Do You Want to Marry Me?-Chapter 131 - : It’s Shameless to Escape, But It’s Useful

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Chapter 131: It’s Shameless to Escape, But It’s Useful

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Lu An came out from the kitchen, holding his phone as he talked with someone, “Send it to my email, I’ll take a look later.”

He sat down beside Jin Nian, and after hanging up the call, he furrowed his brows, engrossed in whatever he was examining on his phone.

Jin Nian was curious and went over to take a look. She saw that the screen of his phone was filled with English professional terms that she could not understand, as well as some forms.

“What’s this?” Jin Nian blinked her large eyes.

“An investment project,” Lu An replied.

“I see.”

It was the first time he handled work in her presence, and it made Jin Nian feel like she was witnessing a different aspect of him.

Speaking of which, she still did not know the name of his company and where it was located.

At this very moment, Jin Nian was captivated by Lu An’s intense focus on work. The phone in his hand was meant for business matters, not the one she had given him. It was a foldable phone, almost the size of a tablet.

Lu An’s fingers glided across the screen, lips pursed, brow slightly furrowed, displaying an unwavering dedication.

Jin Nian stopped watching TV and turned to Lu An. From her angle, she could see his well-defined side profile. The warm light from the lamp above his head shone on his shoulders, deepening his clear facial features and making his eyes look deeper.

At this moment, this man exuded an astonishing charm.

Jin Nian suddenly recalled their time doing homework together in school. She would sometimes steal glances at Lu An’s profile, and in her memory, the youthful face of the past merged seamlessly with the present, making him even more mysteriously attractive.

Memories surged like a floodgate opened wide, overwhelming her thoughts in an instant.

As Lu An grew busy, he switched to full “do not disturb” mode, not uttering a word to Jin Nian. After perusing the documents, he made another call, his American accent flowing like a cello solo.

At 8:30 pm, Lu An finished all his work and put down his phone. He sat beside Jin Nian and lifted his chin at her. “Go take a shower.”

Jin Nian was still immersed in the handsome and serious atmosphere of his work. When she heard this request, she shook her head in shock. “Uhm… I’m not feeling up to showering today.”

Lu An couldn’t be bothered to beat around the bush, stating unequivocally, “That’s fine, I don’t mind if you’re dirty.”

As he spoke, he approached her.

Jin Nian swiftly covered her mouth. “Wait a second! I’m going! I’ll take a shower!”

With that, she hurriedly dashed into the bathroom.

Lu An calmly looked at Jin Nian’s fleeing figure and couldn’t help but smile. He wasn’t as calm as he appeared to be. He saw her enter the bathroom. He strode to the balcony, opened the window, and lit a cigarette with his hand. He took a deep puff to calm himself down.

He remembered that when he first learned how to smoke, he smoked very fiercely in order to numb himself. There seemed to be a volcano in his heart that was waiting to erupt. It was just a tipping point away.

Avoidance might be disgraceful but could also be effective. Jin Nian dallied in the bathroom, not eager to emerge. It was partly an attempt to stall for time and partly an effort to feel a bit cleaner.

She took a bath without any blind spots and didn’t dare to come out of the bathroom. It took her a whole hour.

Lu An wasn’t in a hurry.

He put away all the cigarette butts he had smoked and threw them away. He also changed all the garbage bags at home and took the garbage downstairs to throw them away.

When he came back, Jin Nian was already curled up under the blanket.

Lu An didn’t tease her and walked into the bathroom, which was still steaming hot.

Jin Nian huddled under the covers, listening to the sound of water cascading in the bathroom, her emotions in a whirl. Suddenly, her phone at the bedside vibrated, causing her to startle and tremble.

It was Qiao Ranran and Yu Feifei chatting in the group.

Qiao Ranran said, “Jin Nian, seems like you’re living the good life.”

Yu Feifei chimed in, “Let me tell you something, don’t get scared.”

Qiao Ranran replied, “Go ahead and spill.”

Yu Feifei said, “Lu Feng and Jin Nian’s husband are cousins! I’ve gone from being best friends with Jin Nian to becoming her sister-in-law!”

Qiao Ranran was shocked. Then, she replied, “Seriously, is this world that small?”

Jin Nian replied, “It’s true, and 1 was just as surprised when 1 found out.”

Qiao Ranran asked, “Could you please find out if either of them has any older or younger brothers? Can you introduce me to them?”

Before Jin Nian could respond, Lu An emerged from the bathroom and directly entered the bedroom.

His upper body was exposed, revealing a well-defined and sturdy chest with distinct striations. His taut muscles radiated an aura of wild masculinity late night.

Jin Nian sneakily stole a glance at him, her heart fluttering with timidity..