Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 3301 Slaughtering Immortal Emperors

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Chapter 3301 Slaughtering Immortal Emperors

Davis zoomed across the South Western Fire Phoenix Prefecture, his figure clad with no energy. He was extremely fast, easily topping the bare minimum of ten million kilometers per second with his full speed, causing space to tear in his wake and create more resistance, which ultimately decreased his speed.

However, ten million kilometers per second was the speed of Mid-Level Immortal Emperors when they achieved full speed in the First Haven World, but Davis's speed was far more than that as he had yet to use his movement technique.

Of course, he could not achieve this kind of speed in the true immortal world due to the strong foundation of space, but in the First Haven World, his bare top speed alone was enough to tear space.


He came to a stop on top of Tier One City, which seemed to have its barrier fully activated and its cultivators in the skies. The moment they all laid eyes on him, they shivered but still stuck together in a battle formation used in wars.

Davis never thought he would see a battle formation used by Immortal Emperors here.

However, he recognized it was connected to the foundations of the city, so it was no wonder they couldn't bring it out.

Regardless, he flipped Yama and stood on its deathly blade, descending like a purple-robed calamity traveling on a crescent moon.

'Wraith Mourning Scythe: Haunting Teardrop…'

When he neared the barrier, his gaze flashed with a pitch-black aura as he jumped and spun vertically while swinging Yama in an arc-shaped motion, cutting down the barrier with his last swing.


A crescent wave of death energy condensed and shot out from the black blade of the scythe, piercing through the barrier. The entire barrier shuddered and dispersed slowly as though it lost its entire capacity of energy in that one attack, eventually disappearing as it receded all the way to the ground.


With the barrier lost, the Fire Phoenix Clan's City Lord's scalp turned numb.

He was present in a battle formation made up of a giant Fire Phoenix that was thousands of meters long. He was in the head, but as soon as he saw the barrier that defended the city for hundreds and thousands of years become extinguished in one strike, he knew the battle formation he was in would count for shit.

However, his eyes turned bloodshot, and he raised his hand high into the skies.

"For the glory of the Fire Phoenix Clan!"

"For the Fire Phoenix Clan!!!"

Echoed hundreds of Immortal Kings.

Davis grinned when he saw that there was someone with a backbone and willing to die with their clan despite their mistakes being made clear to the world, but his gaze fell when he saw that the Immortal Kings packed in this city-wide battle formation were new Immortal Kings, likely forced to participate in this battle for no other reason just because they were subordinates, just like the Levon Zenflame and Tyler Zenflame who came to sacrifice their lives in order to appease him.

His expression turned unamused as he disappeared.


Everyone became alarmed as to where the Emperor of Death disappeared.

However, they didn't panic and maintained their levelheadedness, knowing that the Emperor of Death was a master of concealment arts and didn't necessarily retreat.


The City Lord blared his Level Three Immortal Emperor undulations as he used the city-wide battle formation, trying to smoke out the Emperor of Death. The entire city was covered in phoenix flames, their blood essence fueling the battle formation.

Since they were fighting in the sky, the citizens below barely escaped, but they also couldn't bear the heat and might melt within a minute or even half a minute.

Considering this scenario, the City Lord clenched his teeth and continued blazing the phoenix flames, wanting to end the Emperor of Death's calamity or go out in glory no matter what.


However, the City Lord's pupils dilated as he saw the Emperor of Death appear before him with an unamused expression, tear through the city-wide battle formation with a gentle swing of his deathly scythe and made another swing as he spun gracefully, causing his head to leap out of his neck.

He tried to escape with his soul instinctually, but before he could even rush out of his head, the death energy plaguing the severed part of his neck rushed to his soul like a spear and ended his life.

Davis reached out his other hand as he pulled in his soul essence with a faint silhouette of a devilish head appearing behind him.

'Hmm… the Laws I comprehended from Vereina works well…'

Once the soul essence was in his soul sea, it was starting to deteriorate, but once he anchored it with Fallen Heaven's tendrils, it remained there to stay for as long as he would like, perhaps.

The technique he created after comprehending Vereina could not only refine but also pull soul essences.

Confirming it with his own eyes, he turned to look at the stunned Immortal Emperors who were in key points of the formations.

Davis took a step forward and hovered through the hundreds of Immortal Kings in the battle formation. It was already collapsing, but they refused to scatter, causing him to harrumph.

"Didn't I declare that only a few Immortal Kings will die? Did your superiors lie to you for you all to be giving your lives away?"

His voice spread throughout heaven and earth.

The Immortal Kings were already scared shitless when they witnessed their headless City Lord, much less when a devilish incarnation appeared behind the Emperor of Death, but one of them finally couldn't take it.

"Ahhhh! For the City Lord!"

Just as Davis finished saying his piece, someone jumped out from the node of the formation as he took out a spear and stabbed it towards him.

Davis's eyes narrowed as he blocked the spear with the tip of the scythe with extreme precision, causing everyone's eyes to bulge as it was no easy feat to block that from a Level Nine Immortal King.

Just how strong was the Emperor of Death's physical body?

This question sank in everyone's head, but there were more pressing matters for them to care about, causing another few High-Level Immortal Kings to throw themselves at him.


They came at him with the intention to kill him as though he was revenge for the death of their family already, causing his eyes to turn cold.

'Wraith Mourning Scythe: Eclipse's Weeping Eye.'

Davis swept Yama around him without even moving his body. The scythe's black-white blade did a full three-sixty, returning to its position where he held the blade above him, stretching across his neck. He continued to move forward, but the Immortal Kings surrounding him were severed by death energy, splitting into two halves.

It didn't end there, but the death energy made sure that they extinguished until their head and toes, not even leaving their armor behind.

The Fire Phoenix Clan's soldiers and cultivators all felt their hearts leap up their throats, knowing that they had no way to end this nightmare at the bottom of their hearts.

But before they even knew it, the Level One and Level Two Immortal Emperors rushed out of the battle formation from the main nodes, intending to escape in the confusion. With their retreat, the city-wide battle formation instantly collapsed, leaving hundreds of Low-Level Immortal Kings to their fates.

Even though they wore armor, they felt like nothing more than a harmless soul in front of the Emperor of Death. And knowing that their superiors abandoned them, they couldn't help but feel a sense of loss and resignation.


Abruptly, the Immortal Emperors stopped in mid-air.

They each rushed out ten thousand kilometers in an instant in different directions, but the soul suppression acting on them was like a wall covering them on all sides, disallowing them to move or even lift a finger.