Divine Emperor of Death-Chapter 3302 Upon The Heart Of The Fire Phoenix Clan

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Chapter 3302 Upon The Heart Of The Fire Phoenix Clan


The four Immortal Emperors were horrified, unable to believe how a cultivator who was still in the Immortal King Stage could possibly suppress them Immortal Emperors until they could no longer move. In fact, when they looked around, they saw their Immortal King subordinates were unaffected by it, which meant that he didn't fully deploy his soul suppression like a domain but controlled it in a manner that only suppressed them.

This meant that he hadn't even shown his full power yet, making them finally recall the rumor that he fought with Mid-Level Immortal Emperors from three of the Four Great Assassination Sects.

Their thoughts only dwelled on this for an instant before they lost their heads one by one.

A white-black scythe spun in the skies for thousands of kilometers as it made its way to them, cutting their head one by one in an arc before it made its way back to its master.


The confused bunch of Immortal Kings saw their Immortal Emperors become beheaded.

They had little to no idea as to what happened. To them, it seemed like they stopped in place and obediently got beheaded with little resistance, making their eyes go dull and their lungs breathless.

Davis caught Yama and checked out its blade, which carried their spatial rings along with it as though it were its moon. He tried imbuing the soul-absorbing technique he learned from Vereina on Yama, but it failed, so their soul essences was still thousands of kilometers from him.

Nonetheless, he sent Yama again with a swing, and this time, it traversed thousands of kilometers in a few seconds and collected their heads for him, allowing him to absorb their soul essences.

'There were quite a few Immortal Emperors in this city… so the next city must be the main city where the Grand Elders are present…'

Davis imagined and rose into the skies before rushing into the distance with an instantaneous burst, leaving for another city as he left hundreds of Immortal Kings who were afraid to move in his presence.

They watched him disappear into the horizons beyond the mountains, finally allowing them to breathe.

They faintly looked at each other, unable to believe they survived, but the words he echoed resurfaced in their minds.

Could it be that only the upper echelon was going to be cleansed and not the entire Fire Phoenix Clan…? The embodiment of calamity did not lie…?

"Master, are these the techniques from the Ghost Tear Hall…?"

In the distance, Yama asked him while he was checking on its blade.

Yama had already healed itself with its life essence spreading to the deathly area of the blade. It was a slow process but still fast, considering the recovery ability of armaments was null most of the time. The armament spirits would find it difficult to heal their souls, much less their physical bodies.

"That's right." Davis responded, "It's the best darkness-attributed scythe art from the Ghost Tear Hall amidst the few."

The Wraith Mourning Scythe was a Mid-Level Emperor Grade Scythe Art. It was perfected to be able to battle multiple opponents and slice through the thick skin of magical beasts, having enormous slicing ability that stayed true to the essence of scythes.

However, Davis's intention was to make his own.

"I didn't use them back in the Astral Forgeheart Minor Realm because I wanted to develop my own set of scythe arts, but it's proving to be difficult. Comprehending the scythe really isn't easy as it is formless, contrary to the straightforwardness of the sword or the spear, and the lack of depth to the research of Scythe Laws only makes it harder to traverse it. Perhaps the Oracular Reaver Abode might have more scrolls on it."

"From my guess, you're at the bottleneck, Master. If you can comprehend Scythe Laws by comparing and contrasting all the techniques you learned, then I will also not fail you and work towards comprehending my Phyletic Law."

Yama's voice was firm.

Hearing it say something so reassuring, Davis couldn't help but smile as he arrived before another city.

"Zenflame City…"

Davis overlooked the first city of the South Western Fire Phoenix Prefecture. It was also the main city of the Fire Phoenix Clan, its capital.

Not a single building was built on the floor.

Everything was floating, and it was beyond picturesque, to say the least.

There were not only Fire Phoenixes the size of hundreds of meters blotting the skies, but there were also an innumerable number of birds from other magical beast species standing against him in the skies.

"Emperor of Death! Stop this madness!"

"We wanted peace, but you leave us no choice but to fight back!"

"You cannot-"

As soon as the Grand Elders opened their mouths, their drivel faded away from his ears, leaving him with the utmost anger swelling in his soul as he could tell what came out of their mouth was nothing but bullshit.

He didn't personally know them, but he knew the names of these Grand Elders as he was going to kill them with Fallen Heaven in case something happened. He recalled many faces from the time he delivered Killian Zenflame back to them, knowing they came at him with the intent to kill them.

Even then, he was only amused, but at the final moment, he guessed that they would at least be truthful about their actions even if they did not ask for forgiveness, but they still resorted to appearing righteous.

"You… dare… continue with this farce like there is no end!?"


A wave of black-white soul force exploded from Davis, traversing the entire airspace as a shockwave.

It seeped through the High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade barrier a bit and fell on them, causing the Grand Elders to shudder in shock.

Just what kind of energy was this!?

The fire-attributed nirvanic barrier was unable to stop its aura completely. Perhaps, if it wasn't a High-Level Immortal Emperor Grade Barrier that could stop Peak-Level Immortal Emperor Grade attacks, it might've collapsed.

Davis saw that his full-force Soul Suppression Art using his natural reincarnation energy didn't work on them.

They were inside a strong barrier, which he could only try to pierce through at a single point but would eventually fail without a sizeable amount of energy. However, he didn't seem to be disheartened, looking towards a distant palace hidden behind a mountain range, still within the range of the city.

"Reselius Zenflame, bring out your chicken head and obediently surrender. Perhaps that might leave a way out for your Zenflame Clan…"

His voice echoed throughout the city, causing numerous expressions to flare as they couldn't believe how he addressed their Ancestor, their faith!