Destroying My Own Novel-Chapter 551 550: Plot Armor.

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Mara was powerless as the void clouds that used to be her sanctuary had turned against her. She was being suffocated by the clouds which made her hard to breathe and moved her body. She was confused because she thought Mykel would do something worse to her, but he didn't.

"I thought I would have to go all out to fight you and prepared a whole army of Constellation. In the end, I'm alone is enough to put you down like this..." Mykel said as he sat down on a lump of cloud. "It was quite a journey to get in here,"

"Are you the system?" Mara asked in a trembling voice because she was so furious about the turn of events.

"No, I'm the creator of this whole thing," Mykel answered and looked at the beautiful vast space. "Not everything, only most of them. At least the thing that I wrote in the book," Mykel continued.

"A book?" Mara asked as she gave a stern look at Mykel.

Mykel slowly reached out his hand toward Mara's head and put his index finger on her forehead. He projected all the memories he had and showed them all into Mara's head. The moment she knew everything, her eyes were empty and she looked broken on the inside.

Mykel sat there for quite a while as he looked at Mara who looked like a statue. He then looked at Mara's [Story] and he was shocked when hundreds of new feeds were flooding her [Story] and it was all about her questioning her own existence. It looked like a program that got critical errors on the prompt.

Mykel clenched his fist and punched her in the stomach so hard that the shockwave dispersed the void clouds. Mara didn't remember when the last time she felt pain was, and she felt her insides being crushed.

"I wonder how strong you are," Mykel said as he lit his left hand with [Sacrilege Flame] and lifted Mara's chin with his right hand. "I want to hear you scream," Mykel continued and put his left hand on Mara's face.

Mara's face was strong enough to handle the flame, but she couldn't endure the pain anymore and groaned in pain. Mykel was surprised that she was only groaning, not screaming as he was expecting.

"Isn't this nice? I have never been going all out," Mykel said and made the [Sacrilege Flame] even bigger and stronger that even his own body started to feel the burn.

Mara's face started to melt and she screamed as she glared at Mykel furiously. She tried to move her body, but she was bound and couldn't fight it off. She couldn't do anything but accept it and focus on healing her face or she would die.

Mara's screams slowly became quieter and quieter which made Mykel feel something was off about her. She started to chuckle as her face slowly regenerated faster than the damage that the [Sacrilege Flame] did. She then grabbed Mykel's wrist with her right hand and slowly pushed him away from her.

"Looks like the system is still on my side," Mara smiled and pushed Mykel with the void clouds.

Both Mykel and Mara tried to control the void clouds and used them to fight against each other. Mykel then looked at Mara's status screen and was surprised when he saw all her skills were back even though he had removed them earlier. Mykel immediately removed them all again and used [Nihilikinesis] skill toward Mara.

Mara's existence was gone in a blink of an eye, and Mykel was wondering why the system suddenly helped her even though he had removed her [Domain Admin] skill. While he was thinking about it, suddenly he felt Mara's presence again.

[The system has prevented you from leaving]

[Your [Admin] skill level is insufficient to interfere]

The moment that notification appeared, Mykle used his [Admin] skill and tried to move to another world, but then a notification appeared in front of him.

[The system has intervened and decided to stop you from going to that area!]

"Surprised?" Mara asked.

Mykel looked at Mara's status screen again, and she still had all of her skills and the worst part was her [Domain Admin] skill had been upgraded into [Head Admin], just like him. He started to think something was off about the whole thing, and he could no longer modify her [Character]. They were on an equal footing, and now he was unable to go nor kill her anymore.

"It was just as you said, Mykel Alester," Mara landed right in front of Mykel with a smile. "This is just a story that you created, but the system can't let me die before the story ends because I'm important, and so does Asmond Redfeld," Mara explained.

"(You need to find a way to deal with this, Mykel. Who knows what she's capable of with the system backing her up. It's a fucking plot armor)" Lucifer said.

"(Help me think. I'll deal with her and you both try to find a way to solve the problem)" Mykel replied as he lit his whole body with the [Sacrilege Flame] and summoned Nidhoggr to his side. "(We can't clear the Lucifer Tower because there's nobody that reside the hundredth floor)"

"(I'll give it a try...)" Lucifer said.

The moment Nidhoggr appeared, Mara snapped her finger and sent Nidhoggr away because she could control whoever entered her void realm. With that being said, both Mykel and Mara couldn't leave because they both controlled the void realm. They both didn't want each other to leave and ran away.

"What's the matter? Do you realize now that you lost the upper hand because I can't die while you, on the other hand, have to stay here forever? You can try and kill me, but that would be pointless," Mara said and extinguished the [Sacrilege Flame] on Mykel's body.

"So what? I see that you're not planning on killing me either. Just because I lost the upper hand, that doesn't mean you got one. We are both in a stalemate," Mykel replied.

"That's good enough for me. As long as you're here, you can't leave and that's fine by me," Mara answered with a smile on her face.

"(I have a suggestion. Your Admin skill can change the character's story, and that means you're indirectly changed a small part of the story of your book, right?)" Lucifer asked.

"(I already know that. What's your point?)" Mykel asked back.

"(What I'm trying to say, why don't you modify one of the Demon Princesses' character story and make them the one who resides on the hundredth floor of the Lucifer Tower? That should work, right?)" Lucifer pointed out.

"Your silence is indeed making me nervous. What are you planning to do, Mykel Alester? If you're thinking of doing something behind my back, I can feel the changes. So don't try doing anything stupid because you'll regret it," Mara said as she looked at Mykel with suspicion.

"(You need to distract her if you want this plan to work)" Bhatmelec said.

"Regret what? I have nothing to lose. I was thinking that I miss someone, and want to see her, that's all," Mykel said and used his [Special Bond] and [Bond Summoning] skills.

Elena appeared right next to Mykel and it surprised Mara that he could summon someone to his side. When Mara tried to send Elena back to where she came from, her skill didn't affect her at all. She was surprised and decided to look into Elena's skill and realized the skill that she possessed.

"Quintekinesis, what an interesting one," Mara said. "But you forgot what I'm capable of since I'm no longer the same as before," Mara continued and sent Elena away with her [Head Admin] skill.

"That doesn't matter," Mykel appeared in front of Mara with his [Spatiokinesis] skill. He then summoned Elena back again. "I can bring her back again," Mykel said and punched Mara in the face.

"Who are you to mess with me!" Elena punched Mara in the face after Mykel and her punch was enough to explode Mara's head into pieces.

Mara collapsed and she was dead in a single punch, but Mykel knew she would come back to life again. Elena suddenly hugged Mykel so tightly as she started sobbing and screaming in his ear.

"Father! I miss you!" Elena screamed as she hung and clung around Mykel's neck.

"Me too, but it's not over yet. We are fighting a powerful enemy this time," Mykel said as he watched Mara's body slowly get up and her head recovered.

"We can do this all day, do you think it will change anything?" Mara asked as she cloned herself.

"Who knows, but isn't this better than doing nothing?" Mykel asked back and cloned himself with the same amount that Mara had. "This is more interesting, isn't that right?"

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