim Minwoo.

“…It would be good to get treatment, right?”

“For gambling addiction, yes. There are many good facilities. It might take some time, though.”

There were plenty of hospitals under the Ilsung name.

“Then, could I ask you a favor?”

“You might have to live apart. Are you okay with that?”

“I was like that at the academy anyway. It’s not much different.”

At those words, Kim Haeun’s face turned pale.

“Are you… saying you’re going to put your mother in a mental hospital? How could you…!”

“It’s all for you, Mom.”

Han Siah said calmly.

She had met someone who genuinely cared for her.

Perhaps that’s why.

She no longer depended on her mother for everything. She had found a new pillar of support.

Her gaze was not directed at Kim Haeun.

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