Do You Want to Marry Me?-Chapter 132 - : Do Some Aerobics

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Chapter 132: Do Some Aerobics

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Probably because the weather was hot, Jin Nian stuck one foot out from under the blanket.

From this angle, Lu An found it even more interesting.

The weak and warm light shone down, making her feet look even fairer and softer.

Lu An walked over calmly and slapped her foot with a smile. Jin Nian cried out in surprise and immediately retracted her foot like a frightened rabbit.

“What’s wrong? Is it too hot?” Lu An asked, his smile gentle as he observed her.

“Not really.”

“You’re sure it’s not hot?” Lu An raised a skeptical eyebrow.

Before Jin Nian could reply, he leaned in, and his warm lips pressed against hers.

Jin Nian’s eyes widened, caught off guard by the sensation on her lips. It left her momentarily stunned, and within her heart, it felt as if a fawn were bounding about, a flurry of nervousness.

If there was a sign, it would be fine. This sudden move caught her off guard, but it also made her feel inexplicably happy.

Jin Nian had never imagined it could be so enchanting, as sweet as a beautiful dream.

Lu An, akin to a patient gardener, carefully nurtured a delicate flower with unwavering patience. Though it had yet to bloom, no amount of tending or touch seemed to coax it into blossoming.

Thankfully, his patience and tenderness were in abundance. The delicate flower quivered slightly in the palm of his hand. With the addition of the finest nutrients, the flower finally responded in its unique way.

Lu An’s touch was featherlight, reminiscent of a skilled artisan delicately peeling back petals to reveal the vibrant core within, vibrant and alluring in its display. For some inexplicable reason, once the bloom had fully emerged, the petals took on a deep shade of red, irresistibly vivid.

As Lu An’s fingers brushed against the delicate core, the warm sensation left her momentarily paralyzed, infatuated, and thoroughly captivated.

Yet, as their connection grew more profound, all the blissful aspects suddenly crumbled.

She had heard her friends discuss this matter, but she had never anticipated it could be this painful.

Jin Nian scolded Lu An as a bastard and raised her hand to chase him away.

Originally, she wasn’t afraid of him, and now she would show no mercy. Why did she believe this bustard’s words?

Jin Nian wept softly, her eyes slightly reddened, appearing so pitiful. Lu An’s heart ached, and he tenderly consoled her.

Up until now, how could he possibly halt his actions? Even if he were to be lost in the tender embrace, it would be well worth it.

Jin Nian was comforted and, casting aside the moment’s discomfort, the ensuing time progressed smoothly.

Soon enough, the dawn emerged, heralding a fresh new day.

On the contrary, Lu An was still brimming with vitality and vigor. Meanwhile, Jin Nian lay in bed, pondering the twists and turns of life.

Today marked the first day of their romantic involvement, yet Jin Nian felt as though she had been drained dry.

Suddenly, she remembered that today was only the first day. Would it be too fast?

However, she did not expect Lu An to explain that he had endured far too long, so it was not fast.

After that, Jin Nian went to wash up and felt a little more energetic.

However, she did not expect that Lu An’s bestial nature would erupt in the latter half of the night and he wanted to do it again.

This time, it left Jin Nian unable to leave her bed the next day, her strength seemingly sapped away. Every fiber of her being felt weak.

Naturally, Jin Nian did not shy away from expressing her displeasure to Lu An. Last night, she had left many teeth marks on his body as a lesson.

Lu An was satisfied, allowing Jin Nian to resist.

At present, Jin Nian’s physical condition wasn’t suitable for work, so she picked up her phone and called her boss, Lin Qianyu, to request some time off.

On the other end of the line, Lin Qianyu assumed that Jin Nian was being a bit stubborn and proceeded to explain patiently.

“Jin Nian, 1 understand that this project is challenging, but avoiding it isn’t the solution.”

Jin Nian blushed slightly and stumbled over her words, “I’m just feeling a bit unwell.”

“Unwell? Weren’t you perfectly fine yesterday?” Lin Qianyu responded, somewhat skeptical.

“Well, it’s probably just a coincidence. I happened to catch a cold,” Jin Nian offered.

Observing the situation, Lin Qianyu didn’t press further.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Lu An seemed to be in high spirits. He had left home early in the morning.

Jin Nian found herself a bit bewildered. How was he managing to stay so energetic throughout the day? He went to bed quite late last night. Didn’t he need more rest?

Around noon, Lu An returned holding a rose he had just bought by the roadside. The petals were white and delicate.

“I don’t want it. Keep it further away,” Jin Nian said. She didn’t want to see Lu An right now. She was still quite shaken from last night’s encounter.

“You need to work on your physical fitness. We should find some time to exercise together,” Lu An said as he sat beside her, drawing her into his embrace.

Jin Nian shook her head. “1 don’t want to. Instead of exercising, it might be better for me to suicide.”

Lu An adopted an unusually serious tone. “You could do some aerobic exercises at home. Taking care of your health is important.”

“I don’t want to listen to you lecturing me..”