Destroying My Own Novel-Chapter 552 551: Biggest Distraction.

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The battle was so intense that there was barely any space between the two of them. They fought with the skills they had and attacked each other with their fullest power. Supernovas, hypernovas, and the aftereffects of those occurrences were black holes. They were fighting and destroying the universe with their powers which affected the existing worlds. They both were powerful enough to erase black holes with their own power.

The neutrinos that were created from all the supernovas and hypernovas were enough to turn nearby planets and solar systems into dust. The brightness of the explosions was so blinding that even the void realm had turned into a new solar system.

Elena who was in between those two powerful beings, absorbed and took all the life energy to herself. She wasn't ignored, but the longer she stayed the more powerful she became that she could suck the ongoing hypernovas and turn them into her own power.

She had never tried to use her full power and she didn't even know what the limit of her power was. She then decided to try it to protect Mykel, and the moment she released her life energy, it created something beyond Mykel's and Mara's imagination.

The energy that Elena produced and the light it produced was somehow gentle, but the moment she released big enough energy, it bent space even inside the void realm. Both Mara and Mykel were slowly getting sucked toward her, and it was impossible to escape even though they both could easily escape death and moved freely inside the void realm.

Mara sent Elena away using her [Head Admin] skill, but her energy was still there. It kept growing and creating something similar to a black hole. Instead of a circle of darkness and nothingness, it was a bright orange circle that sucked everything inside. It wasn't a star because it didn't produce any heat, but it was enough to suck even the smallest particle and disintegrate Mara's and Mykel's skin.

Mara stopped attacking Mykel and used all her clones to stop the energy outburst. She knew if she didn't stop it, it would destroy the whole universe and if Mykel died, the world crumbled.

Mykel decided to help and used the same method as Mara which was to produce big and thick void clouds to cover the outburst. They both used all their power so that they could feel their stamina and life slowly getting drained.

They both managed to stop the energy outburst, and they both were exhausted. The battle that they did earlier was nothing compared to stopping the outburst. They both stood next to each other and they both were out of breath.

"What have you created, Mykel," Mara asked.

Mykel didn't say a word, and then suddenly he walked toward her and stood in front of her. He still didn't say anything and just stared her in the eye which made Mara confused. She was so confused, but then a notification appeared in front of her that an Awakener had cleared the hundredth floor of the Lucifer Tower. Before she could react, another notification appeared and she was shocked that someone had cleared the Lucifer Tower and killed Luciel.

[You have increased a skill!]

[Admin (Lv.9) > Admin (Lv.10)]

[Admin (Active): Allow the User to open the command system and modify everything that is listed in the command system. The User is allowed to modify the system based on the skill's level and the higher the level, the more commands they will unlock and the more time they can modify the system. (Current skill level is 10. The User is now the [Owner] of the whole system)]

"That was a nice distraction isn't it?" Mykel asked with a smile as he looked down at Mara.

"How..." Mara asked and realized that she had lost all her skills.


Mykel summoned Elena for the first time into the Void realm, and he used that opportunity to speak with his Recipient, the one that could travel in Gehenna the fastest, Shelly.

"(Shelly, enter the Lucifer Tower now. Go to the eleventh floor, and you'll be teleported to Gehenna. Fly from there and you'll see a giant tower and go to the highest floor as fast as you can from the inside)" Mykel said to Shelly. "(Ignore everything and go straight to the Empyrean World from there)"

Shelly was in her temple watching Barika's people civilize her city when she heard Mykel's voice. She then asked a single question and immediately flew to the middle of the sea where the altar to the Lucifer Tower used to be the Azrael Tower.

She entered the Lucifer Tower from the first floor, and she went straight to the tenth floor and fought Kael the first Demon Lord. It only took her half an hour, and as soon as she managed to enter Gehenna, she looked at how scary the world looked since it was the first time for her to be there.

There were hundreds of powerful demons in front of her, but the demons ignored her. She then flew away as soon as she saw the tower that Mykel mentioned earlier.

Mykel punched Mara in the face and the moment Elena followed him up, he used that opportunity to open Beldathiel's [Story]. He found the story about Beldathiel as the Demon Princess that resided on the hundredth floor of the Belphegor Tower.

"Father! I miss you!" Elena hugged Mykel so tightly.

"Me too, but it's not over yet. We are fighting a powerful enemy this time," Mykel said as he rewrote Beldahtiel's story before Mara fully stood up.

Mara cloned herself and Mykel did the same thing as he readied his stance. They both started to clash, but while he was fighting Mara, he telepathically spoke with Beldathiel.

"(Belda, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to go to the Babel Tower, and wait right in front of the gate. If you see Shelly, as soon as she entered that floor, I want you to die)" Mykel said as he lit Mara's body with [Sacrilege Flame].

Beldathiel was sleeping on her bed, and when she heard Mykel's voice, she opened her eyes. She jolted from her bed and it startled Anathiel who was cleaning Beldathiel's room. She then left hurriedly without saying a word and flew away to the Babel Tower.

The battle kept going after two hours in Void Realm which was two weeks in the other world. Shelly used the hole that Elena had created inside the Babel Tower, and she arrived in the big hall where Michael and Gabriel were. She looked at the gate to the outside, and it was the gate that Mykel mentioned, and so she immediately flew out of the tower.

"(Shelly is coming here)" Beldathiel said.

"(Got it)" Mykel replied.

Mykel activated [Special Bond] and looked at Elena who was busy fighting Mara's clones. She felt and understood what Mykel wanted her to do, and so she tried to use all her power and created that energy outburst.

Mara was distracted by that amazing power and overwhelmed by it. Mykel used that opportunity to speak with Luciel and said, (Luciel, I need you to die when Shelly comes. I'm fighting Mara, and my only chance of winning is for you to die and let Shelly clear the Lucifer Tower)"

"(I understand)" Luciel answered without hesitation.

Beldathiel looked at Shelly who had just come into the hundredth floor. She then pulled her dice and said, "If it's a big number, I die a painful death, if it's a small number, I die a painless death." Beldathiel rolled the dice and it landed on number three.

? Shelly watched Beldathiel collapse without knowing what had happened as she flew toward the gate, but then a notification appeared in front of her. She then flew into the portal since Mykel instructed her to go straight to the highest floor.

As soon as she entered the Empyrean World, she felt like deja vu because she saw Luciel standing in front of her. She then pulled her sword from her ribs and immediately decapitated herself.

Shelly looked at the notification that she had cleared the Lucifer Tower. She never knew how easy it was for her to clear a tower with Mykel's will.

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"That's what happened. It's interesting, isn't it?" Mykel smirked.