Demon's Diary-Chapter 1540: Eternal Ceremony

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Chapter 1540: Eternal Ceremony

“Greetings to Senior Liu! Thanks to Senior’s help we were able to put an end to the alien race catastrophe.” Nature Work Sect Madam Zhen and the other 3 bowed to Liu Ming from a distance.

The other 20 or so Mystic Comprehending State cultivators also quickly bowed. All of them looked respectful and cautious.

“Elders, there is no need to be like this. As a member of the human race, I will not stand by and watch this catastrophe.” When Liu Ming saw this scene, a strange look flashed on his face, and then he said calmly.

Each of these 20 or so people represented a major force in the Middle Sky Continent. In the past, they were all existences that he needed to look up to.

But now, these top powerhouses regarded him as senior, which gave Liu Ming an indescribable strange feeling.

“Senior has done the most great work. We would like to express our deep gratitude on behalf of all the living beings in the Middle Sky Continent.” Upon hearing this, Madam Zhen bowed and said again.

“Ahem! I wonder if you have a safe way to deal with the remaining Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao?” Liu Ming coughed lightly and changed the subject.

“Now that the biggest threat has been eliminated, and with Senior’s assistance, the remaining remnants of Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao are no longer a concern. I will handle the remaining matters. After sealing those space fissures, there will be no worries.” Elder Hao Shou of the Haoran Academy said so.

“That’s good. By the way, although the space fissures here have been sealed by Qian Rupin, it will take thousands of years to completely close. Just to be safe, you should set up several large arrays around it to completely seal this place. From now on, the Gufeng Mountain Range will be designated as the Middle Sky Continent’s forbidden area.” Liu Ming nodded, then he thought of something and said.

“Just leave these small things to us, Senior. As for the forbidden area, the Big Dipper Pavilion Master can announce it to the world.” Elder Hao Shou quickly agreed.

“The Big Dipper Pavilion will do as Senior said. By the way, this sealing array used 2 mystic weapons of Senior as the array eyes, do…” Big Dipper Pavilion Master suddenly asked with a worried look, then he said hesitantly.

“Don’t worry. It’s just a magic weapon. If it can stop this catastrophe, it can be considered as its best use.” Liu Ming said, even though he was very reluctant to part with it.

“Thank you, Senior, for being so righteous!” Upon hearing this, Madam Zhen and other Mystic Comprehending State cultivators quickly bowed in unison.

But in the eyes of Big Dipper Pavilion Master and the others, an imperceptible light flashed in their eyes.

Hearing this, Liu Ming nodded lightly and looked around.

“Senior Liu, we have a presumptuous request… I hope Senior can agree to it!” Madam Zhen said after hesitating for a moment.

“Oh? Do tell.” Liu Ming raised his eyebrows and said slowly.

“Senior, it’s like this… We have just discussed that we want to hold an Eternal Ceremony for Senior in Taiqing Sect in one month to celebrate that the entire continent can safely survive this catastrophe. Secondly, it is to welcome Senior Liu back the the continent and congratulate senior for achieving Eternal State!” Elder Hao Shou looked at Liu Ming hopefully and asked.

Liu Ming frowned slightly when he heard this.

“Now that the entire continent has just gone through a catastrophe, people’s hearts are unstable, so we need an event to calm people. Senior Liu doesn’t need to do anything at the ceremony. You just need to show his face.” Elder Hao Shou quickly added after seeing Liu Ming’s expression.

“Okay, I’ll leave the ceremony to you. I will be there when the time comes.” Liu Ming nodded and said.

In his original intention, he didn’t like such ceremonies, but Elder Hao Shou was right. The Middle Sky Continent had just passed the catastrophe and many things needed to be done. It was really necessary to encourage the people.

“I still have some personal matters to deal with, so I’ll leave first.” As Liu Ming said, he turned into a black light and left.

“Senior Liu has agreed to this matter, let’s start preparations now.” Seeing Liu Ming’s figure disappearing into the distant sky, Madam Zhen looked at the other people behind her with a cold gaze and said meaningfully.

“I have no objection to this.” Elder Hao Shou said in a cold voice.

Demon Mystic Sect’s thin old man’s eyes flashed with gleam, and he also nodded slightly.

The other Mystic Comprehending State cultivators unanimously expressed their agreement, but their faces were solemn.

Only the 3 Mystic Comprehending State of the Taiqing Sect looked at each other without saying.

Seeing the expressions of Grand Elder Xuan Yu and others, Madam Zhen frowned and was about to speak.

“Since Taiqing Sect’s elders have different opinions, we can discuss it later. The important matter now is to strengthen the seal here as soon as possible.” Elder Hao Shou gave Madam Zhen an eye gesture to stop her from speaking, then he said.

Upon hearing this, Madam Zhen pondered for a moment, nodded slightly, and then left with the disciples of the Nature Work Sect.

The other Mystic Comprehending State elders from various sects stayed in place for a while before leaving one after another. Only Elder Hao Shou stayed and looked at the eight diagrams seal in the air.

He took out a communication disk array and whispered a few words.

After a long time, several escape lights came from a distance. They were the 4 Celestial State cultivators who had followed Qian Rupin before.

In the next 10 days or so, with the boosted morale of the human alliance, they began to purge the remaining Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao.

Due to the loss of the Eternal State and the threat of an Eternal State like Liu Ming, many high-level Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao escaped into the space fissures throughout the continent.

A few days later, the news that, the victory in the Gufeng Mountain Range and the space fissures were sealed, quickly spread throughout the Middle Sky Continent.

The alliance army went around to eradicate the remaining Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao. The chaotic situation on the mainland calmed down immediately. Moreover, the 4 ancient sects sent Mystic Comprehending State powerhouses one after another to seal the space fissures in the continent.

The humans and beastkins cheered for the elimination of the Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao while Liu Ming’s also spread across the mainland.

The new Eternal State human slayed the Eternal State Qu Yao with 1 strike, sealed the space fissures, and saved the world!

For a moment, the name of Liu Ming was on par with the Sacred Venerable Mo Ya who sealed Mother Hellish-Insect back then. His prestige even slightly surpassed Sacred Venerable Mo Ya’s!

Especially in some small and medium-sized sects and aristocratic families, some people had even erected Liu Ming’s honorary position within the sects, worshiping him as a god.

Later, the Taiqing Sect also confirmed that Liu Ming was originally an esoteric disciple of the Taiqing Sect who disappeared hundreds of years ago and publicized it.

As a result, the reputation of the Taiqing Sect was greater than that of the other 3 ancient sects, becoming the holy land of cultivation that all cultivators yearned for.

Naturally, the news that the Eternal Ceremony would be held in the Taiqing Sect was announced.

As a result, forces from all over the world, regardless of their size, prepared generous gifts to participate in the Eternal Ceremony and see the true face of the Eternal State cultivator.

Many disciples from the powerful families even fought for the slots sent by the sect to participate in the ceremony.

Liu Ming had no idea about all this.

After the war at Gufeng Mountain Range ended, he returned to the Taiqing Sect and never appeared again.

In a special space within the Middle Sky Continent.

Everything here was in blue color.

In the air, there was a huge palace made of white jade floating in the air. The surface of the palace was surrounded by countless dense runes.

At this moment, more than 20 Mystic Comprehending State cultivators were gathered in the palace.

All the Mystic Comprehending State cultivators of the 4 ancient sects were gathered here. In addition, those from the Big Dipper Pavilion, Sky Beastkin Valley, and the 8 major families are also here.

Everyone sat around a round table. Grand Elder Xuan Yu of the Taiqing Sect, Elder Hao Shou of the Haoran Academy, Madam Zhen of the Nature Work Sect, and the black-robed old man of the Demon Mystic Sect were the leaders.

The atmosphere in the hall was a bit solemn.

“Everyone knows why are we here, right?”

Madam Zhen stood up, looked around, and spoke slowly.

As soon as she said that, everyone looked over with solemn faces.

“When Liu Ming killed the Eternal State Qu Yao, he set up a domain that covered thousands of meters in a radius. Although this domain can conceal from the cultivator below the Celestial State, everyone here should notice something, right?.” Madam Zhen continued.

When everyone present heard this, their faces darkened.

The strong true demonic aura that Liu Ming exuded in the Gufeng Mountain Range was naturally sensed by the Mystic Comprehending State.

That violent and ferocious aura that could kill the Eternal State in such a short period of time still frightened them even now.

“As far as I know, it is a mystic art called True Demon Infusion. Even among demons, only a very small number of demons with pure demon blood can master this mystic art. “Big Dipper Pavilion Master stood up and said in a cold voice.

“What Big Dipper Pavilion Master said is true, I can testify to this.” The thin old man of the Demon Mystic Sect nodded.

“In this case, Liu Ming’s true identity can be confirmed!” Madam Zhen said slowly.

Upon hearing this, most of the people present had a thoughtful look, but they did not ask anything.

After Madam Zhen paused for a moment, she continued in a cold voice,

“According to the teachings of our ancestors passed down from ancient times, the demon race is our mortal enemy! Since Liu Ming is a demon, he must be eradicated!”

TL: Would Liu Ming not think of such a plan by the humans? At least Taiqing Sect won’t betray him right?

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