Demon's Diary-Chapter 1541: Reached a Consensus

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Chapter 1541: Reached a Consensus

Although everyone present had a vague idea of what was being discussed today, Madam Zhens words still caused everyones expressions to change. No one spoke for a while. freewebno(v)el

At this moment, a voice broke the silence.

Madam Zhen, arent you a bit too arbitrary?

The person who spoke was none other than Taiqing Sect Grand Elder Xuan Yu.

Madam Zhen frowned, turned around, and said,

Oh, does Mr. Xuan Yu have something to say?

Everyone, Liu Ming joined our sect when he was at the Condensation State. Starting as a disciple of the outer courtyard, he repeatedly made meritorious deeds in the sect and showed extraordinary potential. Finally, he was accepted as an esoteric disciple by the Futu Palace of our sect. During this period, he has never shown that he carries demonic qi. He is indeed a human. Behind Grand Elder Xuan Yu, Elder Feng Qing said in a gentle voice.

Then whats the explanation for Liu Mings current situation? After all, its not unheard of for human cultivators to degenerate themselves and eventually fall into the demonic way, becoming a demon through dishonorable means! Madam Zhen said.

After hearing this, many people around them looked at the old man with white eyebrows who was wearing the Ouyang Familys purple brocade robe.

The old man with white eyebrows had a gloomy face. He snorted coldly and said nothing.

Although he has a true demonic qi, he is still a human in origin. We cant designate him as a demon just because he has performed demon mystic art once, right? Another Mystic Comprehending State elder of the Taiqing Sect, Elder Huo Ye said.

Do the elders of Taiqing Sect still have the courage to verify his identity and prove his innocence? At this moment, Elder Hao Shou of Haoran Academy asked.

Grand Elder Xuan Yu, Huo Ye, and Feng Qing looked at each other and were speechless for a moment.

From what I see, Liu Mings cultivation level can improve so quickly in such a short period of time due to some unknown secret. He might even relate to the ancient demon clan! What if he killed the Hellish-Insects and Qu Yao just to deceive us? If he opens the space tunnel again and leads the ancient demon to invade again. Im afraid no one will survive the catastrophe. Elder Hao Shou continued.

After hearing Elder Hao Shous words, the expressions of those present changed again.

Indeed, no one could rule out this possibility. Even if this possibility was not high, it was enough to make them anxious.

The Middle Sky Continent had just experienced the alien race invasion. If the ancient demons invaded again, the consequences would be disastrous.

Elder Hao Shous words make sense. Demon race is violent and murderous by nature. With Liu Mings current cultivation level, even if his mind isnt affected, he may lose his sanity one day. By then, no one will be able to restrain him, but the entire continent will be destroyed too. We cannot risk the lives of hundreds of millions of people on the entire continent! Madam Zhen nodded and said.

Madam Zhens dual cultivation partner died at the hands of a demon when she was a Celestial State elder more than 100,000 years ago, so she hated the demon race to their bones. Her attitude was very firm.

Madam Zhen and Elder Hao Shou are right. Similar incidents have happened on the continent more than once. The demon-sealing war in ancient times is recorded in secret tombs among our 4 ancient sects. I believe that Sky Beastkin Valley, Big Dipper Pavilion, and the 8 major families should know some of the inside stories. It was because our ancestors made the right decisions at that time that the Middle Sky Continent could remain peaceful for so many years. The thin old man of the Demon Mystic Sect suddenly spoke.

Hearing this, all the Mystic Comprehending State cultivators present were shocked, and several of them nodded slowly.

The influence of the 4 ancient sects was already huge. Now that 3 of the 4 sects had expressed their stance, the other Mystic Comprehending State cultivators also nodded in agreement.

The only 2 families that remained neutral turned their gaze toward the 3 Mystic Comprehending State elders of the Taiqing Sect.

Todays situation is not the same as that of the demon sealing War. Whats more, no one would survive this alien race invasion if it werent for Liu Ming. Now that the war has just over, we are already doubting him and intending to harm him. Are there still morality and justice in this world? Grand Elder Xuan Yu frowned and said in a deep voice.

Mr. Xuan Yu, you are still so protective of Liu Ming, are you trying to use his power to put Taiqing Sect above us? Madam Zhen suddenly sneered.

As soon as these words came out, all the Mystic Comprehending State present looked at Grand Elder Xuan Yu with a bit of strangeness in their eyes. Especially those of the 3 other ancient sects, their expressions had a hint of precaution.

What are you talking about, Madam Zhen? Our 4 ancient sects are the foundation of the Middle Sky Continent human cultivators. The 4 ancient sects have always shared weal and woe and will never invade each other. I can I swore to my inner demon that I never meant to violate the orders of our ancestors. Grand Elder Xuan Yu said sternly.

Since Mr. Xuan Yu knows that, you should think based on the interests of the human race first! Liu Ming is a huge potential threat to the entire human race. For the hundreds of billions of creatures in the entire continent, we must activate the mystic art left by our ancestors and seal him to prevent future disaster! Madam Zhen said with a solemn expression.

Grand Elder Xuan Yu, Huo Ye, and Feng Qing looked livid when they heard this and said nothing.

Everyone, we are gathered here for the sake of peace in the Middle Sky Continent, so there is no need to fight among ourselves. Why dont we just raise our hands and vote here? If you agree with Madam Zhen, please raise your hand and agree; if you agree with Mr. Xuan Yu, please dont raise your hand. Elder Hao Shou of the Haoran Academy said.

As soon as he said that, he raised his right hand first.

Madam Zhen and the thin old man immediately raised their hands. After the Mystic Comprehending State cultivators from other major families looked at each other for a few times, they raised their arms one after another.

After a while, among the more than 20 people present, no one raised their hands except Grand Elder Xuan Yu of the Taiqing Sect.

Mr. Xuan Yu, I hope you can think twice for the the hundreds of thousands of creatures in the Middle Sky Continent. Seeing this, Elder Hao Shou sighed faintly and advised.

Senior, since the matter has come to this point Elder Huo Ye, standing next to Grand Elder Xuan Yu, whispered.


Grand Elder Xuan Yu sighed after a moment and slowly raised his arm.

Okay! Since everyone present has no objection, then it is decided. Elder Hao Shou said with a happy face.

Elder Hao Shou, although we have made up our minds, Liu Ming is at the Eternal State. How can we fight against him with our strength? An elder of the 8 major families suddenly asked.

Hehe, you dont have to worry about this matter. After the demon sealing war, our ancestors of the 4 ancient sects had already left a method that is effective against the Eternal State demon! When Liu Ming intended to seal the space fissures, he suffered a lot of injuries. Now his 2 mystic spiritual weapons are left in the Gufeng Mountain Range as array eyes, this is our golden opportunity. Elder Hao Shou said with a chuckle. (f)reeweb(n)

When others heard this, although they were still a little doubtful about the method, they were at ease after seeing the determined expressions of Elder Hao Shou, Madam Zhen, and others.

The specific time will be set on the day of the Eternal Ceremony. At that time, the 3 elders of Taiqing Sect must be careful to deal with Liu Ming lest you expose our plan to Liu Ming. Madam Zhen reminded the 3 elders.

Dont worry. Now that we have made a decision, I will not go back on my word. Grand Elder Xuan Yu snorted and said.

By the way, Liu Mings name has been widely circulated in the Middle Sky Continent. If the news of his sealing spreads, Im afraid it will lead to criticism from the small and medium-sized forces in the continent. The Big Dipper Pavilion Master suddenly spoke.

Dont worry too much about this matter. On the day of sealing, no one from other forces will appear except us. We dont have to announce Liu Mings demons identity to avoid causing panic. We only need to tell the world that Liu Ming retreats to prepare for ascending to the Upper Realm. Madam Zhen waved her hand and said.

Since you have planned so far ahead, I have nothing to say. Big Dipper Pavilion Master spread his hands and said with a smile.

Since the Big Dipper Pavilion Master mentioned the matters after sealing Liu Ming, I would like to say something. Regarding the enchantment left by the ancestors, it should not be able to directly kill the Eternal State, but it should split the body and seal it across the continent just like the Eternal State demon from the ancient times. The thin old man of the Demon Mystic Sect said.

Mr. Situ, do you mean that you want part of Liu Mings body? Madam Zhen frowned and said.

Elder Hao Shou and Grand Elder Xuan Yu were also moved.

In the demon sealing war in ancient times, our ancestors sealed the ancient demon to unknown locations. It was such a waste of resources! The value of the physical body of the Eternal State is so great. Everyone present should know about it, right? Im just asking for a part of it to use it to understand the law power. Is Madam Zhen not interested in it? The thin old man said with a smile.

Madam Zhen was about to speak.

Elder Hao Shou, who was sitting next to her, spoke first.

I agree with Mr. Situs suggestion. After all, we have been stuck at the Mystic Comprehending State for so many years. According to my observation, Liu Ming seems to possess more than 1 law power. I propose that after the seal is successful, Liu Mings body will be distributed to everyone here according to the contribution. However, those who obtain it must swear by their inner demons to never harm the Middle Sky Continent with it.

This proposal of Mr. Hao Yue is great! What does everyone else think? The thin old man stood up, looked around, and asked delightedly.

Most of the Mystic Comprehending State cultivators present had greedy looks in their eyes, but they all remained silent with a tacit understanding, apparently acquiescing to this matter.

They naturally wanted the corpse of the Eternal State demon. Although Elder Hao Yue means that the 4 ancient sects will get the bigger share, it was better than nothing. If they could comprehend the law power in it, the benefit would be great.

As a result, except for the 3 elders of the Taiqing Sect, who remained silent, the rest of the people present looked happy.

TL: Liu Ming isnt a demon technically, so the seal might fail right? The faces of these elders would look very interesting by then.

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